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Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW 2023 Rd 5: Carlton vs Sydney at Carlton
Good win. Held the momentum for longer. Unfortunately turned it over or kicked ineffectively i50 on multiple occasions. The effort and plan looked to be there. Love Moody deep i50 and see Fitzgerald as our W version of Cincotta. Tough as.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL 2023 Preliminary Final Carlton vs Brisbane Post Game Prognostications
How naive are those media people! The emotional reaction being beaten by a point compared to a team who was playing catch up by about 4 goals through the final quarter is totally different! I'm sure Adam Saad's message was fairly simple.... leave the ground with your head held high, remember where we've come from this year , don't forget today...and acknowledge the fans in the crowd.

And don't drop to the ground, lie down, and wallow per Dees.

As for media - planet Orbit 🌌
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Who stood up?
I questioned Marchbank over Kemp v Lions. Marchbank fumbled early on but improved across the 3 finals. Kemp held his own extremely well given the number of games he's played.

McG was another who grew into the series. Until he got pummelled last night that is 😠 (looked dangerous and he clearly suffered significantly)

Our wingers, led by the Sheriff, played important roles.

The real surprise for me was Boyd. He has improved as he's got more games, which is terrific. What I didn't expect was an almost faultless performance in a preliminary final. Given he's only played how many games for us?

How amazing to have 27 players in the finals series. Great result for the club 👏🏼
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL 2023 Preliminary Final Carlton vs Brisbane Post Game Prognostications
The players that came in certainly did their job. Well done Harry, Martin, Boyd. Marchbank, who many queried, also did a fine job. Finally building some depth and a healthy list post-bye.

Disappointing of course. In the end though it was a hard fought long road and it showed. GF from outside the 4 is elusive for good reason.

Well done to the club for a season that will go down as a ripper.

My edit.
Shout out to Ollie Hollands 🇳🇱 one of the youngest out there. Learning will be immense.