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Re: VFLW Season 2019

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Is this the first game at latrobe?

'Tis not far from me and if it wasn't my wifes birthday tomorrow i might've gone down for a squiz.

I doubt she'd want me looking at a group of fit athletic girls in short shorts on her birthday....even if they are wearing navy blue.
I think it is our 2nd game at La Trobe, but I'm not sure about that. Hopefully the girls can find the little something they have lacked so far, because, like the guys, wins have been so close, but just not close enough.
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Re: VFLW Season 2019

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Any updates, I believe we've won a low scoring game but the web updates are unreliable.
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Re: VFLW Season 2019

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It ended up as a draw, 24 each.
Not as good as a win, but it isn't a loss. All of our games are close because we don't know how to score goals!
CARL: 1.0, 1.3, 1.5, 3.6 (24)
HAW: 1.5, 2.6, 2.6, 3.6 (24)
Gurr 2, S Hosking
Gurr, Dalton, Pound, Plane, Clifford, S Hosking
A really good effort after being behind for most of he day!
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Re: VFLW Season 2019

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Round 11 - 21/07/2019
10:30  IKON Park

B: 44. A. Prins, 20. C. Wilson, 27. E. Woods
HB: 32. N. Plane, 55. G. Wright, 6. G. Pound
C: 2. M.  Jarvis, 25. M.  Prespakis, 33. L.  Munday
HF: 8. C. Bromage, 21. N. Stevens, 5. A. McKay
F: 9. B. Gurr, 37. M. Clifford, 11. J. Hosking
R: 12. S. Cubasch, 10. S. Hosking, 15. C. Dalton
Int: 82. P. Chisholm, 40. S. Mason, 34. G. Parker, 7. S. Wright
Emg: 50. J. Borg, 39. C. Leighton
23P: 90. J. Nelson

In: N. Stevens, G. Parker, A. McKay, J. Nelson, M. Prespakis
Out: N. Burns,  S. Craige,  T. Manson

The side is certainly stronger this week! Prespakis and McKay add considerably to the midfield depth.

B: 16. J. Paten, 15. D. Pedersen, 24. J. Thomson
HB: 44. I. Porter, 1. R. Dardengo, 6. J. Reid
C: 27. A.  Shannon, 7. M.  Williamson, 3. L.  Suleiman
HF: 36. J. Kawa, 25. S. Whiting, 12. S. Navarro
F: 34. E. Crawford, 40. T. Merrett, 5. N. Wallace
R: 26. J. Heard, 23. M. Hope, 18. E. Straford
Int: 9. R. Achampong, 4. G. Anderson, 30. A. Melnikas, 39. R. Tripodi
Emg: 14. K. Carew, 41. E. McGrath, 11. K. Smith
23P: 37. M. Fenech

In: M. Hope, K. Carew, J. Heard, K. Smith, R. Dardengo
Out: E. Meade, E. Inglis
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Re: VFLW Season 2019

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Much stronger side this week.

Interesting to see Mo Hope playing in the guts. Got her body up to scratch. Pity she is on the wrong side of 30.

Re: VFLW Season 2019

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The Blues won by 5 goals! Well done, ladies!
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Re: VFLW Season 2019

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33 points to be precise!  ;)

Finals, then 4 in a row!

Re: VFLW Season 2019

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Carlton   2.2-14   3.4-22   4.5-29   9.5-59
Williamstown   0.1-1   2.2-14   3.2-20   4.2-26

Goal Kickers: J. Hosking 3, C. Dalton 2, B. Gurr, M. Prespakis, S. Cubasch, N. Stevens
Best Players: S. Wright, S. Hosking, A. Prins, E. Woods, N. Plane, J. Nelson

Goal Kickers: S. Whiting, M. Hope, J. Kawa, G. Anderson
Best Players: D. Pedersen, M. Williamson, E. Straford, R. Tripodi, I. Porter, A. Melnikas

Very good signs. :)
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Re: VFLW Season 2019

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Jess Hosking doing well in a new role up forward.

3 goals from a former back pocket player is a good start.

Re: VFLW Season 2019

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Jess Hosking doing well in a new role up forward.

3 goals from a former back pocket player is a good start.
Indeed. She was a desperado in the BP. That sort of forward pressure coud have some very interesting results.
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Re: VFLW Season 2019

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Carlton v Melbourne University

Saturday 27 July, 11:50am

Arden Street

B:   32. N Plane   37. M Clifford   27. E Woods
HB:   26. A Prins   55. G Wright   8. C Bromage
C:   3. D Vescio   4. M Prespakis   56. S Wright
HF:   11. J Hosking   15. C Dalton   82. P Chisholm
F:   9. B Gurr   12. S Cubasch   5. A McKay
R:   30. A Downie   25. G Newton   10. S Hosking
Int:   40. S Mason   16. M Jarvis   2. K Loynes"     33. L Munday
Emg:   50. J Borg   21. T Cassar
23rd player:  16. B Gutknecht

IN: Darcy Vescio, Katie Loynes, Alison Downie, Gab Newton, Britney Gutknecht
OUT: Georgie Parker, Jaime Nelson, Gab Pound, Charlotte Wilson, Nicola Stevens

A couple of important outs: Gabby Pound, Charlotte Wilson and Nik Stevens, but 3 huge Ins.
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Re: VFLW Season 2019

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A few '1st gamers' for the VFLW for 2019 with Vescio, Downie and Loynes.

Probably got a few cobwebs to clear, but should still be a class above the majority.

Re: VFLW Season 2019

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Getting smashed.

I realise this comment isn't going to go down well in some quarters.

But sheez, even though they are part time players, some of our AFLW players look like they been in a bloody good paddock, someone should roll out the electric fencing and keep them off the spring grass! There absolutely no freaking way some of them are going to get suitably fit by the start of the AFLW season!
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Re: VFLW Season 2019

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Melbourne Uni: 5.3-33  8.3-51   10.6-66  12.9-81
Carlton:  0.1-1   1.3-9   4.5-29   5.5-35

Goal Kickers: A. Downie, S. Cubasch, G. Newton, N. Plane, B. Gurr
Best Players: M. Clifford, S. Wright, A. Downie, C. Bromage, A. Prins, G. Newton

Melbourne Uni
Goal Kickers: K. Angelis 3, K. Ashmore 3, C. Saxon-Jones 2, S. Abbatangelo, J. Duffin, K. Gillespie-Jones, J. Garner
Best Players: J. Trend, S. Abbatangelo, K. Ebb, K. Gillespie-Jones, K. Angelis, K. Ashmore

Not good. :( Not the result we wanted. Hopefully we can do better next week.
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