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AFLW 2023 Rd 10: Carlton vs St Kilda at Carlton

Our last game for the season, unless there is a miracle, playing the "Aints at Carlton on Sunday at 1305.

Backs:  Gen Lawson-Tavan  Vaomua Laloifi
Half-backs:  Ciara Fitzgerald  Madeline Hendrie  Gab Pound
Centreline:  Keeley Sherar  Abbie McKay  Brooke Vickers
Half-forwards:  Mia Austin  Erone Fitzpatrick  Harriet Cordner
Forwards:  Darcy Vescio  Breann Moody 
Followers:  Jess Good  Mimi Hill  Lily Goss
Interchange:  Keeley Skepper  Amelia Velardo  Marianna Anthony  Imogen Milford  Taylor Ortlepp

Emergencies:   Chloe Wrigley   Daisy Walker   Annie Lee

In: Maddy Hendrie, Taylor Ortlepp 
Out: Dayna Finn (suspension), Paige Trudgeon (hamstring)

Not exactly our strongest line-up for the year, but that is how it goes.
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Re: AFLW 2023 Rd 10: Carlton vs St Kilda at Carlton

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CARLTON       1.1    2.3    2.8    3.8 (36)
ST KILDA       1.0    3.1    6.2    7.4 (46)

Carlton: Austin, Goss, Moody
St Kilda: Exon 2, Xenos 2, Anderson, Boyd, Friend

Carlton: Moody, McKay, Hill, Skepper
St Kilda: Smith, Plane, Patrikios, Xenos, Vesely

Carlton: Fitzpatrick (knee)
St Kilda: Wardlaw (head knock)

A major fail. Our first loss to St Kilda. :(  Getting the ball wasn't a problem: keeping it was.
Live Long and Prosper!