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AFL classic games

2007 carlton vs dogs @mcg.

what a different game it was.

No spoilers....
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....still 30+ minutes to go.

Re: AFL classic games

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Yes what a difference.
A lot younger Murphy and Simmo.
The sad demise of Kotu, who started on the bench, however a great last quarter.
Fishers sticky hands.
Fev been Fev. The good Fev and the bad Fev. Morris always managed to get into his head. Don't remember Fev ever having a win against him.
The athletic Waite who could of been one of the best players in the league if he applied his mind to the job.
Cain Ackland rucking, could not remember who he was until they mentioned his name.
The energy and bounce of Sentanta. Made me smile with his enthusiasm and seer will to do his best.
Carazzo ball getting. Made me think how good his disposal had become after butchering the ball early on in his career. Is there hope for any of the current players??
The high scoring 138 - 128.
Ah I miss those days when we were a power house back in the 70's and 80's.

Re: AFL classic games

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Unfortunately theses ‘classic games from the past’ only highlight how far backwards the game has gone. So much uncontested rubbish...just like holding possession as you take the ball down the basketball court with the ‘deeeeefence’ waiting to clog it up!! Let’s hope some of the inevitable changes are translated onto the field to make the game more of a contested event.