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Charlotte Wilson - Rising Star

Charlotte received a well-deserved Rising Star nomination for her performance against the Saints. 

I thought her game last week was better but that’s not to take anything away from her performance or her nomination.

We really are building a strong list that is going to have us in contention for a flag for some time ... perpetually if our list managers can maintain their mojo.  :)
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Re: Charlotte Wilson - Rising Star

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She was OK at the weekend, this week she shirked two critical contests this week that left Laloifi and Egan exposed, Wilson was much better the week before and didn't get a nod.

The AFLW system, the media, it's reporting and voting is a mystery.  They want to be respected as professional but in general it's more of a popularity contest not an objective assessment. I do understand why it is required to be like that, they need young girls to participate and they are hyper-sensitive to criticism, but we aren't forced to conform. And not speaking the truth doesn't change reality, it only paints a false picture like plastering on a layer of makeup.
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Re: Charlotte Wilson - Rising Star

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Just like the Brownlow winner usually gets it a year late, the girls get the rising star nod a week late.

In any event, she deserves it. Well done.