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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Premonitions: AFL 2021 Rd 6: Carlton vs Brisbane
Agreed Kruddler....doesn't make any sense at all. We've tried to make a defender out of SPS and look how that's turned out. If he's good enough for the 22 then play him. He's already got enough pressure on him as it is given the circumstances surrounding how he was drafted.

Can't see how Dow gets another go after just a week out and didn't do much in the VFL. Don't wanna be too hard on him but he needs a good 5-6 weeks in the VFL to find the footy a bit and build up some confidence.

Stocker in for Williamson might be the only change.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Premonitions: AFL 2021 Rd 6: Carlton vs Brisbane

A bit hard on Stocker saying he has to "prove himself as a defender"? At the start of the year we had a glut of defenders and then brought in Saad and Williams. Now Teague saying Williams might go back, McGovern might go back.

IMH for this week....Williamson definitely out! McGovern to play back as a third tall....Stocker onto a half back flank or a wing and SPS in the middle (that's if he holds his spot in the team). If Cunningham comes in, not sure who he replaces?

The back 6 could look like:

Docherty           Jones          McGovern
Saad               Weitering      Stocker/Plowman
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2021 Rd 1: Carlton vs Southport
Based on that summary RR, it's safe to assume that our depth is just about f#cked? Only Stocker and Cunningham worthy of an AFL game at the minute? Even then, Cunningham is still a worry for me at AFL could count on one hand the number of good games he's played in the seniors in the 5 years he's been on the list.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Premonitions: AFL 2021 Rd 6: Carlton vs Brisbane
Blue Moon....I'd add Nic Newman to that list of injured players in our best 22 as well. I think he played every game in his first season for us in 2019 and did his knee in Round 1 last year and hasn't played since.  He's got a little bit of mongrel in him and is usually a reliable and penetrating kick off half back or can be used off a wing. I'd have him in the backline before Williamson and SPS at the moment. 
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Analysis: AFL 2021 Rd 5: Carlton vs Port Adelaide
Macca....problem is that there's plenty of errors/turnovers coming out of the backline as many times did Jones kick it straight to an opponent, or dropped marks by Docherty, lack of chasing and pressure. Robbie Gray would be one of the most dangerous players in the game yet he was often 50m in the clear on his something is breaking down somewhere.

That margin completely flattered us and was one of the worst games we've played in a while....yet we were right in it in the first quarter. Unfortunately it's become a trait of the team under a couple of shocking quarters each game and then we're completely out of reach.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Game Premonitions: AFL 2021 Rd 6: Carlton vs Brisbane
Jack Carroll injured a thumb a couple of weeks back and is expected to be sidelined for 2-3 weeks.

Newnes has his limitations but IMHO, has been pretty consistent and plays a role....and has been since Round 1 last year really.

With still seemingly no depth after all these years, it's hard to see too many changes. Stocker will definitely play and hopefully at the expense of SPS who has been stinking it up all season. It's been a massive failure on successive coaches to try and turn him into a him in the midfield and if he can't cut it there, trade him out.

If Weitering misses with concussion, Daniher or Hipwood (or both) will have a field day.

Injuries have cruelled us but after all these years, we have 2 legitimate ruckman on our list....TDK who is injured and Pitto who was recruited as backup anyway. Not having a go at him as he's not the issue. We've got two legitimate key defenders and Jones is into his 30's. And a plethora of small/mids and young kids who we either haven't seen much or anything of and the ones who we have seen, aren't up to it.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Analysis: AFL 2021 Rd 5: Carlton vs Port Adelaide
Another one of those 20-30 point losses but in reality, Port were a 10 goal better side and the margin flattered us. We were competitive in the first quarter but how many times did we miss a sitter for them to just waltz it done the other end at ease and kick a goal...I can remember at least 4. At times it looked like they had 3 or 4 extra players out there...that's how poor our defence and manning up was.

Docherty is a shadow of the AA player he was. I think Jones had about half a dozen kicks and pretty much picked out an opposition player with every one of them. I had hopes for Williamson when he strung some games together late last year but he's not up to scratch and would already be behind Parks in the pecking order. He continually tries to do more than his skill set would allow and is so one sided it's laughable. It can't happen but what would we give for some steadiness like Kade Simpson off a half back flank at the moment?

And don't get me started on SPS! Barely gets out of first gear, doesn't chase, doesn't put his body on the line and doesn't even look like he wants to be out there.

Agree on the earlier comments re him down back while Parks is out injured.

And for mine, no coincidence that Silvagni goes out and the pressure work off the ball and the desire for the footy drops away...if fit, he's one of the first blokes I'd pick each week. Similarly, Cottrell and Pittonet might not be in the same class as some of their higher paid team mates but you know what you'll get each week....a 100% contest.

It's hard to see where the improvement comes from to be honest. Yes injuries don't help but I can't see how our skills have improved over the last 5 years under either Teague or Bolton. We're absolutely kidding if we see ourselves as a top 8 team! We are no closer than in previous years and likely be making up the bottom 6 again.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre game postulations: AFL 2021 Rd 5: Carlton vs Port Adelaide at the MCG
Kennedy and Williams surely can cover for Dow and Setterfield? Kennedy isn't quick but that bigger body in the middle. I'd also be looking at Stocker as an option on one of their smaller forwards.

Yeah Cap...we're about 90 minutes south of Kalbarri which is the town that's nearly been wiped off the face of the earth....70% of the buildings damaged. About the only saving grace is the rainfall for the farmers who are about to start seeding....the timing is perfect.