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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Best 22 in 21
Always interesting to see who the scribes believe are our best 22, with all things being equal.

Rebecca Williams (Herald Sun) has put her thoughts on paper.......


FB: Lachie Plowman, Liam Jones, Caleb Marchbank

HB: Sam Docherty, Jacob Weitering, Adam Saad

C: Marc Murphy, Ed Curnow, Sam Walsh

HF: Jack Martin, Charlie Curnow, Jack Newnes

FF: Zac Fisher, Harry McKay, Eddie Betts

FOLL: Tom De Koning, Patrick Cripps, Zac Williams

IC: Sam Petrevski-Seton, Mitch McGovern, Will Setterfield, Levi Casboult

Interesting the omissions......Silvagni, Dow, O’Brien, Kennedy, Stocker, Kemp, Newman, Pittonet, Cunningham, Williamson, Gibbons, Cotrell.  Also, no room for Lachie Fogarty, Corey Durdin, Luke Parks, Jack Carroll along with Ramsay, Honey and Philp.

Whether you agree with the selected 22 or not, the depth is looking pretty good.


I reckon our depth, and our overall season will come down to the players she has left out.  If we can get some really good form from half of Dow, O’Brien, Stocker, Kemp, Cunningham, Williamson, Fogarty  (and i dont think this is an unrealistic expectation - they all have a chance to be really good AFL players), then we could really have something this year.
The Sports Desk / Re: God help me
I don't understand the political correctness of modern cricket.

We had half a dozen overs at Bumrah under lights on a bouncy track with a new ball. Back in Lillee or Thommo's day that was toe and finger breaking time, those guys didn't have to hit the tail end in the head to do damage!

Last night we basically bowled line and length and let Bumrah meekly defend with a dead bat on the front foot until stumps.

Alan Border must have been apoplectic as he thought back to what our tail end suffered facing the West Indies!

Modern professional sport is so different now, even football, the brutality remains but it is very different! I think it's a big reason why when you get a player like Hodge or Dangerfluff they stand out, because they don't hesitate to become all accidental knees and elbows!

Had a feeling that may have happened, after all the pregame love ins (kohli / smith “ur great, no ur great...).   Too much buddy, buddy in the IPL
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Vale Eddie Van Halen
Liked this quote -  "He's known as a virtuoso, but guitar virtuosos rarely make records that are so much damn fun. The first six Van Halen LPs are about as joyous as hard rock gets."
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Philosphical Discussion: AFL 2020 Rd 18: Carlton vs Brisbane
Short memories, some people.

"Let Murphy go, in order to give the kids a go"

Remember what happenned at the start of '19 when Bolton played all the kids in the middle - we got smashed.  Teague has even been lambasted as a 1 trick pony, because all he has done is to play Curnow and Murphy on the ball and that is what has turned this around.

Yes, he cant tackle anymore.  Yes he butchers the ball more often than he should as a bloke with elite skills.  Yes, he has slowed down a touch.  

But, he is still best 22.  Still provides polish that we sorely lack.  His ability to kick a goal out of nothing, or to be a crucial link in a centre clearance that actually leads to something, or to be clean when others are fumbly are what we desperately need.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Philosphical Discussion: AFL 2020 Rd 18: Carlton vs Brisbane
You can't implement a game plan if you keep kicking the ball to the opposition. Most of the Brisbane goals came from dodgy free kicks and turnovers. Can't do anything about the umpires but we can do something about our kicking. Harry McKay could be our next Kernahan and Charlie could be our next Fevola, Bosustow, Jesaulenko. What we sorely need in our forward line is on the ground sparkle. Our mid-field lacks pace. Unfortunately Cripps, Curnow, Murphy, Setterfield, Kennedy, Martin, Walsh, Gibbons & Newnes all run hard but don't have zip. Other than Fisher, the players with zip, Dow, Cuningham & O'Brien, don't run hard. Our backline lacks pace and foot skills. If they could hit a target or get the ball out of bounds long down the line it would really take a lot of pressure off them when things are not going well in the mid-field. Plowman is a case in point. He played really well against a very dangerous opponent as he has done all year, but his kicking often lets him and the team down. Jones is the otherone I hate havibng the ball when we are coming out of defence.
The long term positives for the season are Cottrell, Philps & Honey playing their first games, the improvement of TDK, Walsh & Setterfield, and the introduction of Martin, Pittonet & Newnes into the playing group. The negatives were those horrendous quarters we played just about every game. For next year we need to get Charlie, Jack, Newman & Marchbank back, we need big improvements out of Dow, O'Brien, McGovern, TDK, Stocker, Kemp, Cuningham, Philps & Cottrell and we need to improve our skills under pressure.

Seem to say this every week - but, next year, what if....

get Charlie, Jack, Newman & Marchbank back, big improvements out of Dow, O'Brien, McGovern, TDK, Stocker, Kemp, Cuningham, Philps & Cottrell

plus say Williams & Saad & one other

doesnt this look like a really good side??
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Prognostications: AFL 2020 Rd 18: Carlton vs Brisbane
Again, they reiterated on the radio today that the HUB / restricted training was a clear advantage to older, more established lists like Richmond, Geelong, West Coast etc who had successful systems in place that had been executed prior to lockdown.  Our backline held up because Jones, Weitering, Plowman and Simmo have had time together......our forward line hasn't had that continuity, and it shows!!!  That's where the improvement will come in 2021.

Good point re Backline standing up as they are more senior/spent more time together

This thinking makes sense - hope it is true and we do see improvements from the fwd line, and from the kids in general
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Prognostications: AFL 2020 Rd 18: Carlton vs Brisbane
It's not about Bolton, anymore. I too think the young guys' confidence is shot from the early days. Times have changed. 18 months older is a big difference in maturity.

If we're not going to play these younger guys in bigger roles, then why do we still have them on our list and why would we keep them past tomorrow's final game?

I think the next step for Teague now is to balance the winning with exposing some younger guys into bigger roles with more responsibility. I don't say that for the sake of it. We're not winning games of footy so think that's our cue to change it up a bit. I'm disappointed Teague hasn't. He's stayed loyal to the structure and senior players. That's ok to a degree. His next challenge is to get more our of the fringe types.

Its a hard balance, isnt it? 

Play all the kids in the guts, all the time, and you get what happenned to Bolton - lose games, kids get smashed and lose confidence, no one wins. 

Play the senior guys in the guts, and the kids dont get an exposure - you see Cunners getting frostbite sitting on a flank for games on end, you see youngsters come in and play on a flank or in a pocket (where they havent played in the 2s) and they fail, along with not getting any exposure to the heat and a chance to learn and develop

Of course, the good sides make it look easy.  We just need to get that balance right
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Participation: AFL Rd 16: Carlton vs Sydney at Metricon
Obviously the kicking into Fw50 was horrible all match (and has been for a while, probably except for the Bulldogs game)

It was much worse in the first Q and a bit.

I reckon one thing that stood out in that first Q and a bit was the 15m kick - mark - go back - 15m kick - mark - go back style we were playing.  We look our best when we take the game on, play on, look for the little kick into the corridor, but then play on from it.  Why were we slowing down so much in the first stanza??  Makes the kick into fw50 that much harder, as gives the Swans a chance to set up. 

We were a bit more free-flowing in the remainder of the match - and suddenly the forward entries became (slightly!!) easier.

First q and a bit was ridiculous, i think at one stage they had 10 fwd50 entires for 7 goals and we had 20 entries for zilch!!

The only pleasing thing out of the early going, is that we didnt drop our workrate - kept up the tackling and kept winning the contested ball
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Participation: AFL Rd 11: Carlton vs West Coast
As I said, history being re-written. He may have had a few stand out games, but to be honest I can never remember him or Gibbs being anything but bog average at best. Always doing something so sub par on the field that it detracted so much from anything positive that they did.

This is the problem with all you guys who laud these bog average footballers as stars. You refuse to acknowledge the mass amount shyte they delivered and choose to remember only the few highlights. As I said, blue coloured glasses...  ::)

Yep, we’ll ignore the AFL MVP and The Age player of the year, and run with your memory