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Re: Carlton AFLW Review - Half Gone

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I can't say I know much about him, for someone that has been around so long he almost invisible to me!

I hope i'm wrong, but this wreaks of desperation to me.

It looks like we spent months searching for a new coach and in the end have gone, hey that bloke under our nose....guess we'll give it to him.

So why now?

Well, you wouldn't know it, but its the AFLW draft tonight. Probably should have a coach around to call the players and say welcome to the club.

You look at his history, and apart from moving the cones around at training a couple of times, it appears he has had very little to do with womens football. How can you build a game plan around a game that is (somewhat) foreign to you?
How do you fix/build a good culture with a group of girls if you've never dealt with them before?

I wish him well, but i think he is destined to fail and has been thrown in the deep end.

Re: Carlton AFLW Review - Half Gone

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This could very well be an inspired appointment.

Matthew Buck may not be well known in coaching circles but he has a decent CV without being too enmeshed in men’s footy. 

Understanding that the game is different and requires different structures and plans is the key to AFLW coaching.  We were never going to shake an established AFLW coach loose so appointing someone who gets the AFLW, albeit only recently, is the next best.

Buck’s skills work with the AFLW was fortuitous but it also began a rapport, and that is so important.  Harf had a strong rapport with the playing group and any new coach could struggle to get the team on board.  Buck has already made significant progress there.

I’m pleased about his focus on skills.  We have a lot of raw talent and honing that talent has to be a positive.

Buck spoke about being part of a team and I hope that the club goes all out to give him the support he will need.

A “rebuild” in the AFLW is new territory but that’s effectively what Buck has ahead of him.  It’s certainly going to be a challenge.  Let’s hope he’s up for it.

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Re: Carlton AFLW Review - Half Gone

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He was an appointment that came from within right? If so my only criticism of that is the report on the AFLW program was scathing and if he was part of it, he was part of the problem (even in a small way). That doesn't sit right with me,
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Re: Carlton AFLW Review - Half Gone

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I reckon there is probably a real desire from the club to see this project successful.
They've had a review so they will have to be seen to having achieved some progress from this exercise
Buck will be the face of this. but you can bet he'll be given heaps of support.