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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Analysis: AFL 2020 Rd 5: Carlton vs St. Kilda
SPS did the job on Tipper last week and while he didn't get much of the ball he defended OK. But I think the experiment is over and he needs to be in the Midfield mix now and taking on responsibility.
If he doesn't give us more by seasons end we should look at trade options for him.

I also would love to see more from him but we have much bigger problems then SPS.  He has shown enough for me to still think he should make it. The kid is durable definitely has ability and think its harsh to be too critical on him based on last night.

He had a lot of mates having an off night including A graders like Doc, Cripps and Weitering who were all soundly beaten when they game was hot early on.

I have bigger question marks over many of our kids and way too many spots on our list are taking up by blokes that are never going to make it.

If we think SPS is not good enough then if we are honest at least 15 players should be shown the door with him. 

If that’s the case we are screwed for another 10 years.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Analysis: AFL 2020 Rd 5: Carlton vs St. Kilda
I’m trying very hard to be positive and while I know this is bad football we handed them at least 4 goals from direct turnovers.
Willo easy missed mark on wing turned over goal, Jones x2 passes that missed resulted in goals and SPS 20 metre pass in the middle of the ground when we had momentum was rebounded for saints goal.
Plus not many games where majority of our senior players have a quiet game and it’s amazing we weren’t pumped.
And some very soft frees on top. They were the better team and made the most of their chances so they deserved the win but reckon 3 years ago this would have been a 10 goal plus hiding.
Still not good enough but I guess there is some light in this loss if you want to be a glass half full supporter.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Analysis: AFL 2020 Rd 5: Carlton vs St. Kilda
It’s very simple again the game was lost in the middle early on. Until Cripps gets genuine support we will remain a bottom team. We are showing every sign again of a bottom 2-3 finish.

Cripps is looking tired and battle scarred and must be sick and tired of the pressure to drag us over the line every game. Very real chance he will be considering heading home have a chance at success in the second half of his career.

And who would blame him. Was very surprised to see him smiling and laughing after the game. Looks like even he is now conditioned to accept losing.

Miles behind where we should be 5 yes 5 years into a rebuild.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Passion: AFL 2020 Rd 4: Carlton vs. the Drug Cheats
Murphy cops a lot on here yet it was his skills that set up our last 2 goals when we were looking for someone senior to lift.

He maybe at the end of his career but he is still important to us - has his flaws but we don’t exactly have in spades those who when the game is on the line can pinpoint a pass under pressure like he can.

Cunningham casboult doc all played big games but Murphy’s last 5 mins were just as important to secure the win.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Passion: AFL 2020 Rd 4: Carlton vs. the Drug Cheats
How good is doc. The bloke has had 2 acls missed 2 years of footy and comes back after 4 rounds as good if not better then he was!  Has lost no speed at all. I said to my daughter in the last few minutes I always feel a little better in the close ones with him on the ground. An absolute star.

With Cripps having a quiet one it was a good sign to still get over the line.  If we had converted even half of the chances we blew it was a comfortable win. And they Made every post a winner.  Reckon Teague out coached Worstfold too - we blocked the middle as obviously there pace was our concern but made it much harder this week to find space in the fifty as less options when coming from one side.

I reckon next week against saints will be a similar gameplan. Have to play wide again and squeeze the ground and block the middle - they have a quick midfield so reckon Fisher will come in.

Crippas reaction after the win and in the rooms sums up how much this one meant. Building momentum.

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: In Game Action: 2020 AFL Rd 4: Carlton vs Drug Cheats
Newnes should not be allowed to kick the ball.

Forward entry is opposite to last week.

Knew last week was too good to be true. Cats left a heap of space. This mob is not and we aren’t skilled enough to get thru.

Been the better team but they have made the most of the opportunities and we haven’t. Not confident

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Party!: AFL 2020 Rd 3: Carlton vs Geelong
Chris Scott has history of snubbing star players of other clubs.

Also he had the heat put on him on the footy show by Kane Cornes saying they didn't respect Cripps enough and ran with the wrong type of players on him too often in the centre and they paid the price for that lack of respect.

Scott apart from being a sook also hates to admit he got it wrong so leaving Cripps out of his votes is typical of how this bloke operates.

Cant stand him!!!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Party!: AFL 2020 Rd 3: Carlton vs Geelong
For 3 qtrs we were actually a good football side doing everything the side has promised for a while. We crapped our pants in the last qtr just trying to hold on to our lead rather than increase it but getting past a top side as we did, smashing them for 3 qtrs on the own dunghill will do the belief alot of good. Hopefully this is the game that changes everything. Time will tell.

Agree the first 3 quarters was the best ive seen in too long to remember.

But I'm not sure the last quarter fade out was anything but our boys not being able to run out the game. We looked shot. 

Not sure if they are much fitter then us maybe as their midfield group is much more seasoned then ours but watching the game live it was definitely a matter of when not if they would run over us.

I can't remember watching a game where a team looked so dead on their feet as we did.  Haven't we got the fitness Guru?

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Party!: AFL 2020 Rd 3: Carlton vs Geelong
What about Selwood - their first goal in Q1 after he 'fell' when Willo nudged him.

How can the umps be so dumb?

And the pr1ck was dropping his knees towards the end trying to draw another high tackle free - I can't stand him, many of their player or their coach. Selwood was a great leader no doubt but he isn't what he was and as a team I reckon they will be rebuilding after they fail this year.

His handling of the half time interview pretty much sums him and that team up - not going like he expected so said 3 words then turned walked off like a sook before the interviewer was able to reply.

Stevens looks like he is cooked. Body is not up to AFL standard. Why play him when obviously not fit or ready? They disrespected us that's why!

Kane Cornes gave it to Walker for his lack of preparation and body shape wonder if he has the balls to comment on Stevens as he looked a lot worse shape then Walker. Bet he doesn't say a word.