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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 13 2024 Post Game Celebrations - Carlton vs Essendon
Fairly hard fought win without the usual stars doing all the heavy lifting. They kicked inaccurately (20 odd more inside 50s), could have been very different.
TDK take bow, what a game.
Wins a win.

I agree.
As we were building earlier on, we found different ways to win. Often "ugly". Last night we found yet another way to win. Only this one featured more team first and our (developing) class. Looks to me like it's all part of Vossy's "layering' approach.

We need to successfully implement various methods in the H & A. That not only secures ladder position but sets up seemless adaptation in the finals.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 13 2024 Post Game Celebrations - Carlton vs Essendon
Great team effort. It was one of those 
games where team first reigned supreme. We played with trust and confidence.
TDK's best game IMO. Lij Hollands best game too, and his brother wasn't too bad either. As for our cult hero, Cincotta. He's adding more strings to his bow. His versatility is becoming a real weapon.

Harry 1
Ben 0. Probably should be -1 after that push in the back almost concussed him
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 12 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Port Adelaide
Carlton members in allocated section.  :)  :)   (and about time!!)

What a great night for Adelaide based supporters.... slashing win, the boys really wanted it!

We have endured some "tough" games at Adelaide Oval including on the scoreboard!  Usually with seating right in the middle of Port or Crows supporters. So this time, great to have seating in a Carlton members section. 

After siren we stood and sang the song with gusto!


That's a big win for the club and the boys did it with G & D, topped with a bit of class.

 Glad the Adelaide Baggers finally got that sweet taste of success. Enjoy strutting around the streets in your navy blue.