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Corey "Homicide" Williams Passes Away

Sadly, Corey "Homicide" Williams lost his relatively short battle with cancer. I'm not a basketball fan in any way shape or form but I followed Homicide mainly through his socials and on SEN. Nice fella, always spoke his mind and was often very funny. He and Gazey would often have me in stitches back in the day.
Will be missed.
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Re: Corey "Homicide" Williams Passes Away

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I am a basketball fan and its a sad day given he fought so hard to live and was at the NBL awards this year looking very frail and I feared the worst for him. Was a street baller in the USA and was on the outskirts of being an NBA player but didnt quite make it.
Was a league MVP for the now defunct Crocs but it was as a commentator he really excelled and he will be sadly missed by all basketball fans..

Re: Corey "Homicide" Williams Passes Away

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He certainly had a unique way with words and his enthusiasm for the game was huge. 

A sad loss and particularly for basketball.  RIP Corey 🙏
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Re: Corey "Homicide" Williams Passes Away

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Great promoter for Aus bball.   "This aint no cupcake league".    Super important to have a respected voice telling overseas players and administrators that the NBL is legit and that if you come play here, any good play will be respected by NBA teams