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Re: Jim Park Voting 2022 AFL Rd 22 Carlton vs Melbourne

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Team.      B+ (great endeavour/team effort)

Doc        2
Young    2
Cripps.   2
Saad.      2
McKay.   2
Cottrell   1
Martin.   1
Setters.  1
Walsh.   1
McGov. 1

cheers  Ab

Re: Jim Park Voting 2022 AFL Rd 22 Carlton vs Melbourne

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Carlton vs Melbourne
Rating:      C+
I’m not willing to mark higher since we lost, but it was our best effort for some time.

[2]   Sam Docherty
[2]   Patrick Cripps
[2]   Lewis Young
[2]   Adam Saad
[2]   Harry McKay
[1]   Sam Walsh
[1]   Jack Silvagni
[0.5]   Zac Fisher
[0.5]   Jack Martin
[0.5]   Will Setterfield
[0.5]   Matthew Cottrell
[0.5]   Mitch McGovern
[0.5]   Charlie Curnow

[2]   Sam Docherty:   Brilliant game in the middle.
[2]   Patrick Cripps:      Worked damned hard and made a real impact.
[2]   Lewis Young:      Probably the most effective defender on the ground. Much improved from recent weeks.
[2]   Adam Saad:      A real Saad game.
[2]   Harry McKay:      Probably the most effective key forward on the ground.
[1]   Sam Walsh:      Solid.
[1]   Jack Silvagni:      If only he’d kicked straight! Jack was our most effective ruckman, and he was well beaten. But he gave us an extra mid and he did a great job.
[0.5]   Zac Fisher:      Better than he has been lately, but can do better.
[0.5]   Jack Martin:      I almost forgot Martin, but his 3 goals were extremely important.
[0.5]   Will Setterfield:   Probably Setters’ best effort for some time.
[0.5]   Matthew Cottrell:   Strong.
[0.5]   Mitch McGovern:   Would have been much better if Melksham hadn’t kicked those goals.
[0.5]   Charlie Curnow:   If only he could kick! Had his opponent beaten.

Honourable Mentions:
Liam Stocker:      A good effort.
Corey Durdin:      Our most effective small forward on the night.
Live Long and Prosper!