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Which Party will receive your first preference vote at this Federal election?

[ 12 ] (48%)
[ 6 ] (24%)
[ 0 ] (0%)
One Nation
[ 2 ] (8%)
Other Official Party (Palmer, Hinch, Katter, Bernardi etc)
[ 3 ] (12%)
[ 2 ] (8%)

Total Members Voted: 24

Voting closed: May 20, 2019, 09:17:02 AM

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Re: Federal Election 2019

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While Labor pushed their case well enough their biggest issue was not prosecuting the LNP's case and tearing it to shreds as Morrison did to Labor. There was sooooo much Labor could've been negative about and scared voters with. Scare someone they don't forget. Hard negativity is so important in an election campaign. Doesn't sound good but you have to do it as much as you push your own policies.

With the economy front and centre I would smashed the Libs with the doubling of the debt as well as what the economy means to the individual, like flat wages, no money to spend, dipping into saving to survive, horrible low growth figures that caused a per capita recession, zero inflation, interest rates about to drop again, 700,000 unemployed more than in 2013, 1.1 million underemployed, more than 2013, with 2/3s of the jobs created going to those record 1.6 million here on work visas. If you pumped that day in, day out, like Morrison did to Labor on their policies, it would resonate. There was so much material. Then there was the chaos in the Party.

Labor's tactical team needs a good kick fair and square up the @rse.

Jim Chalmer's would be the person I would like as the new leader. Besides being popular he was the only one who was able to properly prosecute the LNP case clearly and concisely. Just not put out there anywhere near enough.

Re: Federal Election 2019

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Bill set the tone as to what his result was going to be a couple of weeks ago. He walked the streets and tried to shake hands with working class guys wearing Fluor high vis tops. They turned their backs and walked away from him. This was something he thought little about and walked over to people wearing suits, etc to try the same with success. He was never a character the common working class could relate to as people did back in the days of Bob Hawke. Labour Party has lost the common middle and lower class people’s trust. Look at what they did within their own party in the past. Rudd/Gillard/Rudd. Sure the Libs have not been better since, but Rudd/Gillard trust loss will take years to forget. We find it difficult as humans to remember 3 or 4 great things people do, but we never forget one single mistake. This lack of trust within a party relates to trust with future policy promises. You can’t trust them is what people see. Labour couldn’t sell free food to the poor and under privileged in this campaign. The Libs would question whether the food was laced with poison. Plant the seed of doubt in people’s minds, and they dig into the memories of what they have seen in the past to confirm that doubt.

Sure the Libs don’t have a great track record but they looked the better of the two lost cases. I could run the next campaign with more success. Not a rocket scientist. Not super man. Just a genuine working class battler trying to make ends meet. Sell this to the public and everyone will want you to succeed. Hence giving you their vote. Look at Stali Zeggle. Every day ordinary chick who won our first Aussie winter Olympic medal. Down to earth every day common human. One of us majority voters. Working class. It’s not hard to sell. Just look as though you have done the hard yards to get to where you are now and don’t forget where you started from.

Bill failed to sell this as the damage was done by those before him. Many years of failing to appear to be on the side of the majority. Working class. That don’t trust easily and never forget the past. Vote for me in the next election. I will start a new party called “The right to scratch my balls or pussy party”. That is what we do when it itches. We scratch it. Not afraid to be seen doing what every day people do. Be genuine. Be human. Actually give a sh1t about people and they will follow you. They need to relate first. This takes years to happen. The Labour Party better start this today. With a little unknown every day person who has started from nothing and done the hard yards.

Look like an underdog out of their league. Striving for real policies. [email protected] environmental issues. Real every day issues. What people struggle with everyday. The dollar in my pocket. How will you maximise this? Sell me a better lifestyle and you might just sell me a dream.
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