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They have been spruking cheaper fares but with all those setup costs you listed I cant see how they will make a dollar. They are really foreign owned which I didnt know, share price has been flying(pardon the pun), up 14% today to an all time 5 year high and they pay a handy 6% dividend too. 100,000 tickets on sale starting at $79 Melb to Syd, they have backing from a Asia Pacific Finance group called PAG holdings who manage 40 Billion dollars worth of dough and have already sunk 200 mill into Rex.
PAG have two directors now on the Rex board, given the background of the Rex Chairman Lim Kim Hai and PAGs investment this is essentially a foreign airline operating under the Rex banner so I dont get why our Government are allowing them to operate the City routes when Qantas are sacking staff and on the drip feed for money.
Throw in Virgin and its a real mess IMO.....

I know Kim Hai personally ... and an ultra low opinion of the man.  They are entitled to operate as they have an AOC (Air Ops Certificate) and can add (when licenced over a city pair) any route they wish to their network.  BTW, Rex would not exist without the death of Ansett and of Kendell airlines and Hazelton airlines, both owned and affiliates of the AN mainline.

They ain't seen anything yet and are totally out of their league.  They will never survive on the two highest density routes in Australia and they're headed for a major fail and fall.

Arrogant SOBs.  The terminal lease costs alone will see them off, even if they secure the space.  Virgin and Qantas hold all of the prime real estate at MEL / SYD / BNE.  Operating RPT (regular public transport) brings with it enormous dollars in expense.  

EDIT - Tiger didn't last either