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AFLW Podcast: BTG - Behind the Game Changers

Not sure if anyone listened to this, but it was a good innovation from the club.

Season 1 was last year and it was hosted by Sarah Hosking. Consisted of 20-30min chats with (mostly) Carlton AFLW players. There was about 13 episodes coming out weekly.

As we all know Sarah Hosking wanted out and is now a Tigers player.

So what was going to happen with BTG?

A few days ago we got an answer.

Season 2 hosting duties will be shared across 2 'teams' if hosts.

Darcy Vescio and Elise O'Dea will pair up to become 1 team of hosts.
Jess Hosking and Brooke Walker will pair up to become the 2nd team of hosts.

At this stage i think they will alternate every other week.
If nothing else it will make for an easier transition should someone want out at the end of the year again.