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2019 Carlton vs Geelong 1st Practice Match

This was supposed to be on this morning, but I couldn't go.
We lost by 2 points: 7.2 (44) to 7.4 (46

CARLTON         2.0         3.1         5.1         7.2 (44)
GEELONG         0.1         3.3         6.3         7.4 (46)

Carlton: Davey 4, Plane 2, Audley
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Re: 2019 Carlton vs Geelong 1st Practice Match

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I think that Davey will be a handful for most teams, as will the more attacking game plan.
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Re: 2019 Carlton vs Geelong 1st Practice Match

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The last 2 off-seasons we've lost some defenders. Moving Davey forward makes me think we are going to be extra thin down back.

Obviously, if we can get the ball out of the middle and go forward, Harris, Davey and Vescio will be unstoppable. However, that relies on getting the ball out of the middle, and that was a weakness for us last year.

I like what Harford is bringing to the group.

Re: 2019 Carlton vs Geelong 1st Practice Match

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I agree with kruddler here: our defence is going to be our problem this season.
I guess we'll see how things develop, but we do appear to have addressed most of our issues:
[1] We do appear now to have a game plan that is positive and could well win games.
[2] We do not appear to be so reliant on a handful of players. Last year we relied on Vescio (coming off a serious knee injury), who produced little and Davey, who got hurt and missed the majority of the season.
This year we appear to have a bit more talent spread more evenly across the field.
[3] We appear to have added a fair bit of youthful talent to our midfield, and we have picked up another potentially good ruck, but it will be interesting to see how they gell. Last year our midfield, especially at centre bounces, was a disaster.
[4] Keeping Davey happy was also an obvious after last year. I think we might have done that, giving her a chance to kick goals.

I will be interested to see how things work out.
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