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Official Welcome

A big warm welcome to all members of the club & we hope you enjoy yourself when you are here. Just remember, this is YOUR club and the look and feel of it will be determined by the quality of your input.

If you are not sure of anything or would like your voice to be heard, ask a question via 'private message' to one of the moderators or you can post your question in this forum. Conversely, always keep an eye on this branch for announcements regarding important issues on the site.

The aim of the site is to be an online clubhouse for all supporters of the CARLTON FOOTBALL CLUB to meet & discuss everything from the bootstudder to the next premiership. We openly welcome opposition supporters too as their presence can lead to some good natured banter and they can also provide a different perspective on a lot of discussions. In other words, if you are a footy fan who has BOTH eyes open, we will certainly enjoy your input.

Have fun and 'quality posting' to you all !!


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Re: Official Welcome

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Thanks again for your terrific work, Spanner Old Son...
Only our ruthless best, from Board to bootstudders will get us no. 17

Re: Official Welcome

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Not sure if this is where to ask ? Is the ladder coming back or am I unable to find it ? Love the scroll feature back by the way.


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