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VFL 2021 Rd 7: Carlton vs Sydney

This game has been postponed, even though we have the team in Sydney. Apparently the powers that be decided it was more appropriate to suspend the entire round, rather than redistribute the Bye (which is coming up).

I am not sure this game will ever happen, which is a pity. However, the Corona Virus has been screwing up our lives for sometime.

We really need our players playing this week. There are a lot of guys who need game time to impress, especially the guys coming back from injury. I would have loved to see Kemp going around again, for example.
The other issue I have is a structural one: talls in the team. Last week we didn't have Wooller, who has been very good. We did not have Mirkov, who needs as much time on the ground as he can get. We were thrashed in the ruck, as young Gundry isn't up to handling guys with as much experience as Ceglar as yet. We were smashed because we couldn't extort a clearance. Hawthorn always had silver service coming from the centre and our young defenders struggled.
I don't know that Mirkov would have done a lot better, but simply giving Gundry a break would have been a positive. For that matter, when Mirkov gets a tap, it generally goes where it is supposed to go. That doesn't happen often in a Carlton midfield..
Anyway, it matter little. That game has been lost already. Now this one isn't happening. Timing is not good.
Live Long and Prosper!

Re: VFL 2021 Rd 7: Carlton vs Sydney

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If ever we needed a VFL game played, this week was it.
Not sure if one will happen next week either.
Live Long and Prosper!