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Ladies Lounge / The best there is - Maddy Prespakis wins AFLW 'brownlow'.
DUAL AFLW best and fairest winner Erin Phillips uttered some prophetic words about this time last year.

Carlton's Maddy Prespakis had just finished an impressive debut season in the competition and offered her congratulations to Phillips after the announcement of her second individual triumph.

Phillips' response? "Don't worry, kid, this will be you one day."

That day took barely 12 months to arrive, with Prespakis' barnstorming start to her AFLW career capped with the 2020 best and fairest award on Tuesday night.

1. Madison Prespakis (Carlton) 15
2. Kiara Bowers (Fremantle) 12
3. Emma Kearney (North Melbourne) 11
=4. Anne Hatchard (Adelaide) 10
=4. Jenna Bruton (North Melbourne) 10
5. Karen Paxman (Melbourne) 9
=7. Brittany Bonnici (Collingwood) 7
=7. Georgia Patrikios (St Kilda) 7
=7. Jaimee Lambert (Collingwood) 7
=7. Monique Conti (Richmond) 7

Well done to Maddy.

She is going to have to have a dedicated wing to house all her awards.
2 carlton B+Fs
1 rising star
2 AA's
Inaugural VC in 22under22 team.
AFLW MVP runner up

.....and she's only had 2 seasons in the comp.  :o
Ladies Lounge / 2020 AFLW - Best and Fairest
So the B+F was on tonight (i forgot)  :-[

But as expected Maddie Prespakis wins.

Chloe Dalton came in 2nd place
Georgie Gee finished 3rd.

Votes were....
Prespakis (74)
Dalton (56)
Gee (43)
Egan (41)
McEvoy (39)

From our CSC B+F results we had
14. Prespakis
6. Harrington
4. Gee
4. Dalton
3. Egan
2. Laloifi
2. Moody
2. Vescio
1. Harris
1. Stevens
1. McEvoy
1. J. Hosking
1. S. Hosking

From our consistency leaderboard (all votes included)
1. Prespakis  (10.96)
2. Harrington  (5.14)
3. Dalton  (4.3)
4. Gee  (4.24)
5. Egan  (3.51)
6. Harris  (2.34)
7. Laloifi  (2.03)
8. McEvoy  (1.88)
9. Vescio  (1.29)
10. S. Hosking  (1.19)
11. Moody  (1.13)
12. Wilson  (1.01)
13. Stevens  (0.97)
14. J. Hosking  (0.67)
15. Loynes  (0.63)
16. Brazzale  (0.43)
17. Pound  (0.17)
18. Plane  (0.14)

The question remains....were was our runner-up Harrington??

Other awards.....
Best first year player - Grace Egan
The Carlton Way award - Jess Edwards
Rising Star - Georgie Gee
Fans MVP - Maddy Prespakis
Robert Heatley Stand / AFL classic games
2007 carlton vs dogs @mcg.

what a different game it was.

No spoilers....
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
....still 30+ minutes to go.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2020 - FINALS WEEK 2 - vs Kangaroos - CANCELLED
No official announcement on when this is yet, but we are definitely playing against the Kangaroos who had a hard fought win against the pies.

Perhaps the pies showed us the gameplan to beat the kangas, but didn't quite have the skill level to pull it off.

Hopefully the Dees show us similar against the Dockers before the Grand Final.

Maddy P the only injury question mark to come out of the game, and given she was back out there, i reckon she is 99.9% likely to play.
Which means we will most likely have an unchanged lineup, yet again, for at least the 4th week in a row.

If we could get the injury luck the girls have in the mens game, we might be half a chance there as well.

In any event, this will be a big game and a big test.
Ladies Lounge / - Player of the year - 3 way tie
So the AFLW branch of website ( has their own voting system, similar to ours.

They award 3, 2, 1 after each game....although theirs is not club specific.

In any event, they have tallied the results and its come out a 3-way tie and one of those is none other than Maddie Prespakis.

13 – Jasmine Garner (North Melbourne), Karen Paxman (Melbourne), Maddy Prespakis (Carlton)
12 – Kiara Bowers (Fremantle)
11 – Alyce Parker (GWS)
10 – Jaimee Lambert (Collingwood)
6 – Ash Riddell (North Melbourne), Britt Bonnici (Collingwood), Caitlin Greiser (St Kilda), Dana Hooker (West Coast), Ebony Marinoff (Adelaide), Ellie Blackburn (Western Bulldogs), Emily Bates (Brisbane)
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2020 - Elimination final - Carlton vs Brisbane - Sunday 1:10pm
So new finals system is out and we are now playing Brisbane on Sunday 1:10pm.

All 3 other games are on Saturday.

We have an unchanged lineup over the past few weeks but now we have the option of bringing in Van Dyke who has recovered from her ankle.

Hopefully Harrington pulls up ok.

I doubt any other changes are likely.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2020 - Corona Virus forces changes to season - FINALS NOW
As of today, Round 7 and 8 have been cancelled.

Instead, we will get finals starting THIS WEEK.

We still don't know who is playing who.

I suspect it will be
A1 vs B4 and B1 vs A4
A2 vs B3 and B2 vs A3

And then Greens vs Greens and Orange vs Orange.
With winners playing in the grand final.

A1 - Kangas
A2 - GWS
A3 - Lions
A4 - Gold Coast
B1 - Dockers
B2 - Blues
B3 - Dees
B4 - Pies

Which in reality, is probably the worst thing that could happen to us. Because IF we get past the Lions first up, a tough ask as it is, we'll either play the best team in the comp (IMO) Kangas, or the team that has the (colling)wood over us, the pies. in week 2.
Then potentially the undefeated Dockers in the grand final should we somehow make it there.

In any event....we will find out if my mock finals systems is correct or if they go something random in the next 24 hours
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2020 Rd 7: Carlton vs West Coast - CANCELLED
1:10pm at home against the new girls on the block, the Eagles.

What appears to be an easy game against the lowly eagles could translate to a danger game if we take it lightly.

With % likely to decide finishing order in the finals, this week is one we must give our all. It has the potential to elevate us to a spot where we get a bye in week 1 of the finals.

Got a pretty settled lineup of late.
Question marks over Harrington.
IMO Edwards needs to deliver more and is potentially in danger of losing her spot.
Robert Heatley Stand / Pick your best 22 players - Part 1 - Pre-season
OK, so i've done this before. Lets try it again to see how our best team 'evolves' over the year.


Everyone must choose 22 players.
Poll will end 5 days from now.....start of round 1.

Go at it.