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VFLW 2021

The VFLW is starting up very soon.
Interesting indeed is starting the VFLW season while the AFLW is still going. It does suggest that the ladies who miss out will get game time, although that is hard to confirm. Maybe someone with a better internet connection can confirm that.

I must admit that I have been quite irritated that the girls who miss out each week had no opportunity to impress in the past.
In the past there has been no opportunity to groom girls, as anyone can draft them from the VFLW. I wonder if that is still the case. There are a LOT of girls playing AFLW who started with Carlton in the VFLW!
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Re: VFLW 2021

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The VFLW season started, from the sounds of things, last weekend. We lost by 6 goals to Casey.
It has been very difficult to get any information about this group of girls, but ...
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Re: VFLW 2021

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There are a few 'highlight' on the Carlton website. However, be warned, not many of them appear to be much of highlights. That suggests the standard can't be all that high.
I still can't find out anything about the VFLW list.
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