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Off Topic Posts

Folks, I have been discussing with DJC the question of off-topic posts and how to stop them derailing a thread. Moving posts around into another (correct) thread can be time consuming work and to be honest a pain in the butt. We are proposing therefore that, in future, the following action be taken by mods.

1. The initial off-topic post will be highlighted as soon as possible by a mod with the request to remove it and re-post into the correct thread. If this is not done within a reasonable time then the post may be removed by a mod.

2. If that off topic post has attracted any responses then the original post and any responses will be removed by a mod.

3. The posters themselves will need to re-post any removed posts into the correct thread, if they wish to continue the particular discussion.

We will endeavour to be flexible on timing as the situation may dictate but we are trying to avoid threads getting hijacked and wandering too far off-topic.

Cheers and happy posting.
Reality always wins in the end.