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Re: VFLW starts this weekend

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Which Mr Plow are we talking about?

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Re: VFLW starts this weekend

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Jess is not on any VFLW list, is she injured?

Don't know, but you need to provide more info when you write such things.

Based on the list Crash wrote, none of our girls were on the VFLW list. So i checked the club website for AFLW and she was still there, so i didn't know why you singled her out.

If you had've provided the link i ended up showing, there would've been a lot less confused people, myself and crash included.

Is Harris, Loynes, Downie, Brazzale and a few others all injured too?

Re: VFLW starts this weekend

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Which Mr Plow are we talking about?

I was referring to Lachie Plowman, our under-performing defender.
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Re: VFLW starts this weekend

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Great to see the Blues have a win (haven't said that for a long time). Well done girls!

Re: VFLW starts this weekend

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Indeed. I'd almost forgotten what it felt like! Wish I'd been there!

CARLTON VFLW   5.3   6.4   9.5   9.5 (59)
SOUTHERN SAINTS   0.0   4.5   4.5   5.7 (37)

Goal Kickers: D. Vescio 3, C. Hardeman 2, S. Hosking, N. Plane, S. Li, C. Bromage
Best Players: S. Hosking, D. Vescio, M. Gay, K. Harvey, C. Hardeman, B. Moody

Southern Saints
Goal Kickers: C. Munn 2, T. Bohanna 2, D. Lawrence
Best Players: C. Munn, A. Brown, L. Olsen, S. Johnson, M. Macdonald, R. Watt

The 'Aints had no AFLW listed players. We had about a dozen.
Still, considering the AFLW performances, this is a good first step.
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Re: VFLW starts this weekend

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Last time I put up a list, it was useless inside 24 hours. Hopefully this one last a little longer, although, as mentioned earlier in this thread, there will be a number of possible list changes through the season.

3 Darcy Vescio
4 Madeline Keryk
5 Kate Gillespie-Jones
6 Gabriella Pound
8 Maddison Gay
9 Kerryn Harrington
10 Sarah Hosking
13 Lauren Arnell
15 Isabella Gietzmann
16 Breann Moody
18 Tilly Lucas-Rodd
20 Courteney Bromage
21 Nicola Stevens
23 Bridie Kennedy
24 Reni Hicks
27 Katelyn Cox
32 Natalie Plane
33 Genevieve Green
34 Akec Makur Chuot
35 Sophie Li
36 Celine Moody
37 Bailey Schultz
38 Louella McCarthy
39 Rene Caris
40 Kristi Harvey
41 Kimberley Cunico
42 Caroline Hardeman
44 Eshe Lane
45 Rachel King
50 Jorja Borg
51 Tyla Hanks
55 Chloe Dalton
56 Caitlin Williams
63 Tess Plowman
66 Olivia Vesely
82 Nicola Burns
90 Brooke Walker
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