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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Review
Thanks for that link lods.

Multiple club sources, including players, have told The Age Sayers has been asking people their opinion on where the club is breaking down.

At least one player has talked about the lack of clarity in the team’s game plan, while another questioned elements of team selection.

Carlton football department chief Brad Lloyd said he would support a post-season review if required, but insisted Teague was safe for next year.

“I am not across exactly what Luke’s plans are when he takes over but I am supportive of whatever is going to help the footy club. Those sorts of reviews, if they happen, if there are things found that help improve the club, I am all for it,” Lloyd said.

Why only the football department ?  Probably because it is the only department failing.

Taking bets now - Teague to stay, most if not all assistants gone. New football manager 50/50. Yep.

Interesting that Lloyd seems a little defensive... well, guess what fella, the buck stops with you. You should be a little nervous.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Review
Great news. Especially that it is independent.

That players have expressed concern over game plan (confusion) and the MC explains a lot.

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Analysis: AFL 2021 Rd 12: Carlton vs West Coast
I was on the Teague Train - no longer.

Sure, his assistants on the whole are sub par.

But nothing has changed in recent weeks - terrible MC selections....poor match days moves (or none of note).

Let's be frank - half of out blokes look out of gas before half time!

The Club needs to bring some fresh blood (experienced) into the coaching ranks yesterday.

So much for the Woosha mentoring - we're playing worse now than for several years.

Something needs to give - if that's Teague I can live with it frankly.

Yesterday was ANOTHER totally unacceptable effort - by the MC before  the game and both players and coaching during the game.

We played a team, who are useless away from home, missing 6+ of their best (Kelly, Shuey, Allen, Guv, Kennedy, Veneables, Brander, Ah Chee etc) - and folded.

Without a whimper. Again.

Couldn't agree more.

In the words of the prophet ( ;D ), Donna Summer, Enough Is Enough.

I said it a few weeks back and I'll say it again, we've been conned, led down the garden path... over promised, under delivered.

Ground hog day, same old same old, rinse and repeat, keep doing what you've always done and you'll keep getting what you've always got - we've heard them all.

I wonder if when we threw out the 'Old Carlton' we didn't throw out the baby with the bath water. There were some aspects of the 'Old Carlton' that had a lot to do with excellence, initiative, and sustained ruthlessness at all levels - and the leaders of the club we chose/employed/recruited, exemplified those imperatives for success. The 'new Carlton' is nice, soft, co-operative, pretty to watch - at times, and, well... beige. All opposition clubs and supporters know that you only need to bring heat, and the BlueBaggers will melt.

Even as we now talk about the importance of dead obvious change in the coaching ranks, too many are choosing moderation, probably fearing any sweeping change would be too much like the 'Old Carlton'. Well, FFS, we do need a bit of 'Old Carlton' right now, some ruthlessness, some demanding of getting the best and most of all, putting an end to this soft impersonation, this soulless impersonation of our club.

So many of us can see the litany of errors re: maintaining failed assistants for YEARS, an MC that seems to be fighting with itself, a Mr Lloyd who assured us during the open communication with supporters that the 'above the shoulders' stuff was being well handled at the club (I shout, bullshizen... these players are NOT united, we play as individuals, there is NO culture of TEAM come match day and we are totally reactionary). We clearly appear to have NO brand, NO identity... what do we stand for?

Against the tide I would suggest there is nothing wrong with our fitness... these blokes only appear to be out of breath. When you're losing often, have a game plan designed for 'who the fck knows,' but not for this group... then players will seem exhausted because, mentally, they are. The same group, if they were winning, would be running out games brilliantly. Failure always looks slow, but success on the field brings a flood of 'good brain chemicals' into the body.

The Board would be and should be real damn nervous because a takeover would be pretty easy right now by any group with genuine nous and not afraid to make important change... yes, again with the change, but I suggest we DID throw out the baby with the bathwater with our last major 'rebuild'... seems we built a house of cards.

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre game perturbations: AFL 2021 Rd 12: Carlton vs West Coast
Just reading around some of the Carlton forums and facebook pages....
This is a game we should win, most fans are expecting a win, but there's a funny vibe about it.

It's like many folks are expecting the win but have already got there anger 'bottled and ready to go' should we lose.

Funny you should say that, Principal LODS. I look at the 'outs' for the Weagles and my mind shot back to the final series of 1994. For those who can remember, we met an undermanned Pussy Cats, who had some key players out -- at Waverley I think -- and we were beaten despite being the hot faves.

Today is a different kind of test for us... I wonder how difficult we'll make it for ourselves!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Footy Jokes
Bloke with a serious brain defect so requires a new one and goes to the brain transplant ward (suspend reality for a moment!!) and is shown a selection of brains available and their prices.
"This one is priced at $25,000."
"Wow, whose brain was it?"
"A neurosurgeon," the transplant doc replied. "And this one is $35,000."
"Sheesh, whose brain was that!"
"A nuclear physicist. And this brain over here is $120,000, our premium brain, it belonged to a Collingwood Foodball Club supporter."
The sick bloke asked, "Holy mackerel, how come so expensive?"
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Vaccine poll
Booked in for my first AZ shot 2nd week of June. If not for moving home and all the kerfuffle that goes with that and ensuring my new PTSD medication (mucks around with platelet levels for a few weeks) wont react with the AZ, I would have had it this week.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2021 Rd 6: Carlton vs the Box Hill
Reckon our VFL mate is right and SPS has checked out and will want to head home, problem is his trade value wont be great given
his atrocious form. I thought Honey and Williamson would be the only ones you would pick to come back in, Kemp needs 3-5 more games to condition himself and get used to the speed of senior footy. Crocker wasnt bad given he was playing with a bunch of bananas and no hopers in the main and will still be a chance to be picked up next week by someone.

Spot on.

Fortunately WA clubs are fully aware of SPSs capabilities so, if traded, he will have some currency... not a huge amount considering the position he was taken at in the draft though. He really was given every opportunity, especially when moved to the midfield in the seniors... that was his opportunity to grasp, but he failed so now he has a few months in the Magoos unless something changes... big time.

Agree with Paul Sab. and his observations, especially that Kemp really did seem a step above the grade he was playing in. Like to see Honey given a go in the seniors... he did well given he had FA opportunities in a forward line that was starved.