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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Less than 5 cases a day, still in lockdown.

Dictator Dan moving the goal posts again.

He did say previously it will be less about the numbers and more about the circumstances.
Given there was , yet another, positive case who decided not to stay home, a potential 3rd wave is underway. Give it a couple of days to make sure it hasn't spread too far, and then we'll be good to go.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Who would you vote for in a State Election if held this weekend 28/09
Daniel Andrews disdain for women who challenge him is concerning

My wife listens to his press conferences like its her new religeon.

There has been numerous times that she's shouted at the tv, telling the female reports to stop asking stupid questions and let it go.
If my wife was anymore feminist she'd be shacking up with another chick, so for her to say that it was clearly about what she was saying, not what was between her legs (or not).

Its basically like Mick Malthouse cracking the crap$ with Mark Stevens back in the day. If you're a knob, you get treated like one.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: How do you think the Carlton Players will Poll in the 2020 Brownlow Medal?
By my calculations, we actually we polled quite a lot- 54 votes.

Thats a worry.
I don't think we'll poll well personally.

Cripps gets all his votes early.
Walsh gets all his votes late.
Weitering gets overlooked all year.
Martin to poll a BOG or 2, then nothing.
Ed might get a BOG (from memory), but nothing else.
McKay will get a couple votes
Eddie might get 1
Pittonet might squeeze in a vote
Docherty could.
Plowman should, but won't
Jones....maybe 1.
Setters a smokey for a few.
Gibbons 1
Casboult, maybe a couple
Murphy usually catches an eye

Ladies Lounge / Re: 2020 Draft
Losing the young-ish Sarah Hosking and bringing in the older, better Elise O'Dea was a good swap. Now covering the age difference with young midfielders means years from now when ODea hangs up the boots, we have a new breed of players already there.

Clearly Petrakis is a midfield gun with years ahead of her. But she is slow. We can't afford too many slow players in the midfield, so this speed helps. Good users of the ball, helps.

re Ruck....i think they will be easier to find in the future. You'll get a lot more taller basketball girls switching to footy earlier in the future.
As for Downie, an AFLW ruck doesn't quite take the hits of an AFL ruck and there bodies will hold up for longer. The bigger worry was Downies previous basketball career and the toll that took on her. Either way, we have Moody as well, and with the smaller list sizes, you can't carry too many rucks.
Ladies Lounge / Re: 2020 Draft
Position: Wing/Inside midfield
Height: 166cm
Recruited from: Oakleigh Chargers

The youngster’s speed and class with ball in hand will be welcomed by the Blues, as well as her clean hands and developed craft around stoppages.
Position: Wing/Half back
Height: 169cm

With natural athletic ability, elite endurance and speed, Walker is set to add vital run off half back as the Blues gear up for their fifth AFLW campaign.
Position: Midfielder
Height: 165cm
Recruited from: Sandringham Dragons

POWER, grunt and a leader in the making.
Ladies Lounge / Re: 2020 Draft
Pos Midfielder
Ht 165cm, DOB 4/10/02
From Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro

A two-year skipper of Oakleigh, Hill was a member of the NAB AFLW Academy this year. She's strong in the contest and is a proven ball-winner. She's especially handy at setting up forward 50 entries with her sharp kicking. Hill reads the play well, anticipating where best to set herself to have an impact on the contest.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
Hard to see how it helps.

Dunno....there'd be a way though.

At a guess....
- Trump feels like he won the debate, having COVID gives him an out to avoid any future debates for a while and leave more of an imprint on his 'win' to the voters.
- If/when he comes back from COVID he can pump himself up as a superhero for personally defeaing the dreaded COVID.
- .....and he can promote products/services that helped him do that.....getting kickbacks from it of course.
- Perhaps he simply needs a break from being POTUS to recharge his batteries and be out of the public eye for a while and this is the only way that will happen.

or perhaps many more ways i haven't even thought about.

But, its certainly possible.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Fair enough,  so why couldn't they have some discrete breathing holes to make them more acceptable when mainly used for that purpose. Obviously the "real" masks would still be needed in medical situations etc.
Better masks are more likely to help....but how much help are they who knows.

The better masks might be twice as effective.
But if they are 1% and 2% effective, it doesn't matter a whole lot. (example only)
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
People wearing masks are a constant reminder to social distance and follow new protocols.

Without them its easy to forget about COVID....even if it just for a second and shake someones had, give them a kiss on the cheek etc.

I remember when the whole social distance thing came out and they had a big political seminar on the matter and at the end of it, the bloke giving it went to shake someones hand. *Doh*

See someone in a mask, and remember to stay away from them