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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Final 5 Games.
Here's a very simple test for the umpires (particularly 7 & 22) of our game against the Weagles.

The umpires are informed that behind door A is ten Weagles supporters and behind door B is 10 Carlton supporters... you must open one door and walk in, which door is it to be?
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Final 5 Games.
We should be 5 and 5.

I don't care what anyone says that loss against West Coast was nothing to do with us or West Coast and everything to do with not getting a fair go.

Its the most disgraceful loss I've seen and it wasn't carlton that was disgraced.  I am not a new supporter and I've seen some disgraceful losses but this one is a match I will never forget.

The game that immortalised umpire #22... for all the wrong reasons.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Final 5 Games.
Our next 6 games from here are very winnable. May not win them all but would like the majority.

Sunday, August 30
Carlton v Collingwood, The Gabba, 3.35pm AEST
Thursday, September 3
Greater Western Sydney v Carlton,Metricon Stadium, 7.10pm AEST
Tuesday, September 8
Carlton v Sydney, Metricon Stadium, 8.10pm AEST
Sunday, September 13
Carlton v Adelaide, Metricon Stadium, 1.05pm AEST
Round 18 (all venues, times TBC)
Brisbane v Carlton.

Fantabulous. Bring it on.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Participation: AFL Rd 11: Carlton vs West Coast
Our club was so consistent with getting top draft picks and expecting them to hit the ground running and be instant Brownlow favourites that it was fckn embarrassing - this was when the saviour mentality was alive and well.... holy crap we were pushing Murphy and Gibbs as teenagers in the leadership group!

Both were extremely good footballers cruelled by an immature club with a poor culture and dreadful leadership. I stand by what I commented earlier, Gibbs could have been an elite HB and Murphy an elite small forward/outside mid... both were pushed into areas not suited to their talents or their bodies. Ever looked at Murph... he's a runt, not at all suited to being an inside mid.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Participation: AFL Rd 11: Carlton vs West Coast
I saw enough early on to think that Kreuzer would have been a damn good player and team mate,  but the injuries cruelled him,  and in this age of hyper athletic giant rucks he's a smidge undersized and lacks that athletic zip.... But he's been a bloody good clubman for a long time in a dark era.   Apparently we really wanted NicNat,  but he was in the next draft.   In the Kruezer era we were perennially undersized,  so can see why we went for big blokes.

The one that upset me the most was Gibbs.   Didn't develop his game,  didn't evolve into the modern era midfielder we desperately needed and refused to add that defensive element - but he wasn't the lone ranger in that regard.

I always thought the biggest mistake that was made with Gibbs was attempting to force him to be a midfielder. He played some of his best footy as a defender, when he had a set task. The best midfielders tend to have a creative streak, with a mongrel determination.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Not just young people. We now have over 170 active cases in Greater Geelong, and I'm hearing local business owners telling me that the well-to-do are coming down in their range rovers for a coffee or lunch and bragging loudly how easy it is to get through the police checkpoints

One of our local Osteo's has said that he's only been stopped once in two weeks of two way daily travel from Pakenham to the Island for work. Reckons it's way too easy.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre game postulations: AFL 2020 Rd 12: Carlton vs Fremantle
There was some article/interview with Teague recently in which he said he wants our players to play with the right intentions.
He doesn't want our players mocking the opposition, or whinging or any of that. He wants us winning by playing like gentlemen essentially.

Its a terrific idea.....but i'm not sure its effective.

Prettu sure most teams that have won flags either physically, or mentally demolish their opponents.....or both.

Are we attempting to fight with 1 arm tied behind our backs?

Gee I hope that isn't true. Firstly, it makes you an easy target for the opposition and secondly, poor umpiring. 'We can do anything to this Carlton mob and they won't complain'.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
I continue to marvel at how privatisation and self-regulation work so brilliantly. Pft, who needs accountability? Just as long as the profiteers are making huge amounts of loot off the elderly and the suffering... and keep the elderly out of sight.  >:(  :-X
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
If you watch that video I posted, those imbeciles were saying how much experience they had.

Doesn't matter what political party we support, the situation in Victoria was entirely preventable.

I should mention that I have a dog in this fight. My father is in a retirement home and although he was and is a pr1ck, he's my dad and I care for him. He has bad emphysema but is otherwise healthy with a good few years in front of him... I've been informed by BaptCare that if he gets C-19 he's had it.

How many fathers/mothers/grandfathers/uncles/aunts/nonnas/nanas etc., have and/or will cark it due to embarrassing poor management?