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Robert Heatley Stand / Who is our best 22?
OK, so a miracle has happened and all our players are fit for the first time in history.

Who do we pick to ensure we win the 2022 Grand Final?

I suggest you pick a team on paper first, or better yet, use this magnet board...

Then enter in your 22 players.

Some very hard calls will have to be made. I think we will get some very different results.
Ladies Lounge / Welcome Keeley Skepper + Mia Austin
Pos Midfielder
Ht 163cm, DOB 15/3/04
From Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country

The Saints had been very keen on Sofia Hurley until the Sandringham midfielder opted to make the move north. Skepper is a tenacious inside midfielder who was named Vic Country's MVP at the Under-18 Championships. Attacks the ball despite her light frame and is a strong all-round performer.

MIA AUSTIN - Pick 18
Pos Forward
Ht 178cm, DOB 22/4/04
From Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro

The Blues have been heavily linked to key forward Austin, and have a need to fill that area. Has only played one year of NAB League but was a dominant presence in attack with her strong marking and athletic ability when the ball hit the deck.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW off-season - Signing, trades, draft....

So its all happening starting now.
Tuesday, May 24

Expansion Signing Period commences (9am AEST)

Rookie Signing Period commences (9am AEST)

Monday, May 30

Expansion Signing Period concludes (2pm AEST)

Draft order revised for expansion impacts

Tuesday, May 31

Sign and Trade Period commences (9am AEST)

Wednesday, June 8

Sign and Trade Period concludes (3pm AEST)

Thursday, June 9

Delisted Free Agency period commences (11am AEST)

List Lodgement #1 (4pm AEST)

Friday, June 10

Restricted Free Agency period closes (3pm AEST)

List Lodgement #2 (4pm AEST)

Thursday, June 16

List Lodgement #3

Saturday, June 25

Final draft order confirmed

Wednesday June 29

2022 NAB AFLW Draft

Monday, July 4

Final list lodgement
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2019 Grand Final team - Where are they now?
B:   36 Jayde Van Dyk   9 Kerryn Harrington   21 Nicola Stevens
HB:   15 Chloe Dalton   20 Charlotte Wilson   6 Gabriella Pound
C:      1 Brianna Davey(c)   
HF:   12 Lauren Brazzale   16 Breann Moody   18 Tilly Lucas-Rodd
F:   3 Darcy Vescio   7 Tayla Harris   14 Brooke Walker
Foll:   30 Alison Downie   4 Madison Prespakis   10 Sarah Hosking
Int:   19 Georgia Gee   25 Jess Edwards   11 Jess Hosking
8 Amelia Mullane   2 Katie Loynes   

Traded/Poached/Playing elsewhere
Rumoured to be going elsewhere
Still at Carlton
Ladies Lounge / AFLW - Bombers poaching Velcro - Maddy P and Georgia G set to flee

ESSENDON has pulled off a stunning double coup ahead of its maiden season in the AFLW, with the club set to sign important Carlton duo Maddy Prespakis and Georgia Gee. can reveal the Bombers have lured both players in what is a significant filip for the incoming expansion side and a brutal blow for their arch rivals at Ikon Park.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW AA 2022 - Congrats Kez
Sole representative in the AA side, last picked on the bench.

Kez Harrington makes her 3rd AA side.

Moody was a bit stiff to not get the ruck position IMO, went to Lauren Pearce.
I think after 5 or 6 rounds, Moody made the team of the week 4 or 5 times.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW R10 Votes vs Melbourne.
Last game for the year, not quite the result we wanted, but plenty of girls deserve recognition.

Who is the best 3, 2, 1 this week?
Ladies Lounge / AFLW R10 - Carlton vs Melbourne
Last round and the match up we've been waiting to see. Tayla Harris vs Carlton.

The result is basically known. The ladder positions largely irrelevant. All eyes will be on Tayla.

So what do we do with her?
We'd know better than anyone how to play her...and I'm talking mentally more than  anything else.
I feel like she is one of those 'don't poke the bear' types. Make her angry and she'll play better.
Perhaps we go down the friendly path and make her feel like she is playing against her friends. She's said before she doesn't like hurting people, both in boxing and in footy.

I feel like she could be easily distracted as well. I forget who it was, but I think someone asked Richo (i think) a riddle during a game just to mess with him and he spent more time trying g to work out the riddle than focus on what he was supposed to be doing on the field.

The men's teams used to have dossiers on players with a list of do's and don'ts time to bring that back to Tayla.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW R9 - Carlton vs Gold Coast @Ikon - Sun 5:10pm
Sorry, thought I already had this up.

Game today against another team we should beat.

We've made our first change to the lineup in weeks, a forced change with Lucy mcevoy an out with a sore calf and Brooke Walker returning.

A point has been made about half wanting effort and commitment and walker being left out sent alarm bells her way.
Well she had 7 tackles last week in th3 vflw and has been recalled this week.

Finals are mathematically possible, but realistically no chance. Still, would be good to get 3 on the trot
Ladies Lounge / A look back at the first AFLW draft.
So talking about comings and going from our AFLW list had me thinking. How well did we do from the original draft and how many players are still playing footy, both here and elsewhere.

So looking at players drafted by Carlton.
Pick # - Player - Where are they now?
3 - Bianca Jakobsson - Now at St. Kilda, after spending 3 years at Melbourne, we only got 1 year from here before trading her out.
14 - Kate Gillespie-Jones - Now, delisted. Previously spent 3 years at NM, after 2 years with us.
19 - Sarah Hosking - Now, Richmond. Famoulsy walked away 2 years ago despite being part of the leadership group.
30 - Gab Pound - Still with us, still going strong. Only 27 and at least a few years left.
35 - Danielle Hardiman - Now at NM. Spent 2 years with us before being poached by the kangas during the expansion with KGJ.
46 - Shae Audley - Now, retired. She played 16 games with us over 3 seasons and never played elsewhere.
51 - Bella Ayre - Was part of the trade to Brisbane for Tayla Harris, but was delisted after only 2 years.
62 - Lauren Brazzale - Still on the list having played 36 games thus far. Recently found herself in/out of the side. Currently, 28 with suspect form.
67 - Breann Moody - Still on our list and dominating. By her own admission, she felt out of place and was just making up the numbers initially. Developed into the premier ruck of the competition.
78 - Jess Hosking - Now at Richmond after following her twin out the door 12 months later.
83 - Natalie Plane - Part of the heart and soul of the club. Still giving her all for her club and teammates.
94 - Sarah Last - Delisted after 2 years at the club, she did not find another club.
99 - Tilly Lucas-Rodd - Now at St.Kilda after following her GF Bri Davey out the door after our GF loss in 2019.
110 - Katie Loynes - GWS. An inspired pick and former captain left us last year for GWS after not being offered a contract. Turning 36 next month.
115 - Madeline Keryk - Now at the Cats where she was drafted after being delisted by us after 2 years at the club.
126 - Kate Darby - Now also at the Cats. Delisted after 1 year with us. Spent a year out of the game before being redrafed by Geelong.
129 - Alison Downie - The 37yo is playing her first season at Collingwood after not being offered a contract with us in the off-season.
140 - Laura Attard - Delisted after 2 seasons with us. Did not find another club after that.
142 - Rebecca Privitelli - Now at GWS. Was delisted after 1 season with us, GWS drafted her as a free agent and she remains there to this day.

Thats the 19 players we took during the draft.

We also had access to players through a variety of other pathways....
Marquee player - Bri Davey - Now co-captain at Collingwood (with another ex baggers tragic) after walking out on us while she was our captain.
Marquee player - Darcy Vescio - Still at the club, still surprising us. Whether its with goals kicked or gender identified as. Darcy has it all.
Priority player - Lauren Arnell - Retired after 3 years with Lions after being our inaugural captain.
Rookie player - Nat Exon - Now at St. Kilda, after being part of the Harris trade to the Lions. Only spent a year with us, but showed plenty of heart.
Rookie player - Kate Shierlaw - Now at St. Kilda. Delisted after 2 years at the club (at her request i believe), was named Co-captain at the saints.
Free agent - Jess Kennedy - Delisted after only a year on the list, she was never picked up elsewhere.
Free agent - Hayley Trevean - Delisted after only a year. Spent a year in the VFLW before being picked up by Geelong for a year before being delisted again.
Free agent - Alison Brown. First year at Melbourne. Only 1 year with us before being out of the game for 2 years before being drafted to saints where she spent the last 2 years.

Overall, i think we picked pretty well.
There are 5 current players who was apart of our original list.
There are 13 additional players who was on our original list that are still in the AFLW but are playing for other teams.

The following players are now on our list after originally being put on another AFLW list in season 1.
Priority player - Jess Dal Pos - Drafted by GWS, she joined us for this season.
6 - Nicola Stevens - Drafted by Collingwood where she spent just 1 season before joining us and becoming a staple since.
8 - Elise O'Dea - Drafted by Melbourne. Is in her second season with us now.

So 8 players from the original draft period are on our current list of 30.
From the 18 players we drafted in that original draft period that are still playing footy, only 5 are still playing in Navy Blue.
While that number is somewhat alarming. When you take into account the number of additional teams in the game now, and if those teams would actually make our 21 now, its not nearly as bad as it appears.

But, 18 from our original 30 still playing should be seen as a good effort from our original recruiters.
Robert Heatley Stand / AFL 2022 - Pre-season - Week 1 vs St. Kilda
Squad named for this one.

Jordan Boyd, Adam Cerra, Patrick Cripps, Charlie Curnow, Paddy Dow, Corey Durdin, Zac Fisher, Lachlan Fogarty, George Hewett, Brodie Kemp, Matthew Kennedy, Oscar McDonald, Mitch McGovern, Alex Mirkov, Nic Newman, Jack Newnes, Lochie O’Brien, Matthew Owies, Sam Philp, Marc Pittonet, Adam Saad, Will Setterfield, Jack Silvagni, Jacob Weitering, Zac Williams, Tom Williamson

The AFL game will take place across four 30-minute flat quarters, while the VFL contest will be four 25-minute quarters. The senior side’s first practice match of the season will commence at 10am, with the Carlton Reserves to follow at 1pm.