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Re: AFLW 2020 Rd 2: Carlton vs Collingwood at Ikon on Sunday

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Disappointing result but, with an ounce of luck, it could have been a different story.

Collingwood was too good on the day and we need to learn from that and lift our game.

It’s bad luck that the Hosking twins weren’t triplets or, even better, quadruplets.  You can generally rely on Sarah but Jess was equally dogged and showed elite skills today.

I think that the big difference this season is the skills on display; players rarely fumble a mark, delivery by hand and foot is generally good, tackles stick, and goal kicking is OK.

Did you know there are 7 sets of twins within the club, and even a set of triplets in there as well?

I don't know them all, but...
Obviously Jess and Sarah...
Lucy McEvoy has a twin brother
Gab Pound has a twin sister.
Tara Bonello is an operations manager....and a twin.
....and we had twin girls in our VFLW side as well Sarah and Gemma Wright.