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Re: Christmas / NY

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The CFA is just down my street Cookie.  They watched out for all of us and they're gonna get some slabs from me tmrw.  Staggering devotion to their jobs and the community.  The roar of the flame storm and fire on three sides you could easily see made you feel very small VERY quickly.

My lawn's covered in black eucalyptus leaves still perfectly formed.  The wave of heat from where they came must have been that intense and the winds did the rest. 

Thanks again to all of you :)  Mike

One of the truly beautiful parts of Aussie is Gippy, especially east and south (though south of Drouin and north to Neerim South/Jindivick is also damn pretty). We almost moved to Metung a few years back, only work issues prevented it.

We'll meet up at a game this year, Mike, and the pies, dimmies and beers are on me!
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Re: Christmas / NY

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 :)  :)  :)  Hope so Baggers

Re: Christmas / NY

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It's funny how things can latch onto your mind, reminded by Billy's Jungle conversations.

Fires, wars, and all other sorts of other issues private and public, yet my thoughts continually drifted to Danny Frawley over the NYE period.

How sad, and in the shadow of the fires many more will find themselves in that same head-space, the irony of Christmas/New Year. Something we should all be cognisant of!
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Re: Christmas / NY

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I had a rather underwhelming christmas period on a personal level.

My birthday is December 26.  My sister, and 2 of her kids came down with Gastro on christmas night, and then I didnt really get any chance to spend any of the holidays with them.

We went out to dinner with my mum as we were going to do "my family's" christmas after christmas day given we spent Christamas eve and day with my wife's family.

Unfortunately that didnt really pan out either as my brother also came down with Gastro.

It was rather dissapointing.

I look forward to a better christmas this year, although hopefully it wont be full of arguing, sadness and one sided ness like this years.
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