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Blah-Blah Bar / Is there an unluckier family than the Kennedy's (US Polical Family)?
It seems  2 more Kennedy's have cashed in their chips under tragic circumstances. I'd change my name, move from the US and never fly, boat or train every again.

Grandniece of JFK and granddaughter of Bobby Kennedy and son feared drowned in boating accident

Robert Heatley Stand / Daisy in strife
Dont worry about the behaviour of players at other clubs, Daisy being investigated by the club for drinking (heavily allegedly) at a charity event on Friday night.
Robert Heatley Stand / Northern Blues Practice Match Called off
HS reporting a praccy match btw the NBs and a Brent Harvey coached North Heidelberg at Ikon Park  was called off due to safety fears. They report the game got very willing and the coaches and umpires decided to call it off as it was getting out of control. No Carlton listed players were participating.

But after a series of dangerous incidents — including one dumping tackle and a handful of aggressive acts — the match was halted at halftime.

The Northern Blues were unhappy with the level of aggression, with North Heidelberg believing it was instigated by an early tackle that saw their player concussed.

Carlton VFL coach Josh Fraser told the Herald Sun the umpires, Harvey and himself all agreed the game was getting out of control.

The game had been played in the right spirit for a pre-season hitout last year but quickly escalated as North Heidelberg tried to exert their physical dominance against a young Northern Blues side.
The Sports Desk / Winx
Firstly I know SFA about horse racing but I think the great mare Winx deserves a special mention after winning Cox Plate no 4 and 29 wins straight.
I don't know what it is about horse racing but the very special ones get me all emotional when I watch them do their thing. Winx, Black Caviar, Makybe Diva and Kingston Town are the ones that bring a tear to my eye, not sure why. I don't know if anyone watched the race yesterday but at around 100m to go, when she the field well and truly beat, she turned her side ways (ala Usain Bolt) and looked at the crowd as if to say "I'm the best". What an amazing athlete and at $22,934,924 in prize money, she is no 2 in the world all time (only by a million or two), not bad for a $230,000 investment.
Bravo (or rather Brava) Winx.

Always gamble responsibly.
Blah-Blah Bar / Motorex at the Showgrounds
Went along to Motorex today, some seriously impressive machinery. If your'e into street machines, hot rods and show cars, do yourself a favour and get along tomorrow as its the last day. Very impressive.
Blah-Blah Bar / NBNCO
Can these DH's just turn up unannounced when youre not home and just install a box wherever they want?
The Sports Desk / Umpire Critisism - Yes or No?
Just saw a presser where Ernie Merrick absolutely smashed the referees performance. The penalties to the other mob were a disgrace and influenced the game 100%. Should coaches be allowed to speak their mind?