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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 18 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
I've never been more convinced that removing prior will be a mistake. The game is a terrible spectacle for it and wait until everyone gets on board.  You'll have have players dropping the ball as they're tackled everywhere.

It looks bad and it is bad.

The problem with it is that they have (occasionally) removed prior and decreased the time to get rid of it. So not only do players not know if they will get done for holding the ball, they don't know when.

Cripps got done for getting out a handball because they were so quick on the whistle.

They have just further muddied the waters without going all in.
It's similar to when they trialled it jn the vfl and said it didn't work. They only trialled it for the second player who had the ball.

Trial it or not, don't half arse it.

I'm almost convinced the afl want this to go away so they are trying to make it terrible. I reckon there is some kind of new interpretation the afl want to bring in next year and they will use this nonsense to justify it.

Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
When Baggers posted there was no reports of anyone killed or even injured other than Trump.
Which at the time seemed surprising, given a lot of shots and a large crowd.

No there wasn't, but when I posted that video I made the comment about screams coming after the fact which gave the appearance of collateral damage.
So I thought it was a very high probability despite no media suggesting as much.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 18 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
Bulldogs' tackling of an opponent who hasn't had prior opportunity (i.e. taking one arm out of the equation and swinging the player off balance) was first class and indicative of some excellent coaching to take full advantage of the changed rule interpretation.

It was brilliant.
Especially when you realise that part of the rule interpretation didn't change.

There was no change to prior opportunity. Yet the umpires are umpiring in a way that makes out it did.

We never received that memo it appears.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
It looks like there may have been an assasintaion attempt at a Trump rally.

It's a bit bizarre..
Sound of several shots.
Blood on  Trumps ear as he is removed.
But no-one else appears to have been hit in the crowd behind him.

Shots came from the left. People looked that way immediately. Started pointing that way.
Scream came from the right later (potential collatoral damage?).

i'm surprised its taken this long.
I don't condone this at all, but the fact they missed just about guarantees he'll win it now.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 18 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
There are consistent calls for Cuningham to be brought into the side when fit.  But wouldn't he be in the same league as Fantasia?

He has shown that he has the skills to succeed but has he ever put in four quarters ?  My impression is that he has never given us more than one or two quarters in a game before disappearing, and that is what caused him to be dropped prior to getting his current injury.

Best game cunners played was a couple years ago right before he got injured. Got 28 touches  against the 3 brownlow votes.
Next year against them he had 25 and kicked 2.
He averages 13 touches a game over the same period Fantasia has mixed out at 13.

Fantasia best game was when he got 13 touches and kicked 4 goals recently. 2 of them were gimmies he didn't earn, but so be it.
Apart from that you have to OK back to 2021 to see the same amount of goals or possessions in a game from him. 2021!

Cunners when used to run through the middle gives you midfield numbers. When solely up forward he gives you Fantasia numbers.

Cunners is entering his prime. Fantasia is past it.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 18 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
We've copped 100 points against two weeks running.  That's not a ruck problem that's a system problem.

System not hamstring by rucks.  Weitering needs help, Newman is getting attention and not chopping things off like he did, Kemp is man minding marchbank is a shadow, cowans opponents are getting loose and saad is not accountable.

What we need is another tall who is that dour type who just gets the job done and doesn't need to be a world beater just defensively dour.  Will aid weitering to get back to chopping the play off because our opposition stopped him by blocking his run at the ball drop and the umps let it go all day. .

Don't get me wrong, there are.multiple problems.
I've been on about an extra kpd for longer than I've been on this ruck debate.
Imo that goes without saying but it's something that is out of our control because we don't have one on our list.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 18 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
Forget the ruck discussion.  Our strength is winning and bash and crash on the inside and we got hammered at it again this week by the dogs.
Are we more likely to win the bash and crash when we have 4 midfielders there (with cripps or kennedy rucking) or when we have 3 and a ruck.

Our rucks are half decent with getting clearances themselves, however I'd prefer the other blokes to dish it forward as we are more likely to hit a target that way.

We are handicapping ourself by playing 2 rucks.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 18 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
2 wins 5 losses with TDK and Pittonet playing. It's over.

While you are helping my argument with that stat, I cannot let it go without pointing out the same thing I pointed out previously.

In the past, we played both it was isn't quality opposition and we were more.likely to lose.
This year it almost seems the opposite. Against the best, we are doing well with 1 ruck
Against mid table types, we are losing with 2 rucks.

That is the difference between this year's stat and previous years stats on the same.