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Blah-Blah Bar / Movie thread...
I don't know if you're into sci-fi, K, but if you or anyone could recommend a good sci-fi from Netflix it'd be much appreciated. Not into hairy monsters, green blood, exploding heads (though loved Mars Attacks), fancy killing devices, death and killing but rather a sci-fi with at least a modicum of intelligence (loved 2001, Contact, Solaris (both versions), interstellar...).

Not a lot on Netflix at the moment. Better ones on Stan.

Tau is probably the best one i've come across on Netflix, but again, better ones on Stan.

I'd try and track down Ex Machina if you haven't seen that one. Not sure what platform its on at the moment. EDIT: Its on Stan

I've also watched I Am Mother and Circle. Nothing like 2001 level, but again, Netflix is lacking in that area IMO.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2021 - 22 under 22 - squad.

22u22 AFLW 2021 squad
Natalie Grider, Brisbane
Jordyn Allen, Collingwood
Lauren Butler, Collingwood
Emma O'Driscoll, Fremantle
Denby Taylor, Geelong Cats
Rebecca Webster, Geelong Cats
Maddison Levi, Gold Coast Suns
Georgia Garnett, GWS Giants
Tahlia Randall, North Melbourne
Claudia Whitfort, St Kilda
Eleanor Brown, Western Bulldogs

Isabel Dawes, Brisbane
Courtney Hodder, Brisbane
Grace Egan, Carlton
Georgia Gee, Carlton
Madison Prespakis, Carlton
Lucy McEvoy, Carlton
Abbie McKay, Carlton

Mikala Cann, Collingwood
Olivia Purcell, Geelong
Alyce Parker, GWS Giants
Monique Conti, Richmond
Ellie McKenzie, Richmond
Georgia Patrikios, St Kilda
Tyanna Smith, St Kilda
Tarni White, St Kilda
Mikayla Bowen, West Coast Eagles

Lauren Bella, Gold Coast Suns
Eden Zanker, Melbourne

Danielle Ponter, Adelaide
Chloe Scheer, Adelaide
Dakota Davidson, Brisbane
Chloe Molloy, Collingwood
Sabreena Duffy, Fremantle
Tyla Hanks, Melbourne
Daisy Bateman, North Melbourne
Isabella Lewis, West Coast Eagles
Jess Fitzgerald, Western Bulldogs
Isabel Huntington, Western Bulldogs
Katie Lynch, Western Bulldogs

We have more than any other team.

I reckon Mimi Hill should've made the cut if Lucy McEvoy did, but maybe thats just being too greedy.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW R9 - Carlton vs GWS @Blacktown - SUN 4:10
We can only control what we can control and as a result, we need to be fully focused on getting a win. Without it, finals are not going to happen. Even with it, depending on other results, finals might not happen.

I predict...
In: Wilson
Out: Hammans
Ladies Lounge / AFLW R8 - Carlton vs Gold Coast @Metricon - Fri 5:10pm
After a solid effort against Freo, we should have an easier week this week against Gold Coast. However, we can not take them lightly as if we are any chance of making finals, we need to bury our next 2 opponents and increase our %.

Friday 'night' match is something a little different at this time of year and it will give us a short week, especially since we have to travel!
Not sure a 5-day break after a gruelling match is what we need right now, but if wanna contend, we can't make anymore excuses.

My predictions...
In: Walker
Out: Walker

I've been calling for Al Downies head the last few weeks and while she was far from impressive, her playing down back has freed up Harrington who has put in her best 2 games of the year courtesy of Downie stays....for now.
Ladies Lounge / Injury - Mimi Hill - confirmed acl

Not the news we were hoping for, but need we were expecting.

Despite not getting a rising star nomination to this point,  I think she was one of the few standouts week to week over the competion.

As an 18yo, there is plenty of time to see her come back and have a full career. Hopefully she can make it back for r1 next year
Ladies Lounge / AFLW R7 - Carlton vs Fremantle @Ikon - Sun 1:10pm
Tough ask to come up against a rampaging Freo, especially after a thumping win against the Eagles by 11 goals. But this is our task.

At least we play on our home deck.

Looks like we'll be missing Mimi Hill after her knee injury today.
I reckon Al Downie could be an out (3rd week running?) due to form and perhaps injury after her hit today.

Bring in Harris and.....i'd like to say Brooke Walker, but i think she is 1 more week away unfortunately.
They will probably bring in Jess Edwards, although i'd probably prefer to blood some new blood.....maybe Winnie Laing gets the call up to help in the midfield. Potential to welcome back Daisy Walker too.  Otherwise Courtney Jones could add some pace.

Ladies Lounge / Prespakis charged for tackle on Sarah Hosking - Appeal fails - 1 week suspension
So its happened. It shouldn't of, but it has.

It has been graded as....
Medium Impact
High Contact.

She can take 1 week suspension with an early plea.

We have until 11am tomorrow to respond.

I'm not sure which angle we'd choose to attack, but considering Sarah Hosking was able to take her kick....and played out the game and would surely back up Maddie P in any tribunal meeting (They hugged after the game).....i don't know the charges can stick.

Ladies Lounge / AFLW R5 - Carlton Vs North Melbourne - Sat 7:10 @ Tassie
Next weeks fixture has been revealed and we are up against the Kangas down at Tassie.

Not great having to play against them, but they are currently in a slump so the timing is probably right.

I predict a couple of changes based on last weeks effort.

Out: Edwards, Downie (managed/dropped)
In: Loynes, Gibbs (Debut)

Lets see what happens.
Ladies Lounge / Carlton leadership factory
The AFLW captains and leadership groups have been announced.

We have continued with co-captains - Katie Loynes and Kerryn Harrington.
We have 3 more in our leadership group with Al Downie, Nic Stevens and Darcy Vescio.

But it seems our (former) AFLW girls are in demand.

* Former carlton captain Bri Davey has been named as joint captain with CSC's own Steph Chiocci over at Collingwood
* And St. Kilda have gone for 4-captains. 2 of which are former Carlton players continuing on from captaincy duties last year - Rhi Watt and Kate Shierlaw. Also ex-blue Tilly Lucas Rodd is also apart of the leadership at the saints meaning 2 of 4 captain, and 3 of 6 leaders are ex-navy blues.
* Over at Richmond, yet another ex-blue, Sarah Hosking, has been named vice captain behind Katie Brennan.
* Geelong also have plenty of Carlton influence. New vice captain, Jordan Ivey, wore navy blue on 2 occasions previously. Maddy Keryk also joining the leadership group at the cats after a couple years at Carlton.
* Down at Melbourne Maddy Gay joins the leadership group after a successful carlton career.

Captains - Bri Davey*, Rhi Watt*, Kate Shierlaw*
Vice Captains - Sarah Hosking, Jordan Ivey
Leadership group - Tilly Lucas-Rodd, Maddy Keryk, Maddy Gay

* Sharing captaincy

There are more ex-carlton players in leadership group than current carlton players in our leadership group!

Credit goes to the club who has fully embraced the AFLW and has worked towards building a great side, with great coaches and a great culture.

Most of the players mentioned above (besides Hosking and Davey) were deemed not good enough to be on our list, yet are good enough to be in other clubs leadership groups! Thats a big tick of approval for what we are doing.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW - Sarah Blacks Top 30
Miss AFLW Sarah Black has been doing her top 30 AFLW players on drip feed for a couple of weeks now.
Starting to get to the pointy end.

Here is a breakdown of what we know so far....

Rank: Name (Team) [Rank last year)
30: Georgia Patrikios (STK) [NR]
29: Chloe Molloy (Coll) [25]
28: Kalinda Howarth (GC) [NR]
27: Caitlyn Greiser (STK) [NR]
26: Sarah Allan (Ade) [NR]
25: Jenna Bruton (NM) [NR]
24: Libby Birch (Mel) [NR]
23: Kate Hore (Mel) [NR]
22: Emily Bates (Bris) [18]
21: Isabel Huntington (WB) [NR]
20: Bri Davey (Coll) [3]
19: Olivia Purcell (Geel) [NR]
18: Tayla Harris (Carl) [27]-
17: Ash Riddell (NM) [NR]
16: Gemma Houghton (Fre) [NR]
15: Ebony Antonio (Fre) [20]
14: Kerryn Harrington (Carl) [NR] -
13: Monique Conti (Rich) [13]
12: Dana Hooker (WC) [4]
11: Kate Lutkins (Bris) [21]
10: Ellie Blackburn (WB) [10]
9: Daisy Pearce (Mel) [5]
8: Alyce Parker (GWS) [NR]
7: Anne Hatchard (Ade) [17]
6: Jaimee Lambert (Coll) [22]
5: Emma Kearney (NM) [2]
4: Karen Paxman (Mel) [8]
3: Kiara Bowers (Fre) [11]
2: Jasmine Garner (NM) [29]
1: Maddy Prespakis (Carl) [23] -

FWIW, Maddy Prespakis was ranked 23 last year, pretty sure she will make the top 10 this year.
Our new recruit Elise O'Dea was ranked 14th last year.....but did not make the cut this year. Talent pool has increased dramatically. No other Carlton players were on the list last year.

A sure sign the AFLW competition is getting stronger and stronger.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW Podcast: BTG - Behind the Game Changers
Not sure if anyone listened to this, but it was a good innovation from the club.

Season 1 was last year and it was hosted by Sarah Hosking. Consisted of 20-30min chats with (mostly) Carlton AFLW players. There was about 13 episodes coming out weekly.

As we all know Sarah Hosking wanted out and is now a Tigers player.

So what was going to happen with BTG?

A few days ago we got an answer.

Season 2 hosting duties will be shared across 2 'teams' if hosts.

Darcy Vescio and Elise O'Dea will pair up to become 1 team of hosts.
Jess Hosking and Brooke Walker will pair up to become the 2nd team of hosts.

At this stage i think they will alternate every other week.
If nothing else it will make for an easier transition should someone want out at the end of the year again.