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Reserves v Northern Biullants Sunday 27 June 2021 1pm

The team list is as follows:

4. Lochie O'Brien, 16. Jack Carroll, 17. Brodie Kemp, 24. Nic Newman, 26. Luke Parks, 29. Corey Durdin, 31. Tom Williamson, 33. Sam Ramsay, 36. Josh Honey, 37. Jordan Boyd, 46. Matthew Cottrell, 50. Ryley Stoddart, 51. Tom North, 52. James Parsons, 55. Toby Wooller, 57. Cody Hirst, 60. Aaron Gundry, 61. Luke Goetz, 62. Ben Crocker, 64. Cooper Stephens, 71. Stefan Radovanovic, 74. Ben Caluzzi, 77. Ed Delany, 78. Joel Trudgeon, 79. Dale Marshall, 80. Matt Shannon

In: Ed Delany, Luke Goetz*, Aaron Gundry, Dale Marshall, Nic Newman, Luke Parks, Sam Ramsay, Joel Trudgeon* (Northern Knights)
Out: Levi Casboult (suspension), Alex Mirkov (knee), Marc Murphy (AFL selection), Sam Petrevski-Seton (AFL selection)

Supposing Josh Honey is medical sub - it could be any of the 4 emergencies but he's the one I'd like to see rewrded, then the line-up could be something like:

Josh Honey – seniors medical sub

B   Nic Newman         Stefan Radovanovic    Ed Delany   
HB   Lochie O'Brien         Brodie Kemp         Luke Parks
C   Tom Williamson      Joel Trudgeon*           Jordan Boyd

HF   Jack Carroll              Toby Wooller         James Parsons

F   Aaron Gundry             Ben Crocker         Corey Durdin

Foll   Luke Goetz*         Matthew Cottrell      Sam Ramsay

INT from Ryley Stoddart, Tom North, Cooper Stephens, Ben Caluzzi, Dale Marshall, Matt Shannon, Cody Hirst

New names – Joel Trudgeon Northern Knights skipper an inside bull (185cm 90kg) who works hard tackles hard and uses the ball beautifully by hand.  Lot to like about this kid.
Luke Goetz 201cm 97kg ex Dogs rookie who “failed to find his feet” and was let go 5 years ago with the comment:
 “It was mutually agreed that the level of commitment required to be an AFL player was too difficult for Luke at this stage of his life” 
Now 23yo has a mature body, might be worth looking at as a cheap option to have on the list in case of an injury plague to rucks such as we now have.  Perhaps the added maturity could have solved the commitment issue?  Don’t know what he has been doing in the interim – he signed at Altona then played 4 games for Essendon reserves in 2019 but I don’t know since then.

The team as structured at least has decent height back and forward and in the ruck - not a bad start, Newman gives experience and O'Brien run and hopefully precision delivery (he has the reputation as an elite user but I see way too many bad disposals from him mixed in with the good- perhaps halfback launcher works for him), Williamson and Boyd to the wings to use their wheels and disposal, Trudgeon in the middle to see if he can bully grown men like he does U18s.  That bench I reckon is mighty strong for a VFL side.
Bullants squad (some familiar names)
Tom Wilson Zac Hart Jean-Luc Velissaris, Liam Mackie, Billy Murphy, Glenn Strachan, Dylan Stone, William Mitchell, Sunny Brazier, Matthew King, Tim Jones, Jack Murphy, Hisham Kerbatieh, Paul Ahern, Tynan Smith, Mutaz El Nour, Douglas Lawrence, Nathan Honey, Ben Hurley, Jack Boyd, Ben Silvagni, Harrison Kennedy, Matthew Gundry, Tom Mills, Kye Quirk, Daniel Hughes