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Ladies Lounge / AFLW signing - Joanne Doonan
The 25-year-old has enjoyed a decorated Gaelic football career, which has featured two Gaelic Life Club All Star nominations, an All-Ireland Junior Championship, an O’Connor Cup Shield winner where Doonan was awarded player of the match. She has also been a Queen’s University Club Woman of the Year.

Doonan’s athleticism made her a clear standout at the CrossCoders camp in May with her speed, agility and endurance setting her apart.


Carlton General Manager of Women’s Football Ash Brown said Doonan has plenty of upside with her athleticism and leadership skills.

“Joanne is a terrific character and she has proven that she is committed and ready to take on the challenge of AFLW,” Brown said.

“Combining her leadership with her elite athleticism, we are really excited about what Joanne will bring to our playing group.
Ladies Lounge / 'junior' Prespakis wins league B+F
Maddy Prespakis won the rising star, AA selection and best 1st year player in her first season of AFLW.

....and she has a younger sister who is following in her footsteps.

16yo Georgie Prespakis took out the same award her sister did a year earlier - League B+F.

Unfortunately there is no sister/sister rule so we just have to hope we can somehow wrangle a very early pick in the 2021 draft to team her up with her sister.

Ladies Lounge / AFLW signing - Katie Harrison
THE CARLTON Football Club is delighted to announce Katie Harrison has signed on as a rookie for the 2020 AFLW season.

Harrison, a development player in the 2017 Australian Rugby Sevens side, follows in the footsteps of fellow converts Chloe Dalton and Brooke Walker who joined the Blues last season and played in the Club’s maiden AFLW Grand Final.

The 26-year-old will make the move from Manly to Melbourne in time for the start of pre-season training.

Harrison is a naturally gifted athlete with elite speed and endurance, which will complement the current playing list at Carlton.

With the success of Dalton and Walker, i think its a smart move to bring in another rugby 7's player.

They are built for the AFLW game with great speed and endurance and an ability (and want) to lay a tackle.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW - Contracted or uncontracted?
1. Grace Egan (2022)
2. Katie Loynes (2021)
3. Darcy Vescio (2021)
4. Maddie Perspakis (2022)
5. Abbie McKay (2021)
6. Gab Pound (2021)
7. Tayla Harris (2021)
8. Vaomua Laloifi (2022)
9. Kerryn Harrington (2022)
10. Mimi Hill (2021)
11. Jess Hosking (2021)
12. Lauren Brazzale (2021)
13. Lucy McEvoy (2022)
14. Chloe Dalton - Sitting out 2021 for Olympics
15. Brooke Walker (2021)
16. Breann Moody (2022)
17. Charlotte Hammans (2021+?)
18. Maddy Guerin (2021+?)
19. Georgia Gee (2022)
20. Charlotte Wilson (2022)
21. Nicola Stevens (2021)
22. Courtney Jones (2021)
23. Daisy Walker (2021)
24. Winnie Laing (2021)
25. Jess Edwards (2021)
30. Alison Downie (2021)
31. Brooke Vernon (2022)
32. Natalie Plane (2022)
33. Serena Gibbs (2022)

46. Elise O'Dea (2021+?)

Signed until end of 2021 season

Signed until end of 2022 season
Ladies Lounge / 2019 AFLW B+F
Its on currently and its just about to wrap up.

Awards so far...

Maddy Prespakis - Best first year player......well duh.
Nat Plane - Blue bloods (The player which best embodied the values of our football club.)

Ladies Lounge / 3 blues make the AA team! + other awards
Brianna Davey, Kerryn Harrington, Gab Pound and Madison Prespakis were all named by the AFL last night as being in the squad of 40.

The team of 21 players, including a captain and vice-captain, will be announced at the W awards on Tuesday 2 April.

Well done to the girls.

I'm especially pleased that Gab Pound made the squad as i think her contributions are largely overlooked. She has been solid since game 1, season 1. Her game has gone up a notch this year, but still goes unrecognised most weeks. Not sure she'll make the team, but good luck to her and all the girls.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2019 Rd 7: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
Sunday 4:10pm.
A win = 1st place.
A loss = 2nd place (or better)
An absolute thumping MIGHT mean 3rd place at worst.

Not sure how many people will be at the venue, or watching on tv as i think its the same exact start time of the F1 opener around the corner at Albert Park. Not sure that was thought through.

In any event, lets keep up our momentum and get a win over the dogs
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2019 Round 6 vs Lions
Extended squad is out for sundays game....
Backs:   21. Nicola Stevens   36. Jayde Van Dyk   
Half-backs:   9. Kerryn Harrington   20.Charlotte Wilson   6. Gab Pound
Centreline:   2. Katie Loynes   10. Sarah Hosking   15. Chloe Dalton
Half-forwards:   4. Madison Prespakis   7. Tayla Harris   16. Breann Moody
Forwards:   3. Darcy Vescio   1. Brianna Davey   
Followers:   30. Alison Downie   19. Georgia Gee   11. Jess Hosking
Interchange:   14. Brooke Walker   5. Abbie McKay   18. Tilly Lucas-Rodd
8. Amelia Mullane   17. Courtney Webb   26. Shae Audley
12. Lauren Brazzale

In: Shae Audley, Courtney Webb, Lauren Brazzale, Tilly Lucas–Rodd
Out: Emerson Woods, Jess Edwards (omitted)

Davey named up forward this week.

I'd like to see Brazzale as one of the ins.....
Webb as a possible debutant.
Don't think we can play both Audley and Lucas-Rodd in the same team anymore, so one of them in at most.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2019 Rd 5: Carlton vs Collingwood
Carlton's Round 5 team
Backs:   21. Nicola Stevens   36. Jayde Van Dyk   
Half-backs:   9. Kerryn Harrington   6. Gab Pound   11. Jess Hosking
Centreline:   5. Abbie McKay   15. Chloe Dalton   8. Amelia Mullane
Half-forwards:   4. Madison Prespakis   7. Tayla Harris   14. Brooke Walker
Forwards:   3. Darcy Vescio   19. Georgia Gee   
Followers:   30. Alison Downie   1. Brianna Davey   10. Sarah Hosking
Interchange:   2. Katie Loynes   16. Breann Moody   20. Charlotte Wilson
25. Jess Edwards   27. Emerson Woods   
Emergencies:   18. Tilly Lucas-Rodd   24. Reni Hicks

IN: Wilson (debut) Woods (debut) Moody
OUT: Brazzale, Plane, Watt

Don't mind the changes. All outs were relatively ineffective last week.
Ladies Lounge / 2019 - AFLW Votes - Winner - Bri Davey!
So the voting method for the gals is a simple one.
Good old fashioned 3,2,1.

Votes are then tallied up and averaged out, to get a round 3, 2, 1.

So, go at it. Who are your best 3 players?
Ladies Lounge / Fish is back! - Brad Fisher joins AFLW coaching panel.
Carlton has finalised its AFLW coaching panel for next season, with Brad Fisher and Steven Salopek signing on as assistant coaches for the Club’s 2019 campaign.

Under the leadership of senior coach Daniel Harford, the pair joins senior assistant Shannon McFerran who has transitioned to the AFLW program after coaching the Club’s inaugural VFLW side this year.
Ladies Lounge / First ever father/daughter selection - Abbie McKay
CARLTON has made history, drafting Abbie McKay as the first ever AFLW father-daughter pick.
McKay, the daughter of club great Andrew McKay, will join the Blues for the upcoming AFLW season.

Clubs had an opportunity to bid on the younger McKay before 2pm Friday.

As multiple clubs placed a bid on McKay, Carlton elected to match the offers and will now select the teenager with Pick 16, a second-round pick, in this year’s AFLW draft.

Good news.
Robert Heatley Stand / Best team.....and next best
OK, so i got bored waiting for stuff to happen, so i did this exercise most have done plenty of times before.

Pick your best team.

....and pick your next best team....your 2nds.

Now we still have a few spots on our list, so i limited it to 18 each, which also allows you to fill your bench with the best of the second lot.
FWIW, I didn't include any rookies (well, not good enough anyway) and i didn't include Byrne because....well he's barely a Carlton player at this point in time.

I think everyone else fits in there nicely....even with the 2 new additions McGovern and Fasolo.

Yes, Walsh and Setterfield are likely too, but we'll wait for that to through first ;)

FB   Marchbank      Weitering      Plowman
   J. Silvagni      Jones      Williamson
HB   Docherty      Rowe      Simpson
   Lamb      Macreadie      Cuningham
C   E. Curnow      Cripps      Petrevski-Seton
   Kerridge      Kennedy      Polson
HF   McGovern      C. Curnow      Fisher
   Kerr      Casboult      Garlett
FF   Fasolo      H. McKay      Thomas
   Lang      DeKoning      Pickett
R   Kreuzer      Dow      Murphy
   Phillips/Lobbe      O'Brien      Graham

What have i got wrong? What would you do different??