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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Promise AFL Rd21: Carlton vs Gold Coast
Docherty, Williams and maybe Cuningham the only three walk up starts... And that's being very generous on their 2021 output. Injuries haven't been that unkind to us.

Injuries haven't been that unkind?

2 games ago we didn't have a key forward on the park, and we are playing jack silvagni as relief ruck for at least 4 matches now.

Our list might be smaller than it was last week, but that doesn't mean we haven't 17 names on it less than 2 weeks ago, even if some of them did play last week.  Harry wasn't exactly running last week whilst on the park.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Apparently we only get federal funding if we do a 7 day lockdown.  I thought it was a bit odd when they announced it.    Was only expecting 3 days.  Surely they wouldn't do this would they?

Just to clarify Federal funded support for lockdown (as in the people who are forced home).
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Guys, you are better off accepting it is what it is.

Its highly liberating.

The lockdowns happen because they have a sufficient number of primary contacts of each positive case to warrant stopping further spread.

They are short, they are annoying, but the alternative isnt necessarily any better, and even if it starts off that way, it wont end that way.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Its time to start taking the proverbial out of everything and everyone to entertain ourselves about this.

Laughter being the best form of medicine or what not.

Found this, thought it was generally hilarious.  Not everyones cup of tea, but lets not worry too much.  For anyone who isnt aware, Milo Kerrigan is a parody of an ex champion boxer off Full Frontal.  I know it doesnt pass todays standards as this is not something to poke fun at so if its not your thing, just keep scrolling.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Passion; AFL Rd 20: Carlton vs St Kilda
It’s hard to fathom the thinking behind the selection of Boyd.  Perhaps there simply wasn’t an AFL-standard KPP available.

I thought about this a little bit.

Boyd posesses what appears to be elite kicking skills.

Thats a great start.  We need midfield depth, so if Boyd can release Stocker/williams/saad to the wings and midfield, then we can trade an underperforming young player for draft picks, and stockpile for the future whilst hanging onto the kids that are actually important for us now and still have some upside (I dont see how all of Dow, SPS and Lochie O Brien stay on the list, and you can include a few people in that equation who havent really fired a shot yet).  

It means we get to future proof, also today proof as Boyd could be seen as a more ready to go player and we can see how he fits in socially this season (too bad he broke down).

The Key position players are a bit different.  They are more interchangeable when you start talking depth options, and we have our first choices in each rank.  We filled a young ruckman need in the Volleyballer anyway, so we werent going to pick up a ruck that could help us now, and future proof.

The noises we are and have been making from a list management perspective seem very much in a improve now, with an eye on the future, and I think by mid year the club came to terms with the fact that we werent really going to trouble the competitors this year and decided to look to building for next year.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Talking about a 3 day snap lockdown in Vic

If it hits, it will hit tomorrow night midnight.

I said it to the MRS this morning.

One case late yesterday means, that they are testing a whole school today, and notifying close contacts to get tested today.  Most of those results wont come through until tomorrow, so they wont lock it down until earliest tomorrow night midnight, and it will be more to do with where the current positive has been whilst infectious.

Basically they half know already, but hopefully this one is localised and over before it begins like the one we did in Feb that started and ended at 3 days.

Happy either way, life isnt that exciting anyway.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Promise AFL Rd21: Carlton vs Gold Coast
TDK looks likes a reasonable chance to play based on the injury report, but Eddie is less likely. I'd look at resting Owies and bringing in Gov. Create a real problem with the 3 talls up forward and see how it pans out. Still have Fisher, E Curnow, Honey and Martin all lurking up forward around the big boys.

Surely TDK being a potential play is hyperbole.  I'd be more worried about Harry not playing.  He looked a bit proppy and is no guarantee to play again this week.

TDK wont play surely (i have been wrong before).  If anything its all a bit of gamesmanship to make Gold Coast plan for the possibility of having a genuine ruck contest.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
I understand @Thryleon

But I will always respond, simply because forums like this one, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can through there influence kill or maim people with disinformation or misrepresented data.

It is not and never will be an innocent or trivial debate free of consequences.
Fair enough LP.

Thing is, people are going to have their platforms.  I recognised something about social media a while ago.  Ever noticed, that its almost a giant propaganda machine anyway?

Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Here is my reaction.

After a long time stewing about whats right and wrong, irrespective of where you sit on covid (lets face it, no one has any real idea of the long term impact of contracting covid) the idea that we can prevent people from getting sick rather than cure them after they have gotten sick, is at worst, logical.

Practically speaking it becomes a bit grey.  Do we unlock and lockdown incessently?  No, thats not really that practical, but the alternative isnt really any more practical, and the result might be that people simply choose themselves to stay home anyway (social data is backing this up).

I think we are all a bit fatigued.  I dont worry about the ranting and raving.  For the most part, no one is listening overly to what goes on in a football forum anyway.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Passion; AFL Rd 20: Carlton vs St Kilda
Forgot about MacReadie, thought he started his career ok in difficult times but then hit a flat spot. If you are trying to grow your own KP defenders it made sense to keep at least one of the younger ones on the list as they take time.

He was the one I would have kept BUT he too was a glass man.

Knowing an Oscar Macdonald type was available it made sense to cut them all loose.  He's better than all of them.