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Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Re: SPAM
Yes, I saw that.  Looks like someone from Brazil.  My recommendation, is to pretend that the hackers got access to the username and password information for all parties, and if you use your CSC user and password combo anywhere else, start going through a process of changing that password.

If you use that password in a pattern that might be worth changing elsewhere too.  Painful, but the alternative is more painful.

This was not a DB hack. This was script kiddies uploading a PHP file somehow to the the root directory. This has happened because no one is maintaining the site. I have uploaded the most recent patches to the site and applied the correct permissions to the folders\files after the updates.

Unless someone does take over looking after the site, this will happen again in the future. We have backups as a fallback, but I don't have the time.
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Re: Has the system not saved yesterday's posts?
No drama.
My posts were all rubbish anyway. ;D

Obviously there's some concern with the future of the site (see DJC's other thread) given your other commitments.
Probably the major issue is a lack of 'identified site maintenance 'expertise' amongst the current membership.
Unless we can flush that out or seek help with some day to day problems we may be in trouble down the track.
Has the change to the new server given us a bit of stability and perhaps breathing space.

Hey Lods,

The new server just provides additional processing power, more storage space and the latest operating system which by definition adds to security.

The site seems to be much quicker on the new server based on my limited testing, plus the new server is located in Australia rather than Singapore.
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Re: Has the system not saved yesterday's posts?
I had a server issue and had to revert and restore the backup from yesterday. This is why the posts are missing.

The whole site was migrated to my companies new server over the Easter weekend and this morning while carrying out some routine maintenance I majorly cocked up some settings.

Apologies, my mistake.
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Re: Site Upkeep and Management
Pardon my comment @Spanner but if it goes to one of your new servers, retain its capabilities and not accept any changes, isn't that enough compromise?   Would be for me :)
That's a fallback position capcom. As I said in the original post, it's time for someone else to take the reins and run with it. The site deserves better than that. It needs someone to spend more time on developing new and innovative features
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Re: Site Upkeep and Management
I may be wrong but I'm not confident we currently have the connections or the wherewithal to just move the site.
If anyone can help or knows someone who could post it up.
I'm pretty sure there are a few on here with the necessary skills. I'm more than happy to help in the migration and setup of even a community owned virtual server for everyone here.

Spanner, what time frame are we looking at before the current host is no longer viable?
It's not a host that we use, it's just one of my companies cloud servers that the site is hosted on. This particular server is due to be retired and therefore I thought I'd take the opportunity of hand balling the management of the site as well.

The server itself is due for retirement in about 6 months because there's a heap of planning that needs to go on with a number of other sites that need to be migrated as well, so it's not like this has to be done tomorrow for CSC. Take your time and find someone who will care for the community and the site itself. One of your main aims is to find someone who will not hold you to ransom should they become disgruntled with decisions or site/community direction.

If the worst case scenario comes about and you can't find someone, I'll gladly move the site to one of my new servers and continue to support it, but as I said in the original post, I won't have time to make changes etc as users request them. You will definitely need to find someone to do that for you. The site will run seamlessly without changes even on a new server.

If you do move the site to your own virtual server, remember there will be annual fees associated with that. Probably to the tune of $250-$500 annually for a CSC owned VM. This is dependent on the configuration you opt for. My recommendation would be to use Linode and you can see there plans and offerings here... and they now have Australian based data centres so the latency for the CSC site will be greatly improved should you go down that route.
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Site Upkeep and Management
Hi Everyone,

I'm getting busier with my company and now don't have the time to give to the site that I once did. I'm getting requests from users for changes to the site that I simply don't have time to action.

With that said, I hope there's someone on the site that wants to take over the hosting and tech side to help alleviate my workload. I've been doing this for over 15 years I think, so it's time to hand the reins over to the next group to move the site forward.

Ideally the site would be migrated to a server you manage. The server the site is currently hosted on is on CentOS 7 which needs to be phased out in the near future and I'm in the midst of consolidating workloads.

There's also the issue of the domain, which I can transfer to your preferred registrar.


Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Passion; AFL Rd 19: Carlton vs North Melbourne
As for Murphy those on here sh…tcanning him have short memories of someone who has served this club with distinction through some bloody tough years...He stuck around to give some experience it would be an honour to have him as a 300 game Carlton player and he deserves to be given those games that is how you build club culture. It’s hard enough to play one game but someone like Murphy has played nearly 300 and doesn’t deserve to be criticised by losers on here who haven’t had the talent or guts to play 1
My God! Talk about rewriting history. He is part of the issue we are where we are. His contribution, especially over the past 3-4 yeas have been nothing short of deplorable for a supposed "senior" player.

He is the quintessential definition of a player that if things aren't going his way he offers nothing to turn the tide. Just accepts the outcome and meanders around the field with faux efforts. His tackling is simply another level of ineptness that needs to be seen to be believed as to how bad it actually is...

Don't come on here and say everyone who calls him on it that they don't appreciate his contribution. We do, it's just his contribution is so bad it's not even VFA levels and so we call him on it.

If he did play the levels you claim he does do you think anyone would say anything?.... Yeah, didn't think so....
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Passion; AFL Rd 19: Carlton vs North Melbourne
No, I don't. Do your research. That isn't me. I know it is hard for your pea brain, if you even have that.

 Only turns up when we lose. Just detestable and weak as piss. Has to be better humans around. 
Missed you the last few weeks. We must've gone well. Says everything about you.
But, but.... Surely in the laj stat world, if every team above Carlton lose every game by 300 points for the remaining rounds and Carlton win all their remaining games by... Oh I don't know, let's say 509 points, we're in... Am I doing it right?... 🤣
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: In Game Action: AFL Rd 17; Carlton vs Geelong at the MCG
Look who turned up after we lose. Never saw sight of you the last two week. Typical of the sort of bloke you are.
Oh, look who's living in someone's head... How does it go you knobend? Is it... "Jog on"...

Give me one of your "laj" stats like if we had won more games during the season we'd be in the eight. You know some of that really insightful stuff you're renowned for... 🤣