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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Lawyer X - Police
It reminds me of accounts which suggest as much as 10% of some civil rights and other groups in the 60s were paid FBI informants (who may have influenced events) and illegal wiretaps were commonplace.

We can't even keep 10% from escaping trivial quarantine, yet the FBI was able to keep 10% of civil rights and other groups quite possibly numbering in the many thousands on the QT! :o

We miss the good old days, phone book diplomacy and brown paper bags! ;D
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Lawyer X - Police
Are these two points consistent?

There must be many scenarios where a lawyer knows an innocent person has been jailed wrongly because one of their clients is guilty of that very crime!
I see the Police and Lawyers as Yin and Yang, one cannot function without the other and therefore it is ridiculous to expect zero overlap. So there is irony when each portrays the other as a mortal enemy!
That being said, if Lawyers know that their clients are guilty, they are supposed to drop those cases else they become accomplices.
Does it function that way though?

Could you argue that a lawyer dropping a case is a tell, a defacto concession of client guilt!

@Thryleon  What is "Good" as in "Good vs Bad" Is bad the police leveraging a greedy and narcissistic lawyer to put a career "child killing drug peddler" off the streets? Some will no doubt claim the high ground, and advise us to turn the other cheek. Tell that to the parents who have watched a child die from a drug overdose!

Lawyers and socialists will argue against those actions and infer an anarchy of no limits is the ultimate destination, but I seriously doubt our democracy crumbles when a bad lawyer goes bad and the police leverage that event!

Removing access to lawyers by instilling paranoia might be the best thing to happen to the crooks, from a public perspective!

Maybe the public anger needs to be directed at those who award the appeals? A mighty deep and dark pit!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Lawyer X - Police
Lawyers need to have confidentiality with their clients, and be for the most part, ambivalent to whether or not the person is guilty but ensure that the protocols followed are above board.

Thats the only way to ensure that innocent people are not put away to suit the legal system.  Its also to ensure that guilty people are truly guilty and not just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Are these two points consistent?

There must be many scenarios where a lawyer knows an innocent person has been jailed wrongly because one of their clients is guilty of that very crime!

I see the Police and Lawyers as Yin and Yang, one cannot function without the other and therefore it is ridiculous to expect zero overlap.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Lawyer X - Police
I stopped working in tax over 20 years ago.  I paid more tax on $44k than a client who 'earned' $800k+.
Yes, the problem is clearly the enablers, but I don't get why the media pile on the train, unless maybe it's a gravy train!

In that case, who does Joe Average trust, because it looks from the outside like the morality goes to the highest bidder!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions

Admittedly not all that revealing, but worth a couple of  minutes of your time IMO.
Anybody who has been through these training scenarios knows they are a "Make or Break" proposition, even the well run ones, and there is no guarantee you won't break the "A-Graders" of your team in the process.

Why the feck would you do that in an AFL environment?

I see it more as an attempt to overcome shortfall in training, coaching and management regimes, a lazy solution to a tough problem.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Lawyer X - Police
As for lawyer X... I remain astonished at why she is being demonized. Yes, she deceived her clients but it was to put her dishonest client behind bars... oh the moral dilemma. She lied, yet did so for a perceived greater good. What do we make of that? A simple yet powerful statement of the world we live in? The Mafia, in the main, was brought down by cops who'd infiltrated their ranks... snitches... they deceived for the greater good. Sneaky exposed the crooks... honest cops had no chance. Time to go live on a deserted island!
@Baggers‍  It seems to say something about the people making the laws, those implementing them and those defending them.

I've have two relatives who have worked at the Bar, both left for the corporate world and eventually one went NGO. They tell me you'll never meet a bigger collection of crooks and scoundrels than at a Bar association event! One describes the Bar as the same basic bunch of criminals observed from the other side of the fence. Almost a definition of disillusionment!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Lawyer X - Police

In this case we aren't talking about shoplifters, these are felons who have executed people and some even injured bystanders in the process!

The lawyers have an even bigger responsibility in my opinion, it's called humanity.

I realise I'm very cynical, but it seems to me the wallet overrules the conscience!

I cannot differentiate politicians and lawyers in this instance, the behaviour is/seems comparable.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: SPS
I don't think our D50 has been a problem for years.

As far as I'm concerned, teams mostly score heavily against us because of a lack of run and chase from our F50 and Mids!

Fans go ballistic at guys like Plowman, SPS and Weitering for being too slow, losing their direct opponent, etc., etc., but they can't be left to frequently guard 2 or 3 opponents(Usually an opposition Forward supported by his Mids or even HBFs) and then expected our guys to come out winners every time, and it happens too often! In the meantime our Mids or Forwards are hanging around the 50m arc waiting for the turnover, or sprinting to the bench for a breather instead of sprinting after an opponent!

How many times playing against the Ferals do you see a Feral Mid blocking our Defender's run to give the Feral Forward a free run, it's like the Feral coach has it on replay! If you have a wide field view you get to watch our Mids running to the interchange as this is happening in the opposition's forward pocket!

Carlton Forwards and Mids have to hunt opponents over the whole playing surface, not just when they are within kicking range of goal!
Blah-Blah Bar / Lawyer X - Police
I'v followed this debate with some interest, and in particular as is my bent how the media portray this story.

I'm made curious by this almost universal lack of a single perspective, there is almost zero commentary about "The Truth", an absence that to some degree exposes the hypocrisy of people.

Sure LawyerX is a snitch, but isn't that how the police get their information, and isn't that also how the media get their information as well?

To paraphrase, the outrage seems to be "Lawyers don't protect and project my lies!", and police have used nefarious means to expose the lie a lawyer used to protect a client.

Is a lie really privileged information when the lawyer knows it is a lie?

What of the lawyer's liability in this?

Even in the growing list of appeals, there seems to be little regard for the truth!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
There was an estimate based on current infection rates, that delivering the same Trump style treatment regime to the infected percentage of the US population would cost US$4.5T, ($4,500,000,000,000)   .............. sure they were all getting it, ............. and vaccines are a waste of money! ::)

Trump offered $5B for exclusive US access to the vaccine, he knew exactly what COVID costs yet politically he chose to claim treatment was effective. His actions did not match his words yet his followers seem/are oblivious to the reality!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour

A bit slow to report his, the changes started happening 3 or 4 weeks back, but once 20 and 30 year fit and healthy types started dying or being severely disabled by suffering long term effects it was all over for this immunity strategy. Once it became the sons and daughters of the decision makers some who were previous COVID deniers, attitudes changed!

The nail on naysayers and deniers completely ignore the long term symptoms of many COVID survivors, it's like the deniers can only see or understand two binary states in complete ignorance of the middle ground, you live or you die in their eyes!

While not all people suffer severe or long term effects, living through COVID is not like being guaranteed to survive in full health, there is nothing further from the truth! It looks like for every person that dies, there is at least another one who will live with long term effects, like loss of limb control or locomotion, incontinence, liver, heart disease, lung disease or mental impairment.