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Re: 9/11 Debate

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Then there's the 270 degree turn (with triple reverse pike :) ) required by whatever smacked into the Pentagon.....
 I thought they were fly-by-wire, ie attached to a string and only flying in circles! ;D
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Re: 9/11 Debate

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The official explanation of events says you only need 4 that are extremely well co-ordinated. 

Then a random passport found for good measure.

A simpler answer would be that they're not sure who did it, but they would never admit that publically which ratifies the opinion that the official version of events are dubious.

See how this works?  This is where the conspiracy theories come from.

Its all very easily explained by incompetence and poor communication but invariably never admitted to because politicians never get it wrong. 
Officially there were 19 terrorists.
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Re: 9/11 Debate

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Ironic, given it's the conspiracy nutters generate the vast bulk of the lies, doctor videos, publish deep fakes, etc., etc..!

They see themselves as whistle-blowers, when they are really crying wolf!

Firstly, in the story, the boy who cried wolf, you might remember, there was actually a wolf....and nobody noticed because they were too busy ignoring him because of previous experiences.

How many times do you want to lump everyone in the same group? It does your arguments damage.
That like calling you a Collingwood supporter.....well its all football isn't it.

Re: 9/11 Debate

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Oh Karen, Karen, Karen ...

Re: 9/11 Debate

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Go to any bar in Loserville USA and you are bound to find a number of Government Conspiracy 'Specialists' who have often very sophisticated and intricate tales about how the Government is trying to destroy its own people in order to satisfy their evil plans (I've heard quite a few stories....).  Any nasty event can be turned into a Government-sponsored attack, and there are any number of 'experts' who will testify to that fact.  For example, there's truckloads of these experts standing outside the Texas School Book Repository on a daily basis who all know who actually shot JFK (on a local note, wasn't Harold Holt picked up by a Chinese Submarine....?). 

The root cause behind the 'Good Ol' Boys' need to sprout conspiracies is generally the justification to maintain their right to keep vast quantities of high powered armaments in their suburban homes so they are prepared in case the Government comes calling.

The Internet has given them an even more potent method to add credence to these stories, and it turns all manner of nuff-nuffs into experts all of a sudden. 

Just remember, everyone has an agenda, conspiracy theorists included.  We are all entitled to believe what we like, but please don't try to convince me that a whole bunch of websites represents actual proof. 


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