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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Carlton End Alignment With Northern Blues.
I'd like to know more, but information is hard to come by. According to Wikipedia, the license fee for a standalone club is much higher than for an affiliate. So that would be an extra cost for Liddle. Maybe ticket sales, merchandising etc. stays with the affiliate, so the AFL club loses out in this respect.

Sigh. *Scratching head*
The NBs were basically Carlton reserves.....but with a few differences which meant it cost us less money (license fees) and kept the (preston) locals happy.

Yeah, we no longer have a team, and yes Preston is 99.9% officially dead.

However, the whole competition as we know it will never look the same beyond this year.
I can't see any VFL matches getting played this year, so that affiliation (or lack of) means nothing now.

The AFL will use this to make big changes across the competition. From the fixture, to the lower leagues, to the list sizes, to the U18's comp.....possibly the womens while they are at it.

My prediction?
- Next year list sizes will be reduced to 35.
- There will be an AFL reserves competition involving all 18 teams.
- There will be a supplementary list of sorts where clubs can have players which are capable of being promoted to cover for injuries at ANY given point in the season. Players can be added, delisted, re-added from that list throughout the year.
- This eliminates the need for a mid-season draft as you can add players at any point as required from your supplementary list.
- There will be an extended finals series which includes a 'wild card' week to include teams who finish 9th and 10th.

.....and plenty more changes to occur
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Just as a poser... if someone in an Oncology ward, seriously ill, contracts the seasonal flu and it finishes them off (excuse the lack of tact), is the cause of death listed as seasonal flu or xyz cancer?

I think its been answered pretty well already but i'll add this one on.

If someone is a drug addict, and goes into cardiac arrest from OD'ing or whatever, cause of death is 'heart failure'.

Not sure if you're into wrestling at all, but all the wrestlers die young due to drugs - either cocaine and the like, or steroids. Not one wrestler has ever had cause of death as 'drugs'. Its always heart failure. Even if they are fighting fit and barely 40.

This is also true in real life as a friend of a friend was 'relieved' that his daughter died of 'heart failure' rather than drugs.....despite being on drugs for 2 decades or more. His son knew better but never told him
Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW Votes - Leaderboard 2020 (see 1st post) - Winners announced!
Every year i do an alternative voting system.
Its adds up the % of votes each player gets each round.

So some games all voters give 3, 2, 1 to the same 3 girls, just with different order, but other rounds there could be 10 girls who get votes. No vote goes unnoticed!

So here is the 'consistency leaderboard'.
1. Prespakis  (10.96)
2. Harrington  (5.14)
3. Dalton  (4.3)
4. Gee  (4.24)
5. Egan  (3.51)
6. Harris  (2.34)
7. Laloifi  (2.03)
8. McEvoy  (1.88)
9. Vescio  (1.29)
10. S. Hosking  (1.19)
11. Moody  (1.13)
12. Wilson  (1.01)
13. Stevens  (0.97)
14. J. Hosking  (0.67)
15. Loynes  (0.63)
16. Brazzale  (0.43)
17. Pound  (0.17)
18. Plane  (0.14)

The best part about that is that it has 18 girls who all received votes for being in the top 3 on any given day. Tremendous spread of votes.
There is only a handful of girls who were eligible for votes who didn't receive any.
Downie (7 games) - Played every game and got an HM
Walker (7) - Played every game and got an HM
Edwards (5) - Was emergency first 2 games before earning (and holding) her spot for the rest of the year
Doonan (2) - Played first 2 games before losing spot for Edwards
Van Dyk (1) - Played week 1 for an injured Jess Hosking
Vernon (1) - Late in for an injured Wilson
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Re: CSC Upgrade
Just fyi guys, i spoke to Spanner recently and he said with everything going on he is VERY busy.

Maybe in a month when all this stuff blows over might be a better time to ask again.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Andrew Russell
Will be on the wireless with Libby Gore at around 1130 today (that’s the ABC of course).

It should be interesting to hear about how he is planning to have the players match fit after the lay off.

I can give you an insight if you like....
Sam Docherty was on 'Dyl and friends' podcast a couple of days ago and was asked this question.

The boys all have 10 week programs in front of them to keep fit.

In conjunction with an interview i heard with Paul Marsh (AFLPA boss?) and Phil Davis (AFLPA rep)....
Players are expecting 4 weeks of 'training with the group' time before the first game to get up to scratch.

Best case is end of may group training, games June.
Most likely going to be much later though.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
People need to distinguish between cases and deaths.

Flu season won't necessarily mean an increase in cases.....but it probably will lead to an increase number of deaths....a higher percentage of deaths from infected.
Robert Heatley Stand / AFL classic games
2007 carlton vs dogs @mcg.

what a different game it was.

No spoilers....
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
....still 30+ minutes to go.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
The same idiot that blew a billion on a road contract he refused to build?  Yeah, THAT idiot.

Had this convo with someone 2 days ago.

When asked about this he said....
I just got into office and this was dumped on me from the previous government.
They said it would cost 4 billion to build.
After looking through it, it was more like 20 billion.
So if i went through with it, Libs would blame me for the overspend.
If i canned it, i waste a billion dollars (but 'save' 16 billion)
In the end, i used that money to remove all rail crossings, widen more roads, build new stations.....

So if it ever ok to 'waste' 1 billion....that was it IMO.