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The Sports Desk / Is verbal abuse sport?
I'm not a huge fan of tennis, I appreciate the athletic nature of long matches. I'm not sure why as an individual sport it pays or attracts so much big money given on a global basis it's pretty much elitist, a bit like golf!

I had to turn on today to watch what radio was describing as a stirring comeback by Williams versus Wang, it was described as an epic match!

However, for the short time I watched, all I saw was 15 minutes of screaming and verbal abuse blatantly emitted in the direction of at and intended to intimidate an opponent! Supreme a strength and athleticism without a shred of good citizenship or healthy sportsperson like behavior. Just a screaming ball of abuse and derogation from a self-entitled lunatic, praised by the commentary!

I mean, screaming in someone's direction until they are distracted isn't being the best tennis player, it's just being the best bully or the loudest mouth!

I'm over it, I'll hope and barrack for Barty to endure, but I won't turn that tournament back on no matter who is playing.
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Surreptitious newlines/whitespace
Hi, I doubt this problem is just myself as I use multiple platforms to interact with the site.

But someone else might have noticed that during edits, either via Quick Edit or Modify, the editor inserts blank lines in the top of a reply in the space below a quote. Maybe it's because of the way I use the site to save drafts, but after two or three three edits you can have a large whitespace at the top of your reply.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Deer in the Headlights
Any chance you can answer the question
I see, so it's paralysis by responsibility inversion, avoid any action or decision making by posing questions framed in an invalid frame of reference.

It's the fire victims fault for not delivering ScoMo a responsibility and liability free solution!

That is the Federal Gov refusing to fund the "National Aerial Fire-fighting Service" on the grounds it is a State Gov responsibility!

Isn't the answer to your fake question encapsulated in the authorities name?

I always thought the States were a sub-set of the Nation?
Blah-Blah Bar / Deer in the Headlights
This Scomo bloke has lost the plot, he's a deer in the headlights completely incapable of making a decision or actually doing something.

He can't even deal with the very simple little issues like remuneration for volunteers let alone the much much harder big decisions around climate, sustainability and the environment.

God won't save him, in just the same way God won't save many of the bush fire victims.

Scomo has to go, in my opinion his position is now untenable. If the Libs are as pissweak as they seem he might make it to the next election, but the merest reminder of his current fright frozen state makes him repugnant to voters!
The Sports Desk / Clean Sport
I don't know what to make of the pending Russia ban.

To me it doesn't make a lot of sense as it hurts even the clean athletes.

The assertion that they are all dirty is plainly wrong, and in my opinion this ban eventuates simply because authorities have been too lenient on individual sports-people, and also far too lenient on systematic drug cheats like CheatsFC.

If they get serious with bans and challenges when athletes are caught, and kibosh some of the dinky penalties and reversals we see occurring when a high profile gets whacked, like the Chinese swimmer and some of the tennis players. Then things will clean themselves up naturally, it's the appearance of disparity that makes situations like this Russia farce occur.

People are getting life bans off the whiff of a hint of a fume, mostly because they aren't lawyered up, while others with financial resources are being cleared after growing an extra head or leg!

As an aside, I think one thing the IOC could do is provide a stipend for athletes wishing to compete under the no-country flag. Let them prove themselves clean and then offer compensation similar to the Russian winners bonus, so that they at least have some hope of financial recompense for efforts.

In any case, I've become a bit bored with the whole this country versus that country rubbish, all that does is lead to a Trump or Putin. The Olympics should be about the best of the best head to head, not about this politicised country versus that country rubbish!
Robert Heatley Stand / NBs 2020
Tough start to the coming year for the NBs losing Fisher and Anderson to WA.
Robert Heatley Stand / 2020 Game Plan
Interesting now that we've seen the trade period and the various comings and goings over the trade period, the draft being of very little short term relevance in such matters, what will our 2020 game plan be?

I suspect we'll see a lot of dynamic use of the bigger bodies, McKay, McGovern, Levi, Jones and Weitering being in effect a mobile hub. I thought there were some early signs of this last season, with Teague pushing guys like Levi and McKay to get to as many contests as possible. I realise we had a few injuries to cover at the time, but that should only make it better for us in 2020 not worse. I suspect we'll run with what already worked!

We might find less dependence on Cripps and Charlie to provide a primary marking option and more emphasis on their mobility and strength to get to and be an influence at stoppages with also being the 3rd man up in marking contests when opportunity arises.

I'm not sure how to make best use of SoJ, Kennedy and Setterfield, it really depends on our smart ball use!

I'll be very disappointed in 2020 if we find opposition teams taking a lot of uncontested or defensive marks against us, it just should not happen! Further, guys like Fisher, Walsh, Newnes, Gibbons, even Ed and sMurph, should be first at the fall of the ball 100% of the time!

Pretty much our entire list of talls now has mobility as a positive relative to Mr AFL Tall Joe Average, it must mean something!
Blah-Blah Bar / 19hr Long Haul Flights
I don't get the demand for these non-stop long haul flights, megalomaniacs who think their business may collapse if they are gone for a second longer than they need to be. Business managers who think stop-overs are a rort! I gather the same poor people are being made fly economy by companies on this flight, because I doubt holiday makers would pay the premium for non-stop, like the premium charged by Singapore or Cathay Pacific for non-stop. If they were on a Concorde or one of the up coming Boom supersonic flights then that is a different matter, because non-stop won't be 19hrs if they can travel that far without refuelling.

Here are my rules for dealing with long haul flights for anyone not experienced enough in travelling;

 - If you flying long haul for business then fly business, if you're company won't fly you business for long haul then they are a crap company and not worth working for, don't go and find a new job! The savings are going straight into your managers bonus, even if your manager comes from some charity. Big companies usually bleat that they fly so many people they cannot afford it, but when you fly lots of people regularly you don't pay the market rates, they get business for closer to premium economy rates! Secondly, the cost is always the excuse, I recently had a owner/manager who kept cutting costs, he pulled the pin on business class saying it was too expensive, then we found out he'd discharged two full mortgages years in advance with money ripped out of the business!

 - Don't get sucked into flying Qantas by default, it's controlled by British Airways, there are a myriad of great services vying for your business. If you like going to dinner at the local Chinese for dinner then try Singapore or Cathay Pacific, don't be afraid. They all fit in with my next point;

 - If you are going on holiday, break your flight into two legs each not longer than 11hrs.

 - If you can stop-over for 24 - 48hrs on the way through, you might be surprised what you find.

 - If you can't stop-over but have a lengthy wait, treat yourself halfway. At most major airports there are any number of day spas or day hotels that might not be cheap but treat yourself anyway. You can find them all online, do not book through the travel agent to get the best rates. It's amazing how much better you'll feel at your destination.

 - Keep an eye out for specials, I book well in advance, and I find that in the interim I might see some crazy good deals saving hundreds or even thousands. Do not be afraid to change your booking if such an offer arises. Beware, sometimes startlingly cheap airfares are because a stop-over destination is going through renovations or rectification, so do not get stuck in the airport, with the money you save extend and get out of there and spend a day or two!

 - Leave and return mid-week, and Tuesday is usually the best days for deals because of the way airlines report and pay sales bonuses.

 - On board, eat when they offer you food.

 - Sleep when they dim the lights.

 - Don't drink too much, a couple of small glasses with lunch and dinner is fine as long as you back it up with water.

Happy flying, from someone who has logged millions of kilometres.

PS: Upgrades
 - Airlines rarely or won't give free upgrades to flyers who book through Ted's dodgy discount ticket service or similar, those tickets have a different class allocation and you are basically persona non grata. If there a lots of standby passengers waiting for an economy seat the upgrade order is generally airline frequent flyers, full fee paying passengers who book directly with the airline, discount fee passengers who have booked directly with the airline. Some airlines will offer crazy low upgrade fees at the stop-over point or at check in counter, so it's always worth asking the question.
The Sports Desk / Melbourne Cup
What irony!

Racing NSW, the organisation that deliberately runs it's horses in the opposite direction to the rest of the country so local trainers are favored, wants the VRC to shift the date for the Melbourne Cup to prove that the VRC has a nationwide focus on developing racing!

FMD, that is Sindney La La Land at it's best!

PS; Is V'Landeys' call a sign that The Everest is in financial difficulty?
Ladies Lounge / AFLW - Contract Dispute
Rumors surfacing that Vescio is one of or the ring leader of a group of AFLW players allegedly pursuing legal advice over the terms and conditions for future AFLW seasons.

At least that is apparently how a couple of the footy media organisations want it publicly represented.

I'll leave it to you to guess which media organisations and who they employ! ::)

On a more serious note, I have to laugh when I read these AFL / AFLW pay disputes. The media and player associations carry on like they are so far removed from the next level that they may as well be supernatural extraterrestrials wearing red underwear from Krypton.

But I can tell you without fear or favour, you could wipe 750+ names from the AFL playing lists and within 12 months of full-time AFL coaching you'd barely notice them missing. The ones with opportunity are not that much better to the ones who just fail to make a list, and the perception of competitiveness is all player relative!
Blah-Blah Bar / Cleaning Spectacles
I'm the proud owner of a new pair of spectacles, never had them before, never needed them before!

One thing that is driving me crazy is cleaning them, smudges are like a red rag to a bull and give me the sh1ts!

So I'm throwing the question open to the collective wisdom of our forum members, what is the best way to clean or keep your spectacles clean while still actually using them? I've already wrecked one pair of rimless beauties by plowing into a microscope eyepiece!

Please do not offer my sons wisdom, which was to just wait, up until my eyesight has deteriorated to the point I can no longer see the smudges!
Blah-Blah Bar / Herd Immunity
I've been reading Jacinta Ardern's (NZ Prime Minister) claims of social and fiscal inequality for the outbreaks of measles in NZ. While I have lauded her in the past for some efforts following the Christchurch murders, I'm going to call this one bogus socialist bullcrap. Just like here in OZ, immunisation is free in NZ, it is a country with a small population that is very well covered by district nursing services across all groups including the Pakeha, Maori and Moriori communities.

The biggest cause of loss of herd immunity are inner-city left wing anti-vaxers and well-to-do's. The middle class elite who think their status, high mobility and wealth will see them through any crisis, they think their 10th floor penthouse apartment or 3m walled inner city garden can keep them safe. The irony being this group is frequently populated by health professionals and new age influencers, they are highly mobile, so they "spread the cause" fast and free, surrounded by an air of education and even more opportunity, but it seems very little intelligence!

These are people who should know better, but seem to be obsessed with the very low probability risks. They'll cut ties with friends and family rather than get a whooping cough inoculation!

These are the hypocritical people that point at the struggling or down-trodden and say, "It's their fault!"

Ardern should know better, but she can't help return to her privileged roots!
The Sports Desk / Rewarding BAD Behaviour
It's interesting reading articles being written at the moment about the US Open, in particular the fact that tournament organisers have deliberately scheduled Carlos Ramos away from the matches of Serena or Venus Williams. Why is he racist? Of course he isn't, but he isn't easily bullied into submission by Serena's poor behaviour either.

So I suppose as far as the US Open is concerned Serena is the big show and calls the shots!

But I can't help but think that the tournament organisers have basically rewarded Serena for bad behaviour, at least it seems like that on the surface of it!

Keep this in mind as reported in The Rage;

Quote from: The Rage
Williams was later fined $17,000 by the US Open. She was penalisd by Ramos for verbal abuse after calling him "a liar" and "a thief", rejecting his judgment that her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, was breaking the rules by communicating with her during the match.

Mouratoglou later admitted that he had been sending Williams signals, but Williams has said that she never saw them. She also smashed her racket on the court, incurring an automatic penalty.

So the liar and thief was the one crying wolf, yet the Ramos has been relocated!

Who says cheats never prosper, I wonder if other players think the tournament is fair and a level playing field? :o
Blah-Blah Bar / Male Contraception
Apparently medical science is now more than ever before close to offering a male contraceptive pill.

But, I often wonder at the absolute bona fide of feminism and equality.

I appreciate in many areas it's both right and makes sense, but a male contraceptive doesn't seem to be one of them!

For a very simple reason, ............ Trust me baby, I'm on the pill! ;)

Where is the bulk of the risk, the majority cost of a deception or error, with the male or the female?

Some things just shouldn't be, doing something because you technically can doesn't always make sense! I think they made a movie about this, .......... Gone in 60 Seconds!