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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Best 22 so far
Last post by townsendcalling -
Depending on how he pulls up over the next week or so, Tom Williamson has penciled himself in for a Round 1 start, but I'm not sure where I can fit Simmo in. Jones, Weitering, Newman, Docherty, SPS, Williamson, Marchbank, Plowman, Simpson (plus they have been grooming Poulson as a small lock down defender). Do you run Simmo off the bench or is that a waste of a space?
The Sports Desk / Re: Australian Cricket - Crisis, What Crisis ??
Last post by ElwoodBlues1 -
Great to see Carey getting a run in the T20s, this bloke is the real deal.

SAffies were a joke!

Saffies are in real trouble, their domestic good players are leaving for Kolpak contracts in the English county comps or the t20 comps around the world and they have lost all their star players due to retirement with no new ones on the horizon. Add the ridiculous quota system and they are at rock bottom.
The Sports Desk / Wilder v Fury
Last post by LP -
Interesting event, all the hoopla and clown show.

Wilder was fat and slow, Fury was fat and slightly less slow.

Hardly looked like an even match or genuine contest.

How far boxing has fallen, it's withering away in such a sad end for a dying sport!
Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW 2020 - Votes - R3 vs Dogs
Last post by crashlander -
Another hard game to pick three best players.

3 - Laloifi
2 - Prespakis
1 - Gee

Honourable mentions to McEvoy, Harris, Vescio, Moody, Loynes, Harrington, Plane and the Hoskings.
I went with:
[3] Maddy P:  When the game needed to be won, she really stepped up. I loved her performance.
[2] Lucy McEvoy: Another excellent game. McEvoy really does show the potential to be a star.
[3] Georgia Gee: 3 goals is good, especially in the conditions.

Honourable mentions:
Tayla Harris: Tay needed to make a statement on the field and she really did.
Darcy Vescio: another who was really poor last week who had to make a statement. She did, although she is still far from her best.
Vaomua Lalolfi: The lass did really well, intercepting the ball really well. She needs to work on her disposal, which is not that great, but she is a diamond in the rough.
Grace Egan: Another strong game for an excellent pickup.
I could have mentioned a lot more.
Ladies Lounge / Re: The prodigal son returns - Simon Wiggins back at Carlton
Last post by Lods -
A bit of artistic license. ;)

I know Lods is/was a huge you could see from the above. ;)

I think a lot of the admiration stems from my own competition and coaching experience. I've always rated the 'battler' above the others for who things come pretty naturally and easy.
I think that attitude and determination flows across into other areas of life in a lot of instances.

If we have a look back at our history we can see a few wasted talents, some of who were still greater performers...but could have been even better.