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Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW 2021 Votes
R1 vs Pies
3: Prespakis
2: Laloifi
0.5: Moody
0.5: Hill

R2 vs Dogs
3: Prespakis
2: Hill
1: Moody

R3 vs Saints
3: Prespakis
2: O'Dea
1: Egan

R4 vs Tigers
3: Prespakis
2: Vescio
1: Hosking

R5 vs Kangas
3: Pound
2: Hill
1: Stevens

R6 vs Cats
3: Prespakis
2: Harrington
1: Vescio

R7 vs Dockers
3: Harrington
2: Moody
1: Vescio

R8 vs Suns
3: Vescio
2: Moody
1: Harrington

R9 vs Giants
3: Prespakis
2: Loynes
0.5: Harrington
0.5: Vescio

Total votes
18: Prespakis
7.5: Vescio
6.5: Harrington
5.5: Moody
4.5: Hill
3: Pound
2: Loynes
2: Laloifi
2: O'Dea
1: Hosking
1: Egan
1: Stevens

With 6 BOGs from 8 games (she missed 1 round) she again dominated the votes. However, she was far from the dominant player from other years. Individual games, the voting was a lot closer than it was last year.

An alternative breakdown....each player who got a vote from any poster gets a % of that rounds total votes allocated to them.
14.9: Prespakis (polled in 6 games, for 6 BOGs)
8.0: Vescio (polled in 5 for 1 BOG)
5.9: Harrington (4, 1 BOG)
4.9: Moody (5)
3.3: Hill (3)
3.0: Egan (4)
2.7: Laloifi (2)
2.5: Pound (1 game for 1 BOG)
2.2: O'Dea (1)
1.6: Loynes (2)
1.5: Stevens (2)
1.0: Hosking (1)
0.9: McKay (3)
0.5: McEvoy (2)
0.5: Gee (2)
0.5: Brazzale (2)
0.2: Harris (1)
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre game postulations: AFL 2021 Rd 5: Carlton vs Port Adelaide at the MCG
Absolutely stiff to be dropped!

Setterfield was one of our better players in the pre-season games and he did well against the Tigers.  With a bit of luck, he could have kicked 2 goals and the result may have been quite different.  He had a poor game against Collingwood, but he wasn't Robinson Crusoe.  He then missed the game against Freo and prudent team selection would have had him coming back through the twos.  Of course, he was rushed straight back for the Gold Coast game and, although he played a reasonable game, someone has to make way for Williams. 

Dow is another one who played well in the pre-season games and did well against the Tigers and was unlucky not to add to his one goal.  His form in the next three games wasn't great but he has laid more tackles than most of his teammates.

Williams had to come into the side and one of Dow and Setterfield are the obvious ones to make way for him.  That doesn't mean that they're not stiff to miss out. 

I'm not convinced that Kennedy is an improvement over Dow or Setterfield.  He has done well in his cameo appearances as a lead up forward but disappoints as a midfielder.  He probably deserves a game but we can't afford a low possession game from him.

Ok, so don't drop Dow and setters...

Who do you drop to bring in Williams and cover for injuries to Silvagni and parks?

Someone has to go....those 2 are most likely.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Movie thread...
Boy, I like this thread. I often ask people their suck-in movie. This is not necessarily their favourite but the one that comes on and keeps you sucked in until the end. Even though you've watched it a zillion times. For me it's Shawshank. I will deliberately avoid the channel it's on for fear of being "sucked in". Love it.

Shawshank is an easy 'out'.

I'll give you a few....
Silence of the Lambs
Beverly Hills Cop trilogy (Eddie is so good)
and a more leftfield one....
Before Sunrise.
Ladies Lounge / Re: VFLW 2021
We can hope. Ali Downie is very hard to replace!

Well she learned a new role in half a year for us.

Paige has a whole VFLW season and an AFLW pre-season to work it out.

Assuming she stays on the list that is.

There was an announcement today about list lodgements / draft dates etc. Its all up in the air but i think its going to be a month later than expected.....late May instead of April.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2021 Rd 1: Carlton vs Southport
I saw the team and before i read your post my eyes popped out of my head looking at the forward line.

I googled and found 188 and 184 for our 'key forwards'

Then i read your post and checked cunners 185.

Thats embarrassing from a list management perspective.
Ladies Lounge / Re: VFLW 2021
Trudgeon at CHB is what caught my eye.

Didn't get much of it up forward last week, so why not try back.

She could do the Al Downie tall defender role to free up Harrington.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Movie thread...
Field of dreams was good on first viewing too.

....but i think thats it. The more you watch his movies (for me at least) the less interesting they become. There is no 'repeat viewing excitement' from majority of his movies for me.

I can watch a Tarantino movie a 100 times.....Kubrik movies 1000 times....and still get something out of it.
I'll watch some movies for specific actors/actresses.....repeat viewings and all....

Costner....barely gets a 2nd viewing. When it does, its almost always disappointing.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre game postulations: AFL 2021 Rd 5: Carlton vs Port Adelaide at the MCG
wow teague going 50 c each way with his comments ,bullsh...t MUST win game and that is how you say thanks to 80 k members
Why is it a must win game?

We MUST beat the team that finished on top of the ladder last year, with an injury list in double figures, when we are sitting at 2-2 (in the 8) with plenty of games left in the season.

Why is THIS week a must win?
....because we have 80k members? Are we going to have them next week.....and the week after....and every other game this year! Is every week a must win game??

People are really losing their grip on reality with Teague/Port at the moment.