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Rewarding BAD Behaviour

It's interesting reading articles being written at the moment about the US Open, in particular the fact that tournament organisers have deliberately scheduled Carlos Ramos away from the matches of Serena or Venus Williams. Why is he racist? Of course he isn't, but he isn't easily bullied into submission by Serena's poor behaviour either.

So I suppose as far as the US Open is concerned Serena is the big show and calls the shots!

But I can't help but think that the tournament organisers have basically rewarded Serena for bad behaviour, at least it seems like that on the surface of it!

Keep this in mind as reported in The Rage;

Quote from: The Rage
Williams was later fined $17,000 by the US Open. She was penalisd by Ramos for verbal abuse after calling him "a liar" and "a thief", rejecting his judgment that her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, was breaking the rules by communicating with her during the match.

Mouratoglou later admitted that he had been sending Williams signals, but Williams has said that she never saw them. She also smashed her racket on the court, incurring an automatic penalty.

So the liar and thief was the one crying wolf, yet the Ramos has been relocated!

Who says cheats never prosper, I wonder if other players think the tournament is fair and a level playing field? :o
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Re: Rewarding BAD Behaviour

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Good to see I was not the only one who thought the same thing.  As noted in the Age article:

Stacey Allaster, the chief executive for professional tennis at the US Tennis Association, has confirmed that Ramos would return as part of the umpiring staff at this year's Open but would not be assigned to matches involving Williams or her older sister Venus.

"We don't need to go there," Allaster said in a telephone interview. "There are more than 900 matches here over the three weeks, and there are lots of matches for Carlos to do."

Allaster said tournament officials did not want to create a distraction by putting Williams and Ramos back on the same court.

"This is just for 2019. Let's just not put everyone in that spotlight. It's not necessary," Allaster said.

Right. I call horse dung. I say the Establishment, Media etc want her Highness to get that final Grand Slam. Reads like Serena insisted that that horrible man not disrupt her right to a run at the Title. A bit of Tall Poppy Syndrome? Not really. Whether you’re a complete Flog like Kyrgios, who should be banned for a couple of years, or an all time great like Williams. Don’t reward bad behaviour. Sponsors have far too much influence on trying to limit organisers from enforcing ethics and standards. Too many Prima donnas out there with chips on their shoulders. I vaguely remember some female players spitting the dummy because the French open officials insisted on a certain dress code. Imagine the bloody narcissism, the entitlement, to even argue the point. Just do as you’re told. You’re getting paid insane money to do something you love. And then this? How about you focus on your game. You don’t have to be there and the Tournament will be there long after you’re dead.

Sorry. I hate these antics. I swear the press do it on purpose and cause rampant anxiety among the masses with the emotive “journalism” being pushed by the hour. 95% of it is either blatantly snowflake drivel, right wing denialism or just blatant bolox. There needs to be a fact checking industry regulator who keeps em honest.

Listening to the boos ringing out last night when Smith got hurt and when he was walked off, and again when he came back and then got booed again when he ended up getting lbw. What flogs. Reminded me why I don’t like the English as a ‘group’ when they start thinking Rule Britannia. Wan$ers.

Anyway. This time LP, your latest escapade of standing righteously on your stirrups, shouting about the inequities of Life is fully justified  ;D

PS. Don’t stop.
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Re: Rewarding BAD Behaviour

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Anyway. This time LP, your latest escapade of standing righteously on your stirrups, shouting about the inequities of Life is fully justified  ;D

PS. Don’t stop.

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