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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Deer in the Headlights
24 arrested for 'alleged' arson. 

By the way I suggest that people google 'Victorian '39 fires' to find that this horrendous fire is nowhere near as large nor, thankfully, as deadly.

Sorry Chalky but you’re way off the mark there. We’ve never experienced anything like the intensity, extent and duration of the current bushfires ... and we’re still not in the peak bushfire season.
Ladies Lounge / Re: Another Carlton list manager gone. - AFLW - Siekman quits
I'm disappointed that Siekman has gone, but he has got a promotion that will probably provide him with more money.
It is now up to our management to get someone who can fit the bill.
I would actually like to have a list manager for both the girls and the boys: guarantees a full time position and would provide some interesting challenges that might stimulate interest.

Great suggestion Crash! 

I would have a position in what used to be SOS’s team with primary responsibility for the AFLW list but would encourage all list management personnel to have an interest in both lists.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Daisy and Billy in the jungle?
You need a very forgiving constitution to watch those shows, something which I lack. You can be quite certain that in one way or another, any relevant bits from Daisy will make their way onto here or other places that I frequent. I've got nothing against Billy Brownless, but he doesn't interest me in any way.

I must have a similar constitution as I begin to feel physically ill if I happen to be in a room where an unreality program is playing.

I know that I can rely on CSC members to pass on any items of interest about Daisy :)
Ladies Lounge / Re: Another Carlton list manager gone. - AFLW - Siekman quits
I’m tempted to change the thread title to “Carlton AFLW list manager head hunted for role at West Adelaide”  ;)

I think that it’s a given that decent performers in AFLW roles will be snapped up for State league and AFL roles and anyone who knocks back such an offer would have rocks in their head.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Deer in the Headlights
We should have a fleet of sky cranes parked at Essendon airport year round.  I was an airport manager there and got up really close to this beast ...

We wasted 50 billion on outdated frog submarines and one Elvis is a lousy 40 million.

I’d like to see the Government acquire several large fixed wing firefighting aircraft.  With the common use of role-specific modules, it should also be possible to fit firefighting modules to military assets from trucks to aircraft.

Back to Scotty from marketing; what about his advertisement spruiking his response to the fires?  Wanker!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Deer in the Headlights
It's so easy to fact check stuff these days but the same old garbage keeps getting regurgitated. 

A former NSW fire and rescue commissioner, Greg Mullins, wrote this week, “Blaming ‘greenies’ for stopping these important measures is a familiar, populist, but basically untrue claim.”

But what would he know?  He is obviously a pinko-green  ;)

Now, back to Scotty from marketing!

First of all, four years ago, the National Aerial Firefighting Centre asked the Government for a "national large air-tanker" fleet to confront a growing bushfire threat.  The Government, with Scotty at the forefront as Treasurer, rejected the request.

Remember Bill Shorten?  He was promising $101 million to set up a national aerial bushfire fighting fleet of aircraft, with up to six large air water tankers and 12 helicopters, and boost the funding for the existing National Aerial Firefighting Centre.  The new aerial unit was to include a team of "smokejumpers", or firefighters who would rappel from helicopters armed with chainsaws, hoes and other tools to set up containment lines around fires in remote areas.

I wonder if folk would prefer increased firefighting capacity over tax imputation credits now?

Anyway, back to Scotty from marketing:  Of course he deserves a holiday.  After all, I believe that Parliament sat for less days this year than any time since the end of the First World War.  Cramming the year's business into 45 days or whatever it was must have been really tiring and a nice break on the South Coast would have done wonders.  Hang on, the South Coast is on fire so why not p1ss off to Hawaii for a while.  Of course, when you get back, don't apologise for your lack of leadership and appalling judgement.  Instead use weasel words to blame the folk who are upset with you.  That's marketing 101 ... or not.

I could go on but I would be here for ever.  Let's just focus on Scotty forcing handshakes on the young pregnant mother who had just lost everything and the exhausted firefighter who had just lost his house.  Scotty explained it away as people being upset  and that's partly right; they are upset with a government that's in the pocket of Murdoch and the mining industry and with a Prime Minister who couldn't lead ants up a dead dog's arsk!

And don't get me started on his Pentecostalism and its influence on our civil society  >:(
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Christmas / NY
My son came down to spend Christmas Eve with us and we’re off to my daughter’s in Torquay today.  Seeing the grandkids really makes Christmas for me  :)

We’re spending this evening with my outlaws at 13th Beach.  I’m the designated driver so no drinking for me today ... and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I was crippled with a gout-like pain in a knee last Christmas  :(

Have a great Christmas everyone 🎄