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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Perambulations: AFL 2020 R11 Carlton vs West Coast
I think with Simmo, sMurph and some others on the retirement slide it's too early to call on these guys, they are potentially part of the jigsaw puzzle that makes a balanced team.

As it stands, we probably need one of O'Brien or Stocker to come good as the distributor off the HBF, guys who in addition to Weitering came kick the eyes out of a Crow at 50m.

They might not be Simmo replacements, in the Simmo/Hunter style, but they won't kick 8 out of 10 straight back to the opposition either.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: GM to dump Holden
So true, Spotted One.
It's unconscionable behaviour Baggers.

Firstly, those corporate decisions like GM's departure take years to put into place and effect. They are usually the consequence of many things including foreign investment carrots from the country that they move into. Typically coming after an election cycle, not some overnight shock decision.

Those pricks took $650M off Australian tax payers having already decided to leave, our politicians are pissweak!

Secondly our politicians, at the moment they bitch and moan about spending $100B on keeping people from going COVID insane and having the joint fall into anarchy. Yet that GM decision shows you how little money really means to the politicians.

If they proactively had spent 1/5th of that $100B on local supply chains we'd still have home grown steel, aluminium, pharmaceutical, technologies, automotive, clean energy, water security, etc., etc.., and decent public transport like fast rail for example. We wouldn't just be digging up shizen only to have China add value and profit from it!

Instead they spent years telling us it's all too expensive, but the lie is exposed now!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: GM to dump Holden
I've heard it might be Isuzu picking up the Holden badge, I think they use to build the bulk of the Rodeo anyway so they probably have all the tooling needed already!

There are also rumors of a new Crewman style ute in development.

Why is this important? Primarily because it gives existing owners a new avenue to buy spare parts and get servicing, the owners of those cars did nothing wrong yet many on the land in particular are effectively left in the lurch, as regional dealerships and supply chains evaporate after our government gave GM a $650M gift to pack up and leave!

We can sit here and discuss the sins of GM, Ford, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagon endlessly, but there are millions of not so wealthy Australians who perhaps bought their first ever new car in the last few years and have been left in the lurch by corporate greed.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
Yeah just read it in the Hun, I still have full confidence that something like that (ie dodgy) wouldn't happen here, not impossible but very highly unlikely IMO.
Who would have thought Putin would "accidentally" blow up a big exclusive chunk of of an ally like Beirut! :o

Where are those post COVID gas and oil supply lines, and who profits from ongoing disputes by selling munitions?
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: GM to dump Holden
I realise this is not of interest to many forums fans, but a few of us like muscle performance cars and car racing, not always modern ones of course!

Interesting to read GM is going ahead with GMSV(General Motors Speciality Vehicles) brand, but will delay the arrival of the RHD Corvette.

Personally, I'd much rather they concentrate on doing a proper RHD version of the Chevy Camero, which I believe at the various dealer levels is a much better formulated and built high performance car than the Mustang pound for pound. I appreciate at the very high end after market there are some impressive Mustang re-spins/upgrades, the cheaper base of the Mustang opens it up to far more after-market interest so the options are numerous.

I'd much rather a proper Camero in RHD than a dodgy conversion, or building a new Corvette as another poor mans Ferrrari.

Mind you, in my youth I was a big Corvette fan, and they'll be a 5th the price and a 10th the maintenance/running cost of Ferrari, Maserati or Astin.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Interesting side-effect of isolation and home working.

Apparently people working from home are starting to suffer PTSD like symptoms.

It appears the problem is that in the working from home situation, the corporate psychopaths and megalomaniac micromanagers have lost oversight of their usual office victims. So they are pestering home workers to death with endless meetings, reporting cycles and out of hours updates or requests. People are too scared of losing their job not to answer the call, so they are working longer than ever before from home and more stressed than ever!

 In other words paranoid pricks are making the whole situation far worse by becoming bigger pricks than usual!
Ladies Lounge / Re: 2 New Blues
Great recruiting, and as long as we can hold our key players long term things look promising.

Unlike some of our main opponents our key players are not a bunch of +30 year olds!

I'm still a bit worried about those concessions the AFL is handing out, we haven't really seen a huge impact of those yet.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
Hazmat is pretty strict in Australia, special licensing, heavy regulations, inspections, etc., etc.. Even so these incidents are not impossible, and it's nearly always human error, malicious intent rarely factors. At one location we keep relatively small quantities of powdered metals for 3D printing, each batch of any pyrolytic material has to be self-contained, have it's own locker in it's own explosion bay, in gas filled moisture barrier containers.

I read that in Beirut apparently someone had allowed fireworks to be stored in the same location/facility. I can't say it wouldn't happen, but it would be illegal here.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Two or three weeks ago the media was telling us that we are all getting too fat from sitting around in isolation eating and drinking too much.

Then Dan said reduce the staff on warehouse shifts by 30% to improve social distancing and reduce transmission.

Now the media says reducing warehouse staff will affect a proportional amount of deliveries and we will all starve because we can't get enough food!

What a bunch of ar5eholes the media are!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Perambulations: AFL 2020 R11 Carlton vs West Coast
Thing is, we should be able to cater for both future and now.  Thats why Bolton got the lemon sars.  Too forward looking.
Yes, I tend to agree.

I think it is now obvious that the club wanted some demonstration from BB of progress. They unequivocally put him under the pump to demonstrate something, some wins for example, and he couldn't deliver in the few weeks he was aware of being under that scrutiny.

The fact that Teague took over, and I admit while changing how players were used he did deliver a result, certainly says something that BB couldn't or wouldn't.

I'm not entering into any debates regarding the ethics of this, but it is pretty clear in retrospect it played some part in his demise.