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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Interesting to see the "dob in" lines are swamped with people eager to call the authorities on those that flaunt the rules and place others at risk. 

The BEST news was one a-hole who bought 5400 toilet rolls and then tried to flog them off on ebay and gumtree and was outlawed by both sites.  Next move was to take them back to their source for a refund.  Nup, came up with a blank.

There is a God out there :))

Next are the kents selling hand sanitiser for $40 for a 500ml bottle. I know a guy selling it for this amount, he get get enough. People are desperate, I would rather get crook than pay the kent that.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Price Gouging - Covid Style
I do both... as I love salt (though always unrefined sea salt & herb salt)! Salt it beforehand and let it sit for half an hour before grilling... then if needed a dash more salt. Funny really as today I went to my butcher mate in the Woolies complex and he had some of the best, really well marbled, scotch fillet you can imagine. Tonight... yum.

I use the rotation method and end up with a really tender, medium leaning ever so slightly to rare, steak. Pink but not running blood!

I'm going to experiment with some liquid smoke soon... love hickory smoke/flavour.
From memory, the guy who showed me this method said the BBQ want to be around 180 deg with hood down. With the 90/90/90/90 sec = 360 sec total, let it sit for the same amount of time. I use one of the those insulated preheated warmer pots to let it sit in. The best Jerry, the best.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Price Gouging - Covid Style
I think for pan, grill or griddle the same basic method can apply, I don't think there is right or wrong just what gives you a result, although some may argue there are some don'ts.

The basting techniques do change, you might need to transfer to a hot plate or pan for the last few seconds to get the best of a salty butter baste. I've watched chefs doing this in some flash steak restaurants and it works for them so I'll just copy.

One thing that I think people underestimate is the resting period, and resting methods, I've seen resting done open air, fully sealed under foil and even in a very low oven(80°C). It makes a huge difference when it's done right.

I've another mate who does a backwards Sous Vide style, he flash chars the outside in one of those ceramic egg type barbecues, then puts the Rib Eye into a low oven to finish for a set period depending on who wants rare, medium-rare or medium. It works very very well because the uniformity of the result, from edge to center, is perfect and all have a nice crust.
Interesting. I always rest the meat for a while to be a room temperature. I also was told you should rest the cooked meat for the same amount of time that you cooked it. I saw an interesting technique for cooking a 15-20mm thick scotch fillet. Its basically cooked on a hot grill for 90 sec, rotate 90 deg, cook for another 90 sec, flip. cook for 90 sec, rotate 90 deg and cook for another 90 sec. Comes up a treat at medium/. Close the bbq hood in between rotations and flips.
We have digressed a fair bit from the original topic, apologies.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Price Gouging - Covid Style
Salt a few minutes before while you've got in coming up to room temperature, also oil the steak not the pan, helps the crust develop. I find I can salt most meats before cooking as it helps a crust develop, steak, roasts, burgers, etc., etc.. Rib Eye, room temperature, lightly salted, olive oil rub, hot heavy pan, towards the end of cooking add a knob of full salt butter in the pan and baste with the de-glazed pan drippings for the last minute or so. If you're cooking for yourself and like pepper this is also the best time to crack some kernels over the steak they become fragrant in the heat. Rest at least 5 ~ 10 minutes then serve. Might not be the healthiest way to eat steak but something has got to kill you!

Or Sous Vide style slow cook, then finish in the same style in a pan. The Sous Vide style stuff is much easier to get it cooked through and still tender for people who like medium/medium-rare.
Pan? BBQ only mate
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Price Gouging - Covid Style
Same page, GTC, same page. Lucky here on the Island with two bloody ripper butchers... one is out the back of Cowes, they grow and slaughter their own beasts - the Dobe loves his brisket bones! The other butcher is in the Woolies complex and gets plenty of business because Woolies steaks are shizen. He gets King Island rib eye and scotch fillet.

Also totally agree, no sauces, flame or bbq grilled - natural juices. Drool.

But I always remember my manners and provide a plate of ice cubes and lawn clippings for any vegans.
Question: Salt raw pre BBQ or after? I have always been a salt after man. On a recent trip to France, one of Mrs G2C's cousins is a chef (they have a small meat restaurant chain) and so I asked him. He says salt before definitely. Brings out the juices during cooking, I was told the opposite (drys it out). I have been doing it since and is 100% better.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Price Gouging - Covid Style
Online Butchers are going @$60-80kg for Scotch Fillet etc......😒
They wont get my money. Aldi ($29/ kg) and Coles scotch fillet is awesome value and very good quality (thus far). I am not suggesting for a moment its the BEST scotch fillet I have had, but its damn good, I have had a lot worse from supposed quality butchers.
PS Scotch Fillet and Rib Eye are my two faves.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Just as a poser... if someone in an Oncology ward, seriously ill, contracts the seasonal flu and it finishes them off (excuse the lack of tact), is the cause of death listed as seasonal flu or xyz cancer?
I can add some perspective through some experience. My father in-law had Myeloma and back in 07, needed an operation to put a pin in the femur as bone embrittlement (I think thats the term) made it risky to not have it done (ie if the bone broke, he would likely bleed to death). He was a very ill man however it was deemed better to take the risk of surgery as opposed to not do it, he accepted the risk and wanted it done. At the completion of the surgery, as they were moving him, he went into cardiac arrest and never recovered. Cause of death was cardiac arrest (not myeloma) despite a very long list of other ailments related to myeloma (and non hodgkin lymphoma). So its sort of similar...I think.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
It is a sobering article GtC (and thanks Paul) ... when this is all over, I reckon we'll be flooded with immigrant applications.  I keep in contact with an English lady and she's "confined to quarters" as a Type 1 diabetic and in a very manner of fact manner, wants to sell up and come here.  She's smart enough to know our wide open spaces afford her a level of protection she can't get at home.

If they move to the right areas and are completely self supporting, it might work out well.

It hasn't in the past

Time to put a stop to these screwen high rise and multi story appartments going up everywhere.
Blah-Blah Bar / Is there an unluckier family than the Kennedy's (US Polical Family)?
It seems  2 more Kennedy's have cashed in their chips under tragic circumstances. I'd change my name, move from the US and never fly, boat or train every again.

Grandniece of JFK and granddaughter of Bobby Kennedy and son feared drowned in boating accident

Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Of the 27:
- 10 from Cruise Ships (Aged 78 73 68 75 85 70's 75 80's 80 80's
- 5 from a single Aged Care facility (Aged 95 82 90 91 95)
- 1 contracted it from O/S (75)
- 4 described as "other" (86 81 77 ??)
- 7 in Victoria arent clear, I have read a cluster of 5 from the Alfred and Cancer Patients (1x60's 5x70's 1x80's)