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"Heroes" - An AFLW documentary on Kayo Sports

So i don't often open up Kayo to look for something to watch, i usually just go there to watch something i know is on (or just happened).

Anyway, time off, so why not have a browse....and i'm thankful i did.

"Heroes" is probably an hour or so long and tells the story of the AFLW in its first season. It takes a good look at both the on-field stuff, and the behind the scenes stuff from all angles. It has player, coach and administrator interviews as well as footage from the games.....and candid footage of players going about their lives.

Darcy Vescio features heavily. Lauren Arnell and Damian Keeping (our first captain and coach) are also featured. There are also quite a few words spoken from 'that collingwood chick' as well for those interested....i know there are at least a couple. ;)

Its a cracking watch and reminds everyone on how and why it all began and what it means to all those involved.

Its very well done and worth a watch.
Will get you excited about the up coming season too

Re: "Heroes" - An AFLW documentary on Kayo Sports

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Incidentally, i've just found it featured on ABC iview where it is free to watch.

It is broken down into 6 episodes there. "Episode 1 - The lockout" is worth a watch....and will probably get you hooked.