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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Russian Ukraine War
I heard one of the flag wavers on the wireless.  He said that he was opposed to the invasion of Ukraine but waving the Russian flag was meant to represent all of the good things about Russia.  He sounded genuine but what relevance does that have to supporting a tennis player.  I imagine that the Ukrainian player wouldn't have been thrilled to see the invader's flag.

Open Tennis is not a team sport and players' countries of origin aren't really relevant.  I would ban all national flags from the Australian Open and remove all references to players' countries of origin.  The Davis, Hopman and Billie Jean King Cups are a different kettle of worms and supporting national teams is the name of the game.

PS St Kilda changed its colours from red, yellow and black during World War One.
And then Germany changed its colours to black, red and yellow. I always wondered about that.
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Re: SPAM
I think tech support is one issue, the other is audience participation. Let's face it - this site has been in slow decline for a number of years. We've had hardly any new members in ages, many of the semi regulars from seasons past no longer contribute, and we are left with the same dozen or so old timers squabbling about whatever. Of course things are quieter in the off season, but even during the season, the sense of decline is clearly palpable IMO.
I wish I could say that you were wrong, but I can't. It is an easily seen trend when looking at the number of people voting in the Jim Park Award. The numbers have trended lower ever since I've taken up duty on it.

I wish I had the tech skills and the space on a server to deal with the technical side of CSC, but I don't.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Harry and Megan
I can't believe the Royal Family is as 'racist' as they are being portrayed.
For one, their own family tree, like mine, contains ancestors from all over Europe, with some interesting asides in Western Asia (Armenia, the Kingdom of Jerusalem and a handful of Muslim princesses, to name but a few). Being racist is like biting their own b*m.
On the other hand, they may not have the language to express themselves. One of Queen Elizabeth's cronies got in trouble lately for not being able to express herself properly, when asking about the background of black lady she met. The poor old thing, seeing this incredible display of Nigerian culture, made a mess by saying "Where are you from?" instead of "What is your background?" I certainly didn't think she was being racist: she was being ignorant ( a crime that has a cure, called 'education'). Certainly, very few black people move in her circles, probably less so when the woman in question was growing up.

One of things Harry doesn't seem to understand is the lack of outward emotion that the Royals express. Showing too much of yourself was 'just not done' when Elizabeth was growing up, and hadn't been since at least the days of Queen Victoria. She would have brought up her offspring the same way: it was the only way she knew how.
Diana was not not like that, and Harry thinks he models himself more on her, but even she was relatively reserved in public.

Elizabeth, in particular, lead a life of service. her motto comes from her Hanoverian forebears:  'Ich dien." I serve. That was the cornerstone of her life.
Harry seems to have forgotten that part. Certainly Will and Kate haven't. Even the 'bad boys' haven't: it hurt Andrew to be relieved from Royal duties (even though he deserved it). That was the entire point of relieving him of his duties.
Ladies Lounge / List Changes towards 2023
Carlton came out with 3 list changes today, none of which are that surprising:
[1] Poppy Schaap - 3 games in 2 seasons for 3 goals
[2] Charlotte Hammans - 5 games in 3 seasons.
[3] Jessica Jones - 0 games

Of those, we traded for Hammans, so her results are disappointing. Schaap was a supplementary pick.
The Sports Desk / Re: God help me - the Test Cricket thread
I heard an interesting discussion on the wireless before the start of play.  Kim Hughes asked about a South African batsman whose impeccable technique had impressed him on a previous tour.  The South African commentator said that his technique had deserted him and went on to explain that his loss of first class cricket form coincided with his rise in IPL rankings,
The IPL has much to answer for, not the least being the fairly ordinary techniques that are now plaguing India.
Ladies Lounge / Re: Carlton AFLW Review
I think that it’s the right time for a review, provided it’s not just looking for reasons to part ways with Harf.

We have had a couple of competitive seasons but we’re really off the pace in comparison to the successful clubs.  The review should examine every aspect of our AFLW program including list management, fitness and conditioning, training, gameplan, team selection, culture and coaching.  I would be reaching out to former players to find out why they left.

The review should set out a strategy for success and it should then be a matter of determining what personnel are best able to implement the strategy.  That may or may not include Harf and it should also identify deficiencies in our list.
I highlighted some of the things that stood out to me.
Our fitness as a group does not appear to be close to some of the 'stronger' clubs. That has been the case for the last couple of seasons.
Our game plan worked very well when we had the personnel to run it, not so great these last couple of years. It definitely needs some work.
Other clubs have had their players knock back large offers to play at a successful club. That needs to be us. I want to hear again that 'nobody leaves Carlton by choice'.
The Sports Desk / Re: God help me - the Test Cricket thread
Warner's form is consistent with how the Thunder batted.  Finished a year ago.
I think Warner is finished as test batsman. He's never really liked the ball moving much, but now he isn't coping.
On the other hand, he'll probably play white ball cricket for a few years yet: the ball doesn't move around so much for starters.

Who to replace him with? Now that is an interesting question! Not a lot of names stand out, particularly as some of the pitches prepared this year for Shield games have been pretty ordinaire.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Harry and Megan
Nothing more than a glorified reality TV show.

I can't stand reality TV shows, and this is far from a good one.
I don't watch any 'reality' shows. They are very contrived and just not very interesting.
I won't be watching: not my cup of tea at all.

I'm actually 4th or 5th cousins to Princess Di, for what it is worth (nothing). But that still doesn't mean I want to see minutiae of royal lives from those who don't contribute.
On the other hand, I am scouring the 'net to find out who we're trialling for the VFL!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Fixture 2023
Thursday night are really difficult for me. I tutor on Thursday evenings until 1910. Then I have school the next day. Does not suit me at all.
The Sports Desk / Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup
You’re joking, but soccer fanatics aren’t. I remember reading an article by Craig Foster who proposed that the other football codes should identify elite juniors who would excel at soccer and convince them to play soccer. He reasoned that as soccer is played internationally, the Socceroos needed elite talent to compete on the world stage while the AFL and NRL were domestic leagues whose teams would share the leftovers equally and spectators wouldn’t notice the difference as the clubs would still be competitive! He didn’t mention how juniors would be persuaded; are cattle prods legal at the junior level?
Why play Soccer when you can play a better game in Aussie Rules? You don't have to go overseas to be successful. As for the game, well half of the world cup games so far have had neither side scoring. That is supposed to be interesting?

It is a good thing that the best athlete here don't play soccer.