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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
A large portion of society these days just doesn't have any respect for law and order, the proportion is growing IMO. Like the gun problems in the US, there is no turning back and it will never be fixed.

You nailed it, GTC, with that word, 'respect' or the lack of it.

And the Fluffy One is right on when he talks of cavalier attitudes. Well, there's a helluva wake up call being issued to those who lack respect and are pregnant with entitlement - take careful note, you people who are growing the c0ckhead ranks, it can all be snatched from you in a heartbeat. Well now that I've depressed myself, think I'll enjoy a pie and watch the footy...😟
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: GM to dump Holden
Whats wrong with the Datsun Sunny? My mate inherited his mums when we turned 18, he thrashed the living bejesus out of it and it never missed a beat. Never serviced it, just put fuel in it and thrashed it.

Bit like my first car, EH Hydromatic. Thrashed it for a few weeks and successfully killed it... burnt out the electrical system and fckd the transmission. Traded it for a silver XW... it was a ripper, never missed a beat.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Perambulations: AFL 2020 R11 Carlton vs West Coast
Gee, when you look at the two sides on paper... gulp!

Looking forward to seeing how Cottrell & TDK do.

Seems to me that it is Fisher for Cuningham... that's okay as Fisher will work all day though he doesn't have the deft touch that 'cameo' Cuningham does. TDK for H makes sense. And Cottrell for Moore makes sense, in fact Cottrell's dog would be a reasonable swap for Moore (not to denigrate Cottrell himself  :D )
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: GM to dump Holden
I hear you.

I said when the corona virus started that it would be the perfect time to kickstart our own manufacturing industry again.

Even if the governments give tax exemptions to companies down here to keep them afloat, it would be beneficial to the nation. Provide plenty of work for those who can't find any and make us less reliant on those overseas which would help if this happens again in the future (or drags on).

Totally agree. Local manufacturing makes more sense now considering the world will be different for a while. I suspect many nations will also be considering greater self sufficiency in light of Covid... and the next nasty virus.

As an aside, Mrs Baggers (stuck working from home since March) was telling me that she has spoken with a number (not huge) of corporate heads who are now seriously considering downsizing their premises and having more folks (especially admin) working from home. Many cynical employers have discovered that most folks work well, if not better, from home. The slackers soon reveal themselves through low productivity.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: GM to dump Holden
Would you pay extra for a sub-standard product?

Not many people would, and thats why we don't have an automotive industry here.

That would be the proviso... that it was a quality product, but with our labour not cheap and so on, the price would be prohibitive... as I mentioned, I freely admit to economic naivety... but it's nice to dream.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: GM to dump Holden
I've heard it might be Isuzu picking up the Holden badge, I think they use to build the bulk of the Rodeo anyway so they probably have all the tooling needed already!

There are also rumors of a new Crewman style ute in development.

Why is this important? Primarily because it gives existing owners a new avenue to buy spare parts and get servicing, the owners of those cars did nothing wrong yet many on the land in particular are effectively left in the lurch, as regional dealerships and supply chains evaporate after our government gave GM a $650M gift to pack up and leave!

We can sit here and discuss the sins of GM, Ford, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagon endlessly, but there are millions of not so wealthy Australian's who perhaps bought their first ever new car in the last few years and have been left in the lurch by corporate greed.

So true, Spotted One.

Personally I'd love to see an initiative to manufacture a 100% Aussie automotive product... but that's probably pie in the sky stuff and probably demonstrating my economic naivety. But I do reckon that given the choice a lot of Aussie's would support a local product, especially in light of what has happened in recent times (Covid etc).
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Perambulations: AFL 2020 R11 Carlton vs West Coast
Honey is more like Gary Rohan but not as quick....will play a quarter then go missing, can do the big mark, big tackle, kick the big goal but will frustrate many with his inconsistency and laconic approach.
I'm a fan of his ability but he is going to polarize fans big time...

Honey sounds like the perfect replacement for Cuningham... does good things and goes missing - like for like!!

In all seriousness you'd expect Zachery to get the nod if he's had sufficient training. And Brackets (if he comes up) for Moore. I'd like to see Philp again and Murphy rested but that won't happen.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Perambulations: AFL 2020 R11 Carlton vs West Coast
When you're one game out of the 8 with a better percentage of course you chase finals. Why the hell would you give that up. Anything else is a losers mentality, which can happen when you lose for most of 20 years. While it's there you chase it hard otherwise it's just purely giving up. We don't expect our side to give up, supporters need to follow suit.

And to me chasing a finals berth hard, firstly requires winning. As a part of that we need to be really honest with ourselves why we do not win when in patches we show we are clearly able to. Our costly fades in games are now legendary. We consistently and persistently give up opposition run-ons of 4-7 goals. No finals until that stops... and it can, now.

Before you can fix something you gotta admit the problem, then apply the solution. Almost every pundit of our game has identified poor adapting to change by our midfield as undermining our potential success. Plus we're so conservative at the selection table and on match day. Boldness needed.

For me it's about doing your utmost to win (rather than focusing on finals)... and knowing that the rest will take care of itself, once you develop the winning habit. And for me winning often means some boldness and a complete intolerance of beige games from anyone. As an example, Murphy is too often a liability... yes, he does some good things but at critical moments you cannot have a leader who can't land a hard tackle and is seemingly committed to bruise free footy. Is his want to play on selfish? There are other examples.

Recruiting blokes as midfielders (Gibbo / SPS for example) then playing them out of position is a recipe for at best ordinariness.

When I suggest being bold at the selection table, player positions and match day tactics it's actually in an effort to win! Playing newbies is not about putting the cue in the rack, rather trying other options in an attempt to improve the chance of winning - and stopping the wild surrenders in games that let opposition sides get a sniff, and more often than not, take the lead. The whole place needs some nasty pills... mongrel... tenacity.

The present situation, the status quo of playing blokes out of position, not rotating more cats through the midfield and so on will only get us more of what we're already getting - close games, with wild fluctuations from us, decided by a coin toss.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Perambulations: AFL 2020 R11 Carlton vs West Coast
I'm actually torn...At our best  we are a chance to beat anyone.
But we're up and down like a yo-yo.
And the prophet in me says we aren't consistent enough to make a good fist of it this year.

I'd still go with the play our winningest side until finals chances disappear completely.
The experience of finals football is a valuable one in any team's development.

But the minute we're no longer a chance start the experiments.

Wish I could find the article from last Friday calling us the 'Jekyll & Hyde' of the AFL... within games! And the author of the article correctly predicted that it would be an issue against the Dawks.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Perambulations: AFL 2020 R11 Carlton vs West Coast
Shakeout time to decide what we really want from the season.

Agree. Maybe there are some within the club who still reckon we're a finals chance and hence want to put our 'most experienced' group on the paddock. But not moi. Time to blood a couple of newbies... over the next few weeks let's give TDK, Honey & Philp a crack, and get Fisher, Marchbank and SOJ back into the side asap. And once Stocker returns from Melb get him up and about and also a crack at senior footy before the season ends.

The first two to be rested this week should be Moore (well, deported more than rested) and Murphy.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Perambulations: AFL 2020 R11 Carlton vs West Coast
All this we do well against the Eagles stuff is setting us up for failure.

How so? Pretty sure the players and coaches don't read this and say... 'hey, GTC, EB1, Baggers (and so on) reckon we'll do all right against the Weagles... you beauty!'

Nuh. And I'm pretty damn sure the players aren't thinking, 'We match up well on the Weagles... nothing to worry about...' Nuh. They'll know the huge task in front of them.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Perambulations: AFL 2020 R11 Carlton vs West Coast
Mate just thinking about it, apart from the last 5 losses in row, prior to that was always 50-50 against them whether it was in here or there. If they really care about how they lost yesterday and really want to redeem themselves, we are a sneaky chance. Last 20 games are as follows:

We've just about always matched up well on the Weagles. And we've played plenty of good footy in the West. And in a season like this one there is seldom a lay down misere.

I just hope we coach the midfield this week to take control of the game, if the opposition kick two in a row, by slowing the game down to prevent our usual gifting opposition sides 4-7 consecutive goals... then get our bearings and go nuts again.

I also hope we rest Murphy and give a kid a go.

I also hope we drop Moore.

I also hope we give Gibbons, Cuningham, Martin, SPS & even Edwardo more/some midfield time. And, conversely, give Kennedy, Cripps and Setterfield more time up forward.

I also hope we make changes within a game when needed.

I also hope SPS gets some midfield/forward time and we consign the backman experiment to the rubbish bin.

I hope the Weagles (like the Pussy Cats) are so over-confident that they rest Nic Nat.

I also hope we send the coaching group and players more of the Jekyll & Hyde formula that we obviously sip on in games, but this time increase the dose so that everyone gets more sustained mongrel/ferocity! More Hyde, less Jekyll thank you.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Perambulations: AFL 2020 R11 Carlton vs West Coast
we beat geelong ,footy gods were on our side that night ,2 players down and in 7/8 min of football almost won game we just hanged on

Yep. Sadly, the word is that the Pussycats were over-confident, thought they had it in the bag. Supported by playing a chubby Jack Steven (who gifted us a goal with a misdirected hand ball... among other stuff ups from him, a brilliant but sadly underdone player).

But that doesn't alter the fact that we came to play and took advantage of their lethargy / few % drop in focus which you cannot do against any side these days... well, maybe against the Crows you'd get away with it!