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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Jim Park Voting: AFL Rd 11: Carlton vs West Coast Eagles
Team: D

5 - Jones
4 - Fisher (4 goals = 4 votes!)
3 - Cripps
2 - Walsh
1 - Kennedy (really stood up with some clutch marks under pressure, a midfielder who can take a contested mark is gold!)

Murphy was unlucky to miss out and, while I couldn't fit him in my votes, De Koning was the second best ruckman on the ground.
Ladies Lounge / Re: 2 New Blues
A huge win!

I still find it hard to believe that Sarah won't be running around in navy blue but those two ins are making it easier  :)
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
There's an epidemiologist who talks on the wireless every so often.  She reckons that worrying about the daily numbers is rubbish and the only way to get a handle on what's happening is to look at the number of cases over the last 14 days.  Her assessment of those figures suggests that we've got it under control - let's hope she's right!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Cripps Charged by MRO
Richmond didnt tag Bont the other night, they just back their system and dont give a fork about the oppo.

And I'd like to see us do the same ... but it may take a while before we can manage it.

Apart from the St Kilda game, having Cripps and Docherty tagged hasn't really hurt us but we need to have plans A, B and C to deal with taggers - and none of them should involve Cripps ironing out his opponent or putting on a couple of kgs.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Cripps Charged by MRO
No, you?

I could do with one  ... but then I live next door to a winery that can’t open  :(

Cripps was tagged by Polec in the first quarter and he exploited Polec’s lack of size and inexperience.  Anderson took up the challenge from quarter time but Shaw obviously instructed his mids to double team Cripps whenever they could. Anderson’s job was made easier because Cripps initiated grappling but the second player helping out played into our hands and we won the clearances quite comfortably. 

Having your tagged mid go to a second opposition player is a classic tactic but I suspect that the outcome was fortuitous rather than planned - particularly when Kennedy is one of the beneficiaries and he can’t kick over a jam tin and North were desperate to get that second player to tangle with Cripps.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Cripps Charged by MRO
I think we should probably ask Cripps to get into more deep F50 stoppages, and let their blockers and taggers run the risk!

That leaves our others to hang back outside of F50 and push to the D50 end. Often Cripps is patrolling the F50 arc, and guys like Kennedy and Setterfield push deeper, I suppose that is because of Cripps height. But it might be missing a trick, I concede it's a pluses and minuses argument.

Good luck to the opposition at a deep F50 stoppage, Cripps can just go the ball making sure those hanging onto him get fully noticed! It won't take Betts and Martin long to switch onto the fact opposition around Cripps are being reactive and breaking the rules, they'll feast on the reflex actions! ;)

Surely that’s what he should be doing at all stoppages?  Once he grapples with his opponent, holding the man is not an option.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Cripps Charged by MRO
The difference is that Cripps grapples with the tagger making it easier for the tagger to keep him out of the contest and harder for umpires to pay frees.  Martin and others give their taggers a shove, then head off with a couple of metres’ space.  Cripps is more than strong enough to deal with any tagger, he just needs to learn how best to use that strength.

Of course, the best way to deal with a tagger is to make it a team priority to break the tag(s).  Our coaches must have missed the memo.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: KAYO
I wonder if the delay is to discourage viewers from turning the volume down and listening to the radio coverage 🤔

My other beef with Kayo is making viewers sit through far too long of three ex-footballers and an ex-basketballer pretending to be comedians before showing the club song 😡
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Cripps Charged by MRO
Martin, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Cunnington, Mitchell, Cogs, Whitfield, Neale etc all deal with tagging and don't need a Royal Commission to deal with it. If Cripps used his size and strength more he wouldn't have lightweights like Anderson shoving him about. Pittonet does need to do more as do Cripps teammates but it does get back to Cripps imposing himself physically and leading from the front. Have been pleased with Walsh who does have a go back at players who try it on with him and it will set him up for the future and he won't end up an easy target.

And all of those players deal with taggers without resorting to ironing them out.

One of Crippa’s strengths is his strength and he is trying to rely on that to beat the tag.  However, by initiating and maintaining contact, he is often out of the contest and playing into his tagger’s hands.

Other tagged players have a variety of tactics but they often involve greater defensive effort, working harder, keeping on the move, exploiting height, speed, endurance, etc advantage, going to another opposition player to free up their opponent, etc. 

Wrestling with the tagger at stoppages isn’t the answer and neither is being switched to full forward.

Blah-Blah Bar / Re: KAYO
It is probably because you got corrupt DNS settings on your laptop, you might have some software (often security software) that has hijacked your laptop and is routing data to you via a VPN or some other network. So Kayo thinks you are not where you are!

Sometimes it will be because your home router settings are corrupted, and that hardware needs a reboot. But if the iPad was working it's probably the laptop. Too many hibernations since the last reboot is a common problem.

No, I’m sure that it was just that the NBN was having an off day.  We have a fixed wireless connection and it has its moments 🙁

The iPad lost the “live” coverage too.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Cripps Charged by MRO
Cripps ironing out his tagger is the last thing we need.

Cripps is trying to get the better of taggers by using his size and strength and that's simply playing into their hands.  What he should be doing is keeping moving so that his tagger has to focus on a moving target and is less aware of blocks set by our other mids.  Perhaps even Pittonet could exercise the physicality he reputably has to give Cripps a clear passage.

Dealing with a tagger is not rocket science and I'm disappointed that Cripps (and Docherty) isn't being schooled in anti-tagging tactics.  I'd like to see the club set up a session for Cripps with Cameron Ling; even a phone conversation would help.

I'd also like the club to bombard the AFL with footage of the infringements against Cripps that the umpires miss/ignore.  Other clubs manage to turn around the umpires' treatment of star players but we seem far too willing to bend over  >:(
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Pandemonium!: AFL 2020 Rd 8: Carlton vs North
One of the coaches obviously loved it they gave him 5 votes.

The Age writer who covered the game rated Murph as our best player and I reckon it was his best game this season.  Interestingly, the report was written as if North had won   :o    North’s decision to play Larkey as a forward was written up as a match winning move  ::)

Perhaps the deadline for Sunday’s paper was three quarter time and the writer assumed that North would run over the top of us  :-\