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Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW - Bombers poaching Velcro - Maddy P and Georgia G set to flee
Is this bad luck for some players?I suspect a year or two in those new clubs like CheatsFC that offered long deals to steal players are going to be filled with regret.

The whole thing is a farce because our (former) girls will be getting additional sponsorships at the bombers to go along with their 'football payments'.

Thats why it was so laughable at the Tayla Harris 150k speculation. I said at the time that their simply wasn't scope for her to earn that within the system. She'd need to earn 80% of that outside of football payments and its simply not an option.

I'd question Greg leaving as one that is not monetarily based. She'd get as much here as she'd get at Tigers. So either she was pushed, or was not welcomed back, or there is a rift with the club. Strange decision.

On the other hand Nic Stevens leaving could certainly be about cash.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 9 2022 Post Game Permutations Carlton vs GWS
Kemp has more future than Parks..I'd be sending the latter on his way at seasons end.

Parks reached his potential from day 1....and has very little scope for improvement.

Kemp is nowhere near his peak yet, plenty of room for growth. Whether he gets there is anybodys guess....but definitely need to explore that.

FWIW, i was not overly impressed with his efforts last week. He spoiled his own teammates at least a couple of times resulting in goals. That stuff should come with experience and playing more with his the same players in the backline.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
My family has been hit with influenza. Much worse than the covid we experienced. Took my 7 year old to monash hospital and they said they have been smashed with influenza. Kids were coming from Pakenham and Berwick because their hospital had a 6 hour wait.

Yep, flu went through our family too.
One of my kids had a temp of 40. I only managed 38.2.
Basically everyone had a week off (i only had a day, but i didn't need to see anyone to do my job so was back at it)
Neighbours kids got it a week after us.
Rippng through the schools.

I felt as bad as i have for 20-odd years since i last had the flu.
Haven't had covid yet *touch wood*
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL Bye - sort of ...
I think at one stage Lance might have had timeshares at a fleet of takeaways!

Anyway as I get older I appreciate the battle he faced, so I'm staying out of it (KFC and the debate!)
I used to work in a fast food restaurant.

I only ever saw 2 AFL players in there (both Carlton i might add).

1. Chris Yarran. He came in early, bought himself a coffee and some raisen bread. I had a chat. He was in the area for a footy clinic for the kids. A healthy option.
2. Lance Whitnall. He came in, sat by himself and demolished a large meal with all the trimmings. He just lived (kinda) nearby, and seemed completely normal.

Lance has nobody to blame but himself.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 9 2022 Post Game Permutations Carlton vs GWS
So....this is what we do now. - Win.

Odds were against us,
key forward out,
key back out,
first ruck out
No real backups for any of that.

Opposition coach playing his last game.
Lose Williams early.

End result, a relatively comfortable win interstate.

We have officially turned the corner.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 9 2022 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs GWS
I don’t want Cripps anchored up forward.
I want him playing midfield and pushing forward.
Like most non forwards he struggles being a key forward with a kpd opponent, play him to his strengths, as we have done successfully all season.
His goals come from the mismatch of a mid trying to spoil/mind/out mark him or from coming across the pack.

Charlie has to bring EVERYTHING to ground and keep presenting to keep Haynes busy and out of the way of Kennedy, Kemp, Cripps, SOS, TDK and the smalls.

Nah, cripps plays his usual role. Which is mid, but drifting forward.
Kennedy plays FF and if required, can drift into the midfield when Cripps comes forward.

Charlie has to be the link man up on the wing, working in with TDK and Jack to get the ball out of defense to a marking target.

Let Kennedy play 1-out from the square and give him space.
If they play a tall on him, let him beat him on the lead.
If they play a small on him, let him beat them in the air.

As long as we don't bomb it on his head when he has a tall on him, we'll be ok.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 9 2022 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs GWS
Hewett has also spent time as a forward at the Swans, actually as a utility used all over the place, so he is a good size and may also be an option of a rotation.

But now that Kemp is in I suspect he's going to get a rotation, maybe him and SoJ flicking between F50 and D50.

What we may miss this week is the lead up marking across the wing and HBF that BigH is supreme at.

Kennedy has a couple inches on Hewitt.
Kennedy has a great set of hands for his height
Kennedy is great on the lead.
Kennedy is arguably our best shot for goal.

I picked Kennedy because of his ability to play a traditional FF role and give us structure. (and Cripps as continued backup)

Hewitt is a completely different player who doesn't have the attributes of Kennedy (cripps or soj), but i'm sure he is capable of kicking a goal too.....we've already had Weitering and Docherty kick goals this year.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 9 2022 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs GWS
I can’t see how we can win tbh.
For me maybe Cripps/Kennedy rotating at ff, but I’d rather Kennedy play the whole game at ff and keep Cripps floating forward where he’s done well this year.
Not sure how the defence will hold up either, Young will be missed.

Yep, i initially floated Kennedy to FF with Cripps resting there as he does now. IMO that would sort out our forwardline for a week at least.
However, the backline without Young makes things extra difficult.

I'd suggest we may see a resting ruck (TDK/SOJ) hanging out around CHB filling space.