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Blah-Blah Bar / Andrew Russell
Will be on the wireless with Libby Gore at around 1130 today (that’s the ABC of course).

It should be interesting to hear about how he is planning to have the players match fit after the lay off.
Blah-Blah Bar / Quick Quiz
1. What was Bruce Comben’s nickname?

2. What was John Goold’s nickname?

3.  What footy club signed John Nicholls as playing coach only to see Carlton gazump their offer?

4. What town did Johnny James come from?

5. What high school did David Dickson attend?

6. What cartoon got Rod Galt in hot water?

7. What delayed the start of Percy Jones’ career?

8. Which Carlton coach did Vinny Waite KO?

9. What was George Harris’s profession?

10. When was the flick pass banned?
Blah-Blah Bar / Bots
Our latest member, “Guykicky”, turned out to be a bot.  Who would have thunk it  ;D

The way things are going we may have to encourage bots  ::)
Ladies Lounge / Charlotte Wilson - Rising Star
Charlotte received a well-deserved Rising Star nomination for her performance against the Saints. 

I thought her game last week was better but that’s not to take anything away from her performance or her nomination.

We really are building a strong list that is going to have us in contention for a flag for some time ... perpetually if our list managers can maintain their mojo.  :)
Blah-Blah Bar / Lods
I thought it appropriate to acknowledge the contribution Lods has made to our Carlton Supporters Club as he begins life as a retired moderator.

I understand that Lods became a moderator shortly after Noah’s flood and he has been instrumental in keeping CSC members on track ever since.  I think that an effective moderator is rarely noticed, except by those who transgress, and I believe that Lods has been outstanding in performing his role with the minimum of fuss.  We will miss his calm and thoughtful approach to keeping CSC a happy place for supporters of the mighty Blues.

It’s not all doom and gloom; Lods will continue to contribute and share in the resurgence of our great club,

Well done Lods and thanks for your efforts  ????????
Blah-Blah Bar / Old Foes
The better half and I thought we would take in the Northern Bellarine Arts Trail today and it was well worthwhile.

Our first stop was Bennet’s Winery where we enjoyed a delicious platter of cheeses, smoked fish and eel and cured meats (and a cheeky ????).  The works of art were displayed around the venue and one that caught my eye was “Old Foes”.  It depicted Carlton and Collingwood players involved in a melee and it captured the scene really well.  I couldn’t recognise any players but numbers 13 and 43 were prominent.  The umpires were in contemporary colours so it’s meant to be a fairly modern scene.

It really did capture the rivalry and atmosphere of a Carlton-Collingwood clash and I was tempted to buy it.  However, the thought of having Collingwood colours on one of my walls put me off ... as did the price tag.

Anyway, if you happen to be on or near the Bellarine tomorrow, drop in to Bennet’s and check out “Old Foes”.
Robert Heatley Stand / Pelchen's permutations and prognostications
Alleged list management guru, Chris Pelchen, has cast his eye over all 18 lists and he doesn't see a great deal of improvement from us this season as well as a slow climb back up the ladder:

It's become a perennial question – will Carlton be any better this year? While there has been much said and written about the Blues in recent years, with most of the commentary being negative, they are on the right track. Rebuilding a player list that had decayed to the extent of Carlton's was always going to be a huge task. Although it's reasonable to query some of the club's list decisions during the past four to five years, their overall direction is sound – albeit it's taking a considerable amount of time to bear fruit. And it's going to take a considerable amount more time. The Blues are still three to four years from being a finals contender again. But with the likes of Patrick Cripps, Charlie Curnow, Jacob Weitering, Caleb Marchbank, Paddy Dow, Sam Petrevski-Seton and Zac Fisher, they are building the foundations of a talented team. The arrival of Mitch McGovern and No.1 draftee Sam Walsh provides even greater reason to believe that the ship has been righted. Expect another challenging year for the Blues in 2019 but look beyond the now and focus on the horizon – it's more than just an oasis.

Movement from 2018 rankings: no movement (17th)
Three-year projected list ranking (2022): 10th

If Pelchen's 2018 rankings are any guide, we could finish in the eight  :)

I suspect that his rankings are based on a fairly superficial analysis but I'm not disappointed at our 17th placed ranking; it's easier to exceed low expectations.

For what it's worth, I reckon we will finish in 14th place and we will be top four in 2022.
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Bots
The bots are particularly active at the moment, including one using what I think is bahasa Indonesia.

Apart from the annoyance factor, what are bots trying to achieve?  Is there a way to block them (I am a person test)?
Blah-Blah Bar / Vale Tony Joe White
I’m just raising a glass of bourbon to the memory of Tony Joe White and listening to “Rainy Night in Georgia”.

A great musical talent and, by all accounts, a great bloke.

Ladies Lounge / Darcy’s lazy nine goals
I just watched the highlights - actually, it was Darcy’s highlights - and I think Ms Vescio’s efforts deserve a thread of their own.

OK, it was VFLW and not AFLW but nine goals is an amazing effort, particularly when you consider how she got them; crumbing, evading opponents, pack marks, leading, etc.

I reckon her nine goal haul is the equivalent of a 20 goal tally in the VFL.
Blah-Blah Bar / Off again
My previous attempt at the Madigan Line across the northern Simpson Desert in 2016 failed because the desert was more lake than desert.  This year the Simpson has received its normal low rainfall but heavy rain from further north has got the Cooper and other watercourses flowing.  That suggests that we'll have normal desert conditions to contend with when my companions and I have another go at the Madigan Line.

The trip starts on Sunday and I'll be away for three weeks.  It will be ironic if we get a couple of wins while I'm away  :P

As usual, I will be relying on CSC posters to keep me up to date with what's happening at our great club, even if I don't get to read your posts for a couple of weeks after the event.

Go Blues!
The Sports Desk / Basketball Victoria CEO banned
From the 3AW website:

The CEO of Basketball Victoria has been punished for an altercation with at least one referee at his daughter’s under-12s game at Box Hill.

3AW’s Rumour File has confirmed a tribunal found Nick Honey guilty of bringing the game into disrepute, gross breach of code, and avoidable contact with an official.

He has been ordered to serve an eight-week ban for the incident in February and remains CEO while serving his suspensio

I know one of the officials who was abused and manhandled by Honey and his behaviour during the incident and at the tribunal hearing was unacceptable for anyone, let alone the CEO of BV.

It seems that information about the tribunal decision has not been published as normally happens with basketball tribunal matters but the faeces has now hit the fan.
Ladies Lounge / Half-time entertainment
Alex Lahey is a young lady I have known all her life - her mum is a close friend - and she is performing during the halftime break of our match against the Pies.

Alex is a great songwriter/musician/singer and Mrs DJC and I loved her album launch concert in Geelong recently - I think we pushed the age demographic up quite a bit  ;)

If you needed another reason to go to this game, Alex is it!
Ladies Lounge / Pre-season hitout
It seems that the girls had a good game against the Bulldogs and came away with solid win.

From the report on the website, Tayla Harris slotted a goal from the 50.  That would have been something to see.

Did anyone get to the game?