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Title: New Direction on CSC
Post by: Raydan on April 24, 2016, 05:27:38 PM
Itís been a testing few weeks on here, members who should know better and have been told before, have continued to hi-jack threads, with tired messages and personal tirades about the board, club, admin and players. They have now been excluded from the site.

This is the Carlton Supporters Club, and our club is year 1 of a rebuild that could last for 5 years before we see results. So we don't want to see this style of posting dominate the forum for that time period. Itís fine to have a negative view on things and post when you are unhappy about the performance of anything at the club, but the stuck record way of posting adopted by some will not be tolerated.

We can see members signing up, that may post only once or twice as their voice is being drowned out by the same repetitive drivel, that doesn't give threads the air to breathe and develop before they turn into the same as every other thread. It is our job to fix these issues, but when you need to delete posts and alter nearly every thread, we have decided to get rid of the cause rather than deal with the illness.
Title: Re: New Direction on CSC
Post by: BigBrahminBoss on April 25, 2016, 10:27:36 AM
Well said Raydan.

We understand that people will disagree with each other and that debates will rage but what we have experienced lately has been counter-productive to the overall vision and purpose of what this site is all about.

This forum is for the enjoyment of everyone, Blues fans and opposition fans alike. We openly encourage new members to join and trust they will be made to feel welcome regardless of their opinion or view. Alarmingly, this just hasn't been happening enough and we are poorer overall as a consequence.

For Blues fans, this next four to five year period should be the most exciting and rewarding ever in the history of the Carlton Football Club. There will be some tough times ahead whilst a premiership winning player list is built but it will be worth the wait.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to embrace what is going on at the club whilst discussing it rationally and maturely. Personal agendas, railroading of threads and dogmatic views will not be tolerated and there will be consequences for anyone who continues to behave online like this.

Let's move on positively from here and for the long-term please.