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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Rnd 20- Carlton v Bulldogs -Post Match Autopsy
Agree...Warnock is a dinasour and while Rowe gave effort today he had no imapact on the game at all and Casboult deserves a run.....I think hwile Rowe has another year to go he is destined for backup material only. Warnock needs trading out....I prefer Hampson who at least can take the odd mark and contest at ground level.

As much as Kreuzer tries hard he lacks polish, but he is young and works as hard as anyone on the list.

Hampson makes mistakes, but at least he wins some physical stuff other than just some hit outs.

Casboult might not ruck well but he can clunk marks.

All three do stuff that influences the outcome of the game.

Trade out Rowe and Warnock, unfortunately for Rowe he gives us nothing the others don't already offer. Warnock is just a giant diversion from the realities of modern football.

EB1/LP... that became crystal this arvo. Sad, but true. I watched Meat this arvo and he does and would offer more than Rowey and 206.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Politics aside, who would you prefer to have a few beers with?
If I am going to sit down and have a few beers with a politician, it would be one of the more interesting women - most of the blokes talk sh1te. And this gives me a far better chance of enjoying the interaction beyond the talk and beers  :-* Pollies have been doing it to us for ages... be nice to get one back ;)
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Rd 20: Carlton v Bulldogs (In Game Thread)
Glad I chose Princes Park rather than Etihad!

I got to see our blokes challenged but in a close one, steel themselves for a good win (3 goals).

Nice sitting on the blue wooden seats on the cemetry side watching a good game... warm sun streaming down.

Had a giggle at 3/4 time when coach got his players together for the big talk before resuming for the final quarter... Coach: 'How are we using the ball?'
Robbo: 'Fkn around too much.'
Coach: 'Exactly right'.

Getting home in time to watch this poor excuse for a game... how undisciplined and confused do our blokes look. Someone previous commented that it looked like the Pagan years - yes. Agree. And gee we really are starting to get into the habit of carrying blokes. Murph looks like he's trying to play to an instruction rather than using any of his natural abilities. Are we trying to mould a fox into a tiger?
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Baby Blues vs. Sandringham at Visy on Saturday
Woops... forgot Graham - good, again, but looked a little tired at times. Tried up forward as a 'small forward' and looked likely, though on one occasion, running into an open goal tried to do the team thing with a cute pass to a team mate that went astray.

...and Robbo - was really disciplined and focussed. Took a terrific attitude into the game - good to see. Encouraging to team mates.

You'd look hard at, for a call up:
(interesting that all 4 have a dash of mongrel and are hard at it).
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Baby Blues vs. Sandringham at Visy on Saturday
Good win. Sandy came hard in the last qtr kicking the 1st 3 of the term bringing them within  2 kicks, but the NBs steadied, eventually though still losing the last qtr by a goal.

Lambert, Meece, Bransgrove and Wilson were really good for the Preston boys.

Thought our best of the Senior listed players were (forget some of the stats and in no particular order):

Ellard - good return.

Bell - best game for a while - put his hand up.

ROK - good off HB. Strong. Seems to be doing a 2E role - being groomed to release 2E into the guts?

Davies - apart from mediocre disposal, once of his much better games off HB. Ran and linked up well.

Mitchell - Waste.

Casboult - took some good grabs and kicking has improved greatly. When chasing an opponent at one stage ran past Mitchell (who was also chasing) like he was standing still.

Lucas - might have had plenty of touches but ordinary decisions under pressure. Still skirting the packs for easy possessions.

Buckley - was he out there?

Joseph - good. Liked his game. Has improved.

Collins - did some classy things but way too little. No second effort.

Dale - given minding roles, especially on one of their most damaging players in the final quarter - did well, though still learning the caper in terms of defensive positioning.

Duigan and Laidler did not play.

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Chris Yarran has gone backwards.
Can't remember Mick calling him selfish. He criticised him for showing signs of injury. Of course Mick in the commentary box was in a great position to tell just how Yazz was feeling. Let's face it, the guy hasn't got the best record when it comes to Chris Yarran

Mick called him selfish.

Essentially he said the way he carried on while injured was not good. It shows a weakness to the opposition. He didn't need to carry on the way he did.

Its the same reason why Mick said what he said recently in regards to Murphy and injuries etc.

All players who take the field are 100% fit. Implying anything other than that is showing weakness. Mick is all about the psychology of battle. Show a strong, united front at all times.

This is his issue with Yarran and his injury. It went against his mantra and in his opinion was selfish for not sucking it up and putting the team first.

Nonetheless, whatever MM puts out in the media is by far and away more likely BS than reality.

Nuh. Seems to me that whatever MM puts out into the media is subjected to many filters within his bonce. MM is not a complicated person... first and foremost (which Eddie didn't understand) is that this bloke loves being in the trenches. He is a general of troops. He is a student of battle. Hence, the media is only a part of his strategy... he will be honest and straightforward, and he will be coy or even evasive.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Marc Murphy launches a defence of his season and vows to break free of tags
Murf's been getting his knee drained after every match. This points to a structural problem that won't get better on its own.

Sounds like something Kreuzer was doing last season and he continued to be flogged here. I also remember him having a knee reconstruction too. Not forgetting his issues with his hip. Ooops sorry I forgot to say poor Marc and his knee and his cheekbone.

Season gone. Get him off and get him better. Bring Graham and any other new kids who need a run. In fact get any player off who is underdone. They are not helping us win games. They are in fact costing us games. Give the Captains hat to Simpson. Give him back some respect for how he has turned his season around. A thank you for his work rate of late.

Don't get me wrong here guys. I love Marc to bits. I hope he gets better and past his best which he will execute in the future. He hasn't even seen his true, full potential. Just won't be reading way too many Poor Marc stories, when others before him have had bad runs of luck and have not always had supporters, media and others give them a break. When they have bad patches, they are labelled bad number 1 draft picks. Get better soon Murphs. Tell your coach you can't play FFS. Grow a pair and tell him you don't want to let the squad down. Its considered tough to play with pain. Its considered selfish to play for the sake of playing and letting others carry the workload. If this is true Mick, cut him some bloody slack. He'll pay you back twice and three times in return.

Sorry Marc, I didn't mean to pay out on you. I'm just angry Special-K wasn't given much slack in his times of hidden injuries.

If true (not questioning you, BB), this is deplorable. It is one of the great truisms of footy - do not take blokes who 'too' injured into games. Marc Murph... shut up and rule yourself out. Sometimes the ultimate team thing is to realise you're not up to it and say so. MM, if you're playing this bloke with this knowledge - stop! Stop being pigheaded and take a risk - give Bell, Graham or O'Keefe the challenge. If it means we write off 2013, so be it. The long term benefits will be worth it.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Chris Yarran has gone backwards.
Here are some stats on Yarran comparing last year to this year.
Last year he was a backman.
This year he is a forward.

2012 - 14.7 per game
2013 - 10.3

2012 - 0.5
2013 - 1.4

2012 - 1.7
2013 - 3.8

Contested possesions
2012 - 4.1
2013 - 4.7

...and finally the % of his possessions that are contested
2012 - 28%
2013 - 44%

So although his overall possessions are down a touch from last year, he is kicking more goals (as you'd expect being forward now) but also laying double the amount of tackles he was laying last year.

Overall he is getting more hard ball per game, but overall he is getting a lot more hard ball and less easy ball compared to last year.

So the stats say that he is laying more tackles, getting more hard ball and obviously hitting the scoreboard more.

So tell me how it is exactly he is going backwards again? ???

Compelling stats. I also believe he is better this year than last. But can he take that next most important step - from me, to us?
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Chris Yarran has gone backwards.
CY is 22 yo ffs and had a pretty darn hard life as a kid......

Some of you blokes really have no f'n idea (not directed at you personally Baggers)'

Get this guy right and he is a match winning 300 game champion for CFC but nah, most of you want to trade him now for a bag of peanuts.

What dumb ass stuff were you guys churning out at 22 yo?

I'd trade Murphy out first quite frankly on current output (if it was MM vs CY choice only)

No probs, FB, didn't take it personally. I hope you're right; would love you to be right... he maybe (due to his harsh upbringing) still somewhat immature. He's got a few weeks to prove we doubters wrong and I hope he does - love to be hugely wrong on this one and end up with lots of googy on face. :)
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Chris Yarran has gone backwards.
Nah it's different rules for different players, that's what's so annoying but nobody gets it. You can only say it so many times.

You are starting to sound like Jimbo.

You can say it repeatedly, how about backing it up with some facts.

What i am hearing from you is that Yarran has been ruined by Mick Malthouse and that he was an out and and star under Ratten. Your opinion, and so be it.

No, what I'm saying is he was developing nicely under Ratts but has gone backwards under Malthouse. I think he's lost all passion, and more importantly all confidence. It took Ratts a good few years to build up Yazz's confidence and it seems Mick's undone it all in a few months. IMO.

What's wrong with Jimbo anyway? :P

I recall quite clearly Yazz playing for the NBs last year and he was pathetic. His attitude (and this is under Ratts, to respond to what you write above) stunk. He was blasted by team mates and was the very personification of petulance. He was booed by our supporters from the ground... then was rewarded with senior selection the following week! FMD! However, this year when he spent time in the twos, he actually tried hard and got dirty. He is better under MM, but clearly has some attitude problems. Maybe he can only be a one way, prima donna :-\
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Chris Yarran has gone backwards.
It was wrong to make him sub, yes a mistake by Mick.  Mick has frrkd this one up as much as many wont accept it.

You missed it.   I will give you another chance.

Goat.    How do you think the top clubs would have dealt with Yarrans behaviour?
The behaviour was a result of an action, they wouldn't have made sub, or if they did communicate exactly why and what the expectation is. Whether that happened or not we don't know.

What does this even mean? Can you re-write this in proper English. I could however take a guess and say that it is not the player's fault that he performed so poorly after being subbed. It is the Coach's fault. Correct?

If so..let's not drop anyone ever again for not meeting expectations. In fact, lets have the players pick the team..but then who do we blame if they do not perform?! we say in Ireland..catch yourself on mate.

Yarran is an ADULT. Not a Boy.
He is professional adult paid via sponsorship and our Membership money to perform at his best and his coaches expectations - week in week out. If he does not put his body on the line and toe the company line then he can go and get stuffed. Talent is nothing without buy-in. We have too many Peacocks in this team already. He either steps up or he will be traded for someone who gives a crap.

There you go... good gear. It's called accountability and the top clubs have heaps of it, along with leadership buy-in from all players on the track - not just the leadership group.