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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Brownlow Medal 2022
They are Dad's Army, the fact is its PFs and GFs that Dad's Armies win if they can get there. For a bunch of old blokes, they have been both lucky with injury and well managed. As a group though, their time in the sun is limited.
Yes, very well managed, but they will be hell bent to keep the opposition on a leash, if the Swans get off the leash the ball might not get into the Handbaggers F50.

For the Swans to win, I think Hickey has to be the Norm Smith, it's not impossible.

Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW - Phoebe McWilliams - Foot stress fracture - Season over
It's interesting with the new concussion rules, I can see them being taken even further in the coming seasons and I suspect club's will need larger lists just to make it through a season based on the implementation of those protocols alone.

It's an even bigger issue for the AFLW just due to biological differences.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The classic/fave car thread
If you want a good cheap car, Nissan have been great.  We bought an X-trail in 2017.  Have been very happy.

I would steer clear of a new car for a couple of years.  You are going to overpay for it in todays market and Id only buy one if I had to.
Yep, I agree, and you will get ripped off on trade ins as well, they are offering 3/5ths of feck all and then reselling them like they are gold plated!
I'm anticipating some interesting 2nd hand offerings in a very short period on some electrics as well, charging and battery tech is moving rapidly ahead but the cars being sold are not really cheaply or easily upgradeable. In the USA there is already a Tesla after-market / wrecking business that customises and resells cars that only a few year ago were cutting edge. Nobody wants the 2nd hand cars themselves, but they are ripping the guts out and putting them in Land Rover Troupees, old Corvettes or Hot Rod type custom bodies.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
It's news like the following that drives me to continue warning against complacency, history is littered with similar effects, just because you can't see something happening immediately like Polio or Rubella, doesn't mean you shouldn't take it seriously.

Now a report published in Nature Medicine and led by researchers from Washington University suggests whether we’ve had COVID – even a mild case – could be added to that checklist. Expert authors Clare Arnott, Jamie Cham and Bruce Neal from the George Institute for Global Health and University of Sydney note the large-scale study highlights our limited understanding of the full consequences of COVID infection.

The big concern is that medium- to long-term harm to the body’s blood vessel network (the vascular system) appear more common than previously thought. Between 30 days and a year after recovery from COVID, survivors studied were 52% more likely to have a stroke, 63% more likely to have a heart attack, and 72% more likely to develop heart failure. When scaled to 600 million COVID infections worldwide, the implications are enormous.
Potentially, there may be many naysayers who can have "It was only mild!" etched on their headstones, and many more of their "involuntary associates" who can write "Thanks Mate"!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Brownlow Medal 2022
Thoroughly deserved. Spoke so well too!

But I came here to say I was wrong. I wanted him traded. There you go, it’s official - I know NOTHING!
I think the person who has proved everybody wrong is Voss.

In the past we looked to be suffering constant disunity, many thought it was an insurmountable problem to correct while we retained the same personal, I was also one who thought trading such stars might be the only solution, Voss ( Maybe with a little bit of Cook mixed in ) has proved everybody wrong. It was never about individual ability, and all about collective unity!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Brownlow Medal 2022
Given his current CV and his potential over the life of his current contract, where might he rank in the leadership company of Nicholls, Kernahan, and Judd??
Personally, Nicholls was in a different class, right up there with Barassi as far as I am concerned, they didn't just dominate themselves but they made those around them better. Blokes would go into battle for them.

Actually, to me I think what I can see Voss bringing to Carlton is vaguely similar, but I'm in no illusion that it's Voss driving that change and that the players have bought in.

I'd probably rank Cripps up there with Judd, what they bring on game day is quite similar in terms of influence, at their very best they have no peer. But they also have that shortfall, no matter how good they may be as individuals they live or die by those around them. As such they are more about individual brilliance.

Sticks was a bit different, a blend of both types, which is why he is so highly regarded.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Brownlow Medal 2022
Old news from.a couple of weeks ago the HeraldSun have just made a headline.
It's just Flubbo's CheatsFC dominated crew trying hard to throw mud and steal the focus, some of them even went with a "Cripps steals Brownlow" headline for a short period of time but it has been retracted.

Just shows you how low these filthy cheats can be, and why I assert you have to question everything they publish, make them justify the claims they make before you accept any part of them. They are neither professional or impartial, in the Murdoch era they are basically opinionated and syndicated bloggers who deserve little to no respect!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Brownlow Medal 2022
It's interesting, apparently more players polled in losing teams in this years Brownlow than ever before, apparently the trend about polling if you win is only a very recent trend. Maybe they mean the AFL era. The report sounded to me like a disgruntled punter.

Before the two or more umpires it was quite common for players to poll well in losing sides. This seems to be confirmed by my memory, guys like Skilton, Harvey, Stewart, Bedford or Murray it was pretty common for lowly VFL teams to claim the Brownlow. Then the AFL era changed it, and teams had to be winning before a player had a chance. But it feels to me like it was the AFL era that was delivering the artificial results, not the past.

I was chatting with a guy at the weekend who is connected with umpire development, he made an interesting comment about the pending changes and the long term trends. He said the AFL have worked out that the best umpires are not always AFL capable, not because of the decision making but because they are physically unable to keep up with play. He said this is a big driving force in the pending changes towards more umpires. You'll basically have a panel of top class umpires capable of officiating multiple games each and every weekend. I'm sure that will change the Brownlow voting as well.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Brownlow Medal 2022
Cripps has now also polled in two games unexpectedly. 

I've not much faith in the predictors, they get roughly the right totals, but if the votes are not in the right games how can we take it seriously?
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The Climate, Environment and Energy Thread
Now they are a bit more sleek for it (and I have to say look much more appealing) but have unfortunately obscured the view.
True, they can fix that problem but most people wouldn't want to pay the ultimate price.

It reminds me of those Olympic cyclists that had the bike disintegrate under them. The technology to make such bike parts properly was invented here in Melbourne, but the process that was used for the Olympic bikes was a cheapened down version of it, more like a big home 3D printer instead of the industrial scale gadgets we worked with at the time, systems that are used in medicine to 3D print replacement hips, knees or skulls and the like.

Ultimately the Olympic failure was all about price, there is expensive, then there is bet your life on it expensive. In hindsight there must be incredible regret, what price do you put on burning a once in a lifetime opportunity?